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AGIT & White Paper for Digital Ecodesign

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Julie Orgelet - AGIT

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AGIT & White Paper for Digital Ecodesign

  1. 1. AGIT & The White Paper for digital services ecodesign 17th january 2019
  2. 2. Who are we ? NGO gathering compagnies and third parties promoting the development of sustainable digital service including devices, network and infrastructures. Our mission : • Bringing together the players of the greenIT sector • Educate organizations (companies, communities, etc.) on sustainable ICT issues; • Participate to the creation of future standards and regulations; • Promote eco-innovations; • Identify and share tools and best practices to accelerate their adoption; • Fight against greenwashing. Federate – Incentive – Commit DNA: Transparency & openmind
  3. 3. Some of our publications and events WHITE PAPER – DIGITAL SERVICES ECONDESIGN BAROMETRE GREEN-IT - Survey on implementation of Green IT Best Pratices 2015 & 2017 & 2019 OTHER PUBLICATION : - Environmental KPI in datacenter - Is the Cloud Green?
  4. 4. RESULTS – WP DIGITAL SERVICES ECODESIGN http://alliancegreenit.org/wp- content/uploads/Doc%20AGIT/LB-ecoconception- numerique.pdf
  5. 5. WP - Objectives • Present the ecodesign of digital services; • Help users to understand the associated issues and the potential of this process; • Provide user with the keys to differentiate appropriate solutions and greenwashing
  7. 7. Benefits Reduction of environmental impacts; Better service / user experience; Reduction of investment and operating costs; Greater social inclusion (including a broader accessibility approach); Innovation and development lever for new sustainable models (value-added creation); To allow an objective display of environmental performance; Better communication on the value chain (with suppliers, partners, customers and end users). Inclusive projects
  8. 8. 2 projects resulting from the publication of the WP http://www.greenconcept- innovation.fr/ http://www.negaoctet.fr/ (under construction) The purpose of #GreenConcept is to enable 30 SMEs to integrate the eco- design approach to their digital services The purpose of NegaOctet is to develop tools : methodology and environmental impact databases in order to evaluate the environemental impacts of digital services.
  9. 9. Thanks you for your attention