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DIGITAL INNOVATION HUBS IN PRACTICE: How to share best practices and further collaborate?

  2. 1. VTT – Riika Virkkunen 2. IJS – Ales Ude 3. AFIL – Marzia Morgantini 4. CIDIHub – Jorge Galván 5. ManuHubWg – Panagiotis Stavropoulos 6. IS4PROD – John Cosgrove
  3. Finnish DIH’s and VTT’s approach DIH’s based on strong national domains: • Communication and high-tech (5G, IoT, II, AI) • Smart manufacturing, Printed electronics, Process industry • Transport (mobility, marine) • Smart energy • Health and care VTT approach: • National DIH strategy with TEM (ministry) • Ecosystem building in all domains • Provide services and infrastructure • Building European networks of hubs EXAMPLES OF FINNISH DIH’s: DIGITALFIBER5GTNFSMART MANU- FACTURING Service examples • access to European networks • co-creation and ecosystem building for companies • testing & piloting of solutions for SME`s; • small series fabrication for microelectronics
  4. Finnish Platform policy and DIH’s – strongly connected to European initiatives and counterparts
  5. ReconCell Digital Innovation Hubs: Robotics • ReconCell Digital Innovation Hubs: - JSI: FS4SMIH – Feasibility study for Serbian Manufacturing Innovation Hub - SDU: Digital Innovation Hub IAsturias 4.0 - MMI: IndustryBrains – Digital Manufacturing InnovationHub in Aalborg, North Denmark - UGOE: SmartIC Robotics – a new robotics Digital Innovation Hub in Estonia - BOR: Digital Innovation Hub for Robotics in Lithuania (DIHRL). - Significant differences between hubs in different regions. FS4SMIH workshop at the Serbian chamber of commerce Panel participants during DIHRL workshop in Vilnius
  6. Establishment of Digital Innovation Hubs in Robotics • A relatively large investment necessary if the robotics digital innovation hub is to offer also experimental facilities - Cross-border cooperation very welcome - Continuous upgrades necessary - Support for related technologies: 3D printing, IoT, sensing, … • Finding the balance between the services offered by the DIH and enabling companies to do the research & development by themselves - The hub should not be just another system integrator - Training services on existing and upcoming robot technologies - Business development support
  7. AFIL the Lombardy Cluster for the Advanced Manufacturing 5 Thematics Working Groups 7 Ongoing European Project Lombardy Regional Manufacturing DIHAFIL Ecosystem Vanguard Initiative
  8. Canary Islands Digital Innovation Hub - CIDIHub Region: Canary Islands (Spain) Technology: Cloud-based HPC Simulation Vision: Acting as the cornerstone of Digital Manufacturing in the Canary Islands by connecting digital technology providers with manufacturing entrepreneurs, SMEs and mid-caps; strengthening their competitiveness and opening up new business areas in the context of digitalization and Industry 4.0 Mission: Placing value on and offer a set of regionally customized services that enhances the effective participation of every stakeholder in Manufacturing and Cloud Computing and increasing the number of digital manufacturing users and therefore beneficiaries of HPC and Cloud based Technologies Core partners: Avantalia Soluciones – Hub leader, coordinator and consultancy expert Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy – Competence Center FEMEPA and FEMETE - Manufacturing industry representatives Canary Government – Strategic and institutional support Main target sectors: Manufacturing in the maritime and offshore industries Additive manufacturing in the automotive industry Audio-visual and creative industry
  9. How to share best practices and further collaborate • Promote the potential interest of competence centers to provide resources and services in other regions • Encourage innovation actors and industry to analyze opportunities with competence centers in other regions • Monitor the number of innovation actors and companies applying and/or making use of services from competence centers in other regions • Foster actions oriented to the collaboration and transfer of resources and technology between competence centers of both regions • Offer up-to-date information and outreach materials to the innovation actors and industry, responding to a dissemination/collaboration request from parties in other regions MoU
  10. Region PROFILE Partners Mission Create Added Value for the services and products of the LOCAL MANUFACTURING COMPANIES via Innovative Technologies and Research Activities performed by CCs Services • Technical • Training • Consulting 3 Membership Tiers Region
  11. VIEWS ON BEST PRACTISES AND FURTHER COLLABORATION Networking: • Networking channels of HUB members • EU (inter) Regional programs • Events organized for local entrepreneurship and RIS3 priorities • Professional Institutes / Associations • CCs customers and partners pool Inter - Regional Business Plan: • Interconnection of entrepreneurship through web platforms • Forward inquiries to Regional HUBS • Visibility of the cases to HUB network • Bilateral or trilateral regional agreements • Joint ventures between public and private sectors RDMI Hubs and risk mitigation: • Secure long-term funding • Technology benchmarking (risk free) • Supported entrance to new markets • Match Making Further funding: • Sustainable Funding Resources