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Need help migrating to IBM?

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Learn how migrating to IBM can help leverage more powerful and supported technology, retain investment, reduce cost of ownership and help get access to larger pool of skilled technical resources.For more information on IBM systems, visit http://ibm.co/RKEeMO.

Visit the official Scribd Channel of IBM India Smarter Computing at http://bit.ly/VwO86R to get access to more documents.

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Need help migrating to IBM?

  1. 1. NEED HELP MIGRATING TO IBM?THE IBM MIGRATION FACTORY HELPS ANSWER KEY QUESTIONS• “Can it be done?” Capabilities include: • Significant knowledge, expertise• “How is it done?” • Accurate sizing and costing of a and experience in moving• “What will it cost?” migration applications and associated• “How long will it take?” • The expertise necessary to help databases from Solaris, HP-UX,• “What are the risks?” control the risk associated with ap- Tru64 UNIX® and Linux® to IBM® plication migration platformsWHAT DOES THE MIGRATION • Cost-effective application migration • Application-centric server • Migrations for custom-coded consolidationFACTORY OFFER? applications as well as selectWe’ve been doing one thing for 20 packaged applications andyears — migration. The Migration databasesFactory uses proven methodologies • System and application upgrades tothat are designed to be cost-effective newer platformsand help mitigate risk. HOW WILL MIGRATION HELP YOUR BUSINESS? WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE Leverage more powerful and supported technology OF USING IBM’S TECHNOLOGY? Current platform may have limited or discontinued • Outstanding value for the investment vendor support. • A technology roadmap with a support plan well into the future Retain investment Te • Dynamic LPAR, virtualization You’ve invested a great deal of time and resources in existing ss effi cie n cy Powc er fu and on demand processing • Robust, scalable UNIX platform h nand s c ne applications. d for critical applications l an o l o l e ab l e Busi Reduce cost of ownership • Strong affinity with Linux for th There are potential cost savings l e g r ow flexible solutions that fit your IBM a from replacing hardware, business gy consolidating servers and using • Robust transition path Solution En ab available skilled resources • Reliability, availability, serviceability Access to larger pool of • Designed for productivity skilled technical resources • Service and support to help The available pool of resources M de igrat ion keep a business running Or gy declines over time for older rly l o technologies t ra h no ns i t i tec on t o n ew WHY SHOULD A PROVEN MIGRATION APPROACH BE USED? Cost Quality • Typically costs less than other available • Existing IT staff will continue to know the mi- options and preserves the investment in grated application custom applications • Minimizes impact on existing business • Reduces the cost of moving applications from • Retains the competitive advantage originally one platform to another obtained from the custom application code Time Risk Usually faster than developing a new application Mitigates and reduces the risk in moving or moving to a new application package applications from one platform to another © Copyright IBM Corporation 2006
  2. 2. ENGAGE THE MIGRATION FACTORYTHE ENGAGEMENT PROCESS The Engagement Process Preliminary analysis Assessment Migration • Initial discovery call • Define the • Migrate business with Migration Factory approach and plan applications, data and team to review • Define the timeframe databases © Copyright IBM Corporation 2006 customer for a response • Integrate middleware requirements IBM Global Services • Estimate schedule • Test and validate • Complete technical Route 100 and cost questionnaire • Deploy Somers, NY 10589 • User acceptance U.S.A.This approach has been used successfully for a broad range of migration Produced in the United States ofprojects. Additionally, each step of the engagement process has defined Americadeliverables that lead you to sound, informed migration decisions. 01-06 All Rights ReservedCORE CAPABILITIES TESTING SUPPORTS SUCCESS IBM, the IBM logo, AIX, DB2,UNIX Database Testing, validation, and verification are• IBM AIX® migration an integral part of our methodology — DYNIX/ptx, Informix, NUMA-Q,• Linux • DB2® it provides the roadmap to success. OS/390 and Sequent are trademarks• Sun Solaris • Informix® Advanced code-checking technology or registered trademarks of• HP HP-UX • Oracle can limit code migration problems and International Business Machines• HP Tru64 • Sybase reduce the cost to fewer hours required Corporation in the United States,• DG DG-UX • SQL Server to complete the project. other countries, or both.• Sequent® DYNIX/ptx® Other Testing practices Microsoft and Windows are• SGI IRIX • OS/390® • Leverage customer-based testing trademarks of Microsoft Corporation• SCO • Microsoft® suites in the United States, other countries,• NCR Windows® • Perform unit, system and acceptance • Unisys tests or both.• AT&T• 32-bit to 64-bit • Tandem • Verify against the established • Stratus baseline UNIX is a registered trademark of enhancement The Open Group in The United • HP 3000Package • OpenVMS HOW DO YOU GET STARTED? Statesapplications 1. Contact the Migration Factory• SAP • 1-866-MIGR8TE• PeopleSoft (toll-free in the US)• Oracle • migr8te@us.ibm.com E-Business • www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/ Suite pseries/migration/ • IBM Sales Team or Business Partner 2. Preliminary analysis with Migration Factory assistance Initial discovery call with Migration Factory team to review customer requirements 3. Assess, size, cost the effort 4. Migrate, test, deploy, accept AG-EX V3.2 091806