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June 5, 2012 Colorado Coach Connection

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June 5, 2012 - Colorado Coach Connection: Services, Programs and Resources for Coaching Professionals

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June 5, 2012 Colorado Coach Connection

  1. 1. June 5, 2012 COLORADO COACH CONNECTION Services, Programs and Resources for Colorados Coaching ProfessionalsClassifieds In This Issue: Thriving Coaches: read a free chapter of "Thriving Work, 90 Days of Daily Practice to Transforming You and Your Coaching Business" Certification in Emotional Intelligence Assessment – The NEW EQi 2.0 and EQ 360 Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® - TESI® Certification How to Create an Extraordinary Coaching Business - CCEU - 36 credits approved by ICF 2 Ways Successful Coaches Find New Clients About Colorado Coach ConnectionThriving Coaches: read a free chapter of "ThrivingWork, 90 Days of Daily Practice to Transforming Youand Your Coaching Business"
  2. 2. WHO: Ann Strong offering transformative coaching, consulting and mentoring to businessand career coachesWHEN: Any time of the day or night that is convenient for you!WHERE: Anywhere you like to read, http://www.annstrong.com/thriving-work-bookCOST: FREELike no other business book, Thriving Work includes: 13 step-by-step chapters to grow your thriving coaching business. Workbook-style exercises to keep you accountable and on track. 33 affirmative prayers to inspire and focus you toward choosing your best self, serving your clients, growing your thriving business."Ann Strong guides with a powerful integration of practical business and spiritual insight." -Suzi PomerantzGo to http://www.annstrong.com/thriving-work-book for your free chapter . . .Certification in Emotional Intelligence Assessment –The NEW EQi 2.0 and EQ 360PRICE REDUCED!WHO: Marcia Hughes, J.D., M.A., Collaborative GrowthWHEN: EQi 2.0 & EQ 360 dates in 2012: June 6-7, September 5-6, December 5-6WHERE: Denver metroCOST: $1797 (EQi & EQ360) – gain bonus free assessmentsHelp your clients discover the power of Emotional Intelligence with the new EQi 2.0! This isthe best validated, most reliable emotional intelligence measure available. It’s fun, intuitiveand gives specific coaching suggestions you can help your clients implement in a six monthprogram before they retake the measure to assess their progress. Research shows thatemotional intelligence predicts 27% to 45% of job success. Collaborative Growth -303-271-0021 or visit www.cgrowth.com/eicert.html; or email contact@cgrowth.comTeam Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® -TESI® CertificationWHO: Marcia Hughes and James Terrell, Collaborative GrowthWHEN: 2012 dates - June 8, September 7, December 7WHERE: Denver or webinar (Webinar: June 21, November 15)COST: $497TESI® creates the opportunity for a team 360 as each member of the team rates the teamsskills from his or her perspective. Reports are available on the entire team, and on subgroupswithin the team including breakouts on gender, age and team roles. Teams understandresults on engagement and skills in areas such as communications and conflict resolution.You will gain a practical focus on applying ESI team building skills. contact@cgrowth.com;
  3. 3. 303-271-0021; http://EITeams.com.How to Create an Extraordinary Coaching Business -CCEU - 36 credits approved by ICFWHO: Susan Harley, Ascension Training CompanyWHERE: TBDCOST: $1495 (Spring Special!)FOR MORE INFORMATION: susanharley@ascensiongroups.com or call 720-903-6172 orvisit www.ascensiontrainings.comWhy do 80% of new businesses fail within the first year? Mainly - too little funding andplanning. Our Mission is to help businesses succeed. Our process is focused on clarifying yourbusiness idea, developing your Mission, Vision and Purpose, culminating in a functionalbusiness prototype without wasting time and money. If you could benefit from creating aprototype of your new business, or boost your existing business to the next level, take thiscourse.2 Ways Successful Coaches Find New ClientsWHO: Joe Sabah, Co-founder (along with Judy Sabah), Colorado Chapter National SpeakersAssociationWHEN: Check website for class dates - www.SabahSpeaks.comWHERE: Speaking Seminar SE Denver / Radio System from your officeCOST: see belowFOR MORE INFORMATION: 303.722.7200 or Joe@JoeSabah.comYour new clients are in audiences throughout Denver/Boulder. Learn How To Speak for Funand Profit: 4-hour seminar +700 contacts who need speakers every week. $150www.SabahSpeaks.comOr your new clients may be listening for you to be interviewed on the radio. How To Get OnRadio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Home: Book + audio CD + 766hosts and producers who will interview you by phone. All for only $147.www.SabahRadioShows.comThe Following are the Who, What, When, Where, Whyand How of this PublicationWHO: Anyone who receives this notice may advertise as well as others who want to notifyour readership of their services and/or programs.
  4. 4. WHAT: You may advertise anything you want that will be of interest to this readership,primarily coaches. The "Colorado Coach Connection" editor has the right to refuse anyadvertising request that appears to be inappropriate, with no explanation required.Advertising could include free offers, programs, classes and workshops, coaching specialties,items needed, items for sale and other networking-type of communication.WHEN: The "Colorado Coach Connection" publication is sent out the 5th and the 20th day ofeach month. All advertising requests must be received and paid for by midnight on the 1stand 15th of each month.WHERE: Please submit advertising requests to Kelly Johnson: dcfva@denvercoach.comWHY: If you have any information about goods or services that you want the individuals onthis list to know about, this is the place!HOW: Submit your advertising request using the following format:TITLE OR DESCRIPTION OF EVENT, SERVICE OR PRODUCTWHO: Your Name and/or Company NameWHEN: Date and/or TimeWHERE: LocationCOST: FREE or $00.00SAMPLE AD The body of your ad can be up to 75 words. Please be sure to count the wordsin your ad before submitting. Your ad will look like this sample ad. This is a great way for usto stay more connected and informed.Items are placed in the publication in the following order: First: Free services by ICF Colorado members Second: Fee services by ICF Colorado members Third: Free services by non-ICF Colorado members Fourth: Fee services by non-ICF Colorado membersPlease mention whether or not you are a ICF Colorado member when submitting youradvertising request.Cost for the Ads:One Month Ads - are sent to the readership 2 times in that month. ICF Colorado Members: $10.00 Non-ICF Colorado Members: $20.00Six Month Ads - are sent to the readership a total of 12 times - 2 times each month. ICF Colorado Members: $45.00 Non-ICF Colorado Members: $100.00
  5. 5. NOTE: Please send an e-mail version of your ad to be cut and pasted into the publication.You may change your ad over the course of the 6 month period. Making a 6 monthcommitment allows you to receive a discounted price. Ads are placed as they are written;there will be no editing. If the ad does not meet the format or requirements, it will bereturned to the sender.All payments must be received prior to ads running.Mail payment to:Kelly JohnsonP.O. Box 3667Parker, CO 80134Make checks payable to: ICF ColoradoAll submissions are placed at the discretion of the "Colorado Coach Connection" editor.We are looking forward to your participation!For more information about the ICF Colorado, please feel free to send an e-mail toinfo@denvercoach.com or visit our website: Denver Coach Federation