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Fusion Cloud Data Centers: a new high tech frontier

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Il cloud computing rappresenta una vera rivoluzione nel mondo dell’IT come lo è stato a suo tempo l’evoluzione dal modello mainframe a quello client-server.
In questo contesto, le aziende si trovano oggi ad affrontare sfide come il Big Data, Sap Hana, il consolidamento di realtà spesso etereogenee e la necessità di far fronte cicli di rinnovamento tecnologico brevissimi.
Per una soluzione IT oggi più importante che una mera cost reduction, è la capacità di migliorare i processi di business velocizzando i tempi di implementazione e rendendo più semplice la gestione della soluzione stessa.

Nascono paradigmi come “Data Center on demand” o “Software Defined Data Center”: consolidare l’infrastruttura IT in un unico pool di risorse virtualizzate da assegnare dinamicamente (on demand) ai livelli applicativi.
Si evince come punto chiave la necessità di una tecnologia convergente, scalabile, performante in grado di proteggere gli investimenti delle aziende oggi sempre più mirati in un mercato in forte contrazione.

Fusion Cloud è la risposta di Huawei a questi quesiti: ponendosi come one stop shop, Huawei è uno dei pochissimi vendor in grado di fornire soluzioni integrate di computing, storage e networking.
Huawei è in grado di progettare, ingegnerizzare e produrre queste 3 componenti in casa propria, ottimizzando il prodotto come un’ unica soluzione end to end.
Huawei oggi fornisce soluzioni di cloud computing a giganti come ad esempio Alibaba (leader e-commerce ISP), Baidu (leader Internet Engine ISP) e Tencent (leader ISP); già leader nel mercato IT dell’EST, sta implementando le proprie soluzioni nel mercato occidentale posizionandosi come la vera novità in campo IT.

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Fusion Cloud Data Centers: a new high tech frontier

  1. 1. HUAWEI FUSION Cloud Data Center : a new high-tech frontier HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. enterprise.huawei.com Pietro Biasci Channel Sales Manager pietro.biasci@huawei.com
  2. 2. Page 1 Agenda 1 W ho is Huawei 2 3 IT trends in cloud market Huawei IT product strategy
  3. 3. Huawei was founded in Shenzhen, China’s Special Economic Zone Page 2 1987 1992 1993 1997 1999 2000 2005 2009 2010 Huawei, a private company, was founded by Ren Zhengfei and several other investors with an investment of US$3,500. At that time, the company was a reseller of PBX switches of Hong Kong Hong Nian Company. Huawei developed HJD analog switches that supported 48 ports. Huawei developed C&C08 digital switches, which were primarily deployed in rural areas. Huawei started engaging global top consulting firms for management transformations. Huawei established its first international R&D center in Bangalore, India. Huawei made significant progress in developing countries, e.g., Uzbekistan. Huawei became a preferred supplier for top carriers such as British Telecom and Vodafone. Revenue from Asia Pacific, the Americas, and EMEA exceeded domestic market for the first time. Huawei deployed the world's first LTE network in Northern Europe. Huawei transformed itself from a CT company to an ICT company and established three BGs: Carrier BG, Enterprise BG, and Consumer BG. Shenzhen in the early 1980s Shenzhen after three decades
  4. 4. Page 3 Today, Huawei is a leading ICT company Carrier Enterprise Consumer A leading global ICT solutions provider A Fortune Global 500 company, ranking 285 in 2014 150,000+ employees worldwide 70,000+ engaged in R&D Who is Huawei Market Progress US$39.5B revenue in 2013, US$21.9B revenue in 2014H1 Serving 45 of the world's top 50 carriers, which Serving 1/3 of the world's population Employees Business Areas
  5. 5. Globalized resource deployment and localized business operations Page 4 Huawei Headquarters Accounting shared service center Bidding center Supply center & Hub Training center Bahrain Operations in 170+ countries; 150,000+ employees comprised of 150+ nationalities worldwide ; 30,000+ non- Chinese employees with 70%+ localization rate. Huawei's global value chain allows fluid capability transfer across the globe, develops and retains talent in local countries, and creates jobs and economic opportunities. R&D center Technical support center Argentina Mauritius Malaysia Romania China India Hungary Brazil Mexico Netherlands UAE Germany Toronto Ottawa Silicon Valley
  6. 6. Page 5 Alibaba case 20 Settembre 2014, Il Sole 24 ore: Albaba debutto record a Wall Street...sono stati superati di slancio i 200 miliardi di market cap dell'azienda, impennatasi fino a 240 miliardi prima di assestarsi a 230, non solo oltre i 150 miliardi di Amazon o i 193 di Ibm, ma anche i 199 di Facebook e testa a testa con i 248 miliardi di Wal-Mart. Marco Valsania - Il Sole 24 Ore - leggi su http://24o.it/svJBzY
  7. 7. Huawei Helps Alibaba to achieve double 11 miracle Carries 1/3 e-commerce service No failure under 213M person access Page 6 RH2288 PCI-E SSD X6000
  8. 8. Alibaba Achieves an Online Trade Miracle with Huawei Servers Page 7 Challenges Support high concurrent performance for access to massive small files. Reduce electricity costs generated by a large number of servers. Shorten the time for deploying a large number of new servers. Solutions Use Huawei RH series 2-socket rack servers, high-density servers to provide strong performance for applications. Rich energy-saving features ensure high energy efficiency. Offer the integrated rack delivery solution to improve internal deployment efficiency and shorten the deployment time. Customer Benefits The stable and high-performance servers offer great support for the Double 11 festivals in these years without system breakdowns. The energy efficiency is improved by at least 10%, saving electricity costs of several tens of millions RMB per year for Alibaba. The onsite delivery requires 3 to 5 days only, which could accelerate service rollout.
  9. 9. Huawei supports Ministry of Railways (MOR) Operation and Dispatching improving stability and efficiency of the service platform. Page 8 Huawei E9000 Blade Server
  10. 10. Huawei in WEU Customers’ DC HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei proprietary. No spread without permission. Page 9 Newcastle University
  11. 11. Page 10 IT Trends & Huawei Strategy
  12. 12. A new era : how can we win in the Future? Page 11 2013 Gartner: Top IT Spending Priorities in 2013 Cloud Computing Big Data DC Consolidation Virtualization 0 10 20 30 (%) China Worldwide CIOs are most concerned about Cloud computing and Big Data  Information technology is at an unprecedented juncture that will change our lives  Enterprise IT applications have lagged far behind applications for individual use  CIOs need new IT technologies to create more agile applications and more business value
  13. 13. Large-scale deployment Computing/Storage/Ne Page 12 Computing trends and challenges Cloud Computing Big Data RISC to IA High TCO to RISC Converge Infrastructure Computing and storage of mass data tworking convergence Fast access to hot data; Cold data storage at low cost; Hot and cold data fast conversion RISC Server migration to x86 server with high RAS features, smooth upgrade, high performance virtualization Low cost, Low power consumption, Easy management Modular design, Flexible expansion, Rack level delivery Converged Infrastructure; smooth expansion; Unified management of network, computing storage; Software and hardware pre-installed, pre-tuning
  14. 14. Trend 1: from Cloud Computing to IT as a service Page 13 800% growth in data over the next 5 years, with 80% of it being unstructured* EXPLOSION OF DATA ENERGY EFFICIENCY Data centers can consume 100x more energy than the offices they support* Application Integration Consolidation/ Virtualization Cloud New Data Centers Desktop Virtualization 5G Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery
  15. 15. Trend 2: Big Data Boosts Commercial Potential Page 14 2nd Data Platform Data Mining 1st Data Platform Video Images Web Social Media Events Email Docs Data Warehouse … • Verizon Precision Market Insights Provides 360-degree views to understand your target audiences • TXU Energy Free Nights Save when you shift electricity usage to night… • UPS savings/year Routes: 5.3 million km Fuel: 650,000 gallons Free of Charge from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Unstructured data, data flows CRM/ERP Report Analysis Structured Data Real-Time Marketing Sentiment Index Context of Relationship Customer Retention Trend Forecast Hadoop x86 Server • Big Data transforms IT from support system to business system
  16. 16. Page 15 SAP HANA revolution before after before after BigData Analytics
  17. 17. Trend 3: Convergence Page 16 “Entro la fine del 2015, il 35% del valore totale del server venditi sarà come infrastruttura convergente.” “Entro il 2015, l'infrastruttura convergente rappresenterà il 9,5% dei mercati Servizi, Software e Hardware” “Entro il 2017, quasi due terzi di tutte le infrastrutture di applicazioni enterprise saranno confezionati sotto forma di una infrastruttura convergente” Wikibon
  18. 18. Software-defined Distributed Cloud Data Center Page 17 Private Cloud Telecom Cloud Public Cloud IMS/VAS/EPC IaaS/SaaS Networking Pool Standard Hardware Calculating Pool Storage Pool DC² supports SOA revolution • Decouple service and platform, hardware and software, and increase scalability • Free productivity and technical innovation, the best platform for Big Data/BYOD/SaaS applications Unlimited Resources ITaaS • Improve serviceability with measurability and app-stores for enterprise applications Endless Innovation ERP/CRM/EMAIL
  19. 19. Trend 4: Innovate with Open Source Page 18 Traditional Enterprise IT Public Cloud Open Source Enterprise Ready IT Innovation Forward looking
  20. 20. Page 19 The Evolution of Computing: Intel Xeon vs Risk Up to 112% performance 28% system cost Comparison between x86 and minicomputers Xeon E7 vs. Power7 • Business-critical x86 alternative: downtime equivalent reliability, higher performance, better industry chain
  21. 21. Enterprise IT: Scenarios depended, Vertical integration Page 20 Compatible Lab: 6000+ compatibility list, 400,000+ proven scenarios, 350+ certificates
  22. 22. Page 21 Huawei IT Strategy: Focus on Fusion, Make Business Agile ... Cloud Computing Solution Big Data Solution •Cloud-demand capabilities: Quick access to resources, shortens business start times •Intelligent Big Data: Provides commercial decisions, improves service levels, enhances commercial value Agility Infrastructure Evolution •Fusion of traditional IT and the Internet Virtualization Big Data Analytics Server Storage Network Data Center Equipment Room Construction Data Center Manage-ment Design products using an open mind •Fusion of infrastructure Break the existing IT product architecture, resolve performance bottlenecks •Fusion of data plane Design around the life cycle of data, reduce data movement Finance Big Data Government Smart City Media IP-based TV Station Carriers Hybrid Cloud Fusion
  23. 23. Page 22 Huawei IT Products Strategy
  24. 24. Huawei business strategy: from CT to ICT Page 23 IT Product line Start Server & Storage R&D Strategic IT investment with 10,000 R&D Engineers Start Cloud Computing R&D 7 Global R&D centers 10,000+ R&D Engineers Acquires Symantec Stake in JV 2002 2008 2012 12 Years Footprints Of Huawei IT 2 Global Technical Assistance Center 28,600+ Service Support Employees Focused on Telecom Technology 25 years Carrier Network Business Group Enterprise Business Group Device Business Group HUAWEI Technologies Storage Cloud Computing Server Data Center
  25. 25. Page 24 No 1 grow rate for servers: Climbing server market Growth rate in the global market Source: Gartner 2013 report Vendors 2013Y Growth % Average Growth 3% Huawei 260% IBM -18% HP -4% Dell -4% Cisco 32% Server Shipments Growth, x86 Servers, All Servers, All Regions, 2013Y
  26. 26. TOP computing performances Page 25 109 World records in Benchmark test Transaction Processing TPC Performance Council spec VMmark Source: SPEC benchmark test etc.
  27. 27. No 1 grow rate for storage revenues Page 26 120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% TBR: Quarter Storage Revenue Year-to-Year Growth 65.60% 37.30% 35.70% 8.40% 22.30% 21.40% 111.00% Rate Leaders Source: TBR Report (2012Q2/Q3/Q4, 2013Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4) No.1 Huawei storage 7 consecutive quarters of revenue growth rate rank No.1 worldwide
  28. 28. Page 27 Broken Two World Records in 2013 -storage World’s Only 5 Million OPS NAS Storage SPC-1: IOPS SPEC: OPS OceanStor 18800 OceanStor 9000 1,112,705 5,030,264 1,512,784 1,592,334 3X Source:http://www.spec.org/sfs2008/results/sfs2008nfs.html World’s Only Million Level IOPS High-end Storage 450,212 451,082 1,005,893 602,109 2X Source: http://www.storageperformance.org/results/benchmark_results_spc1/#spc1
  29. 29. Huawei: Complete Fusion Data Center Solution Provider Page 28 FusionSphere OSN N9000 CE series switches NE series router Micro DC USG5100 USG2100 USG5500 USG9000 Series of network equipment Series of safety equipment Server RH1288 Storage N8500 S2200T Dorado SAN SSD Storage VTL S2600T/S5500T/ S5600T/S5800T 18000 VTL6900 Network & Security RH2288 RH5885 Rack server E6000/E9000 X6000 Blade server Cloud server ES 2000/3000 SSD Card Solution Cloud Platform FusionAccess eSight Facilities UPS PDU Air Cooled Water Cooled NetEco® Modular/Container Core product
  30. 30. Huawei Server Product Strategy Scale-up Mission critical : DB/VM/BI Converged DC Converged Scale-out E9000 X6000 X8000 RH5885 RH8100 16P+ X6800 RH1288 RH2288 IO accelerator PCIe SSD Converged IO HPC Private cloud Appliance Virtualization Massive data processing Web 2.0 application Public cloud Large scale DC Enterprise key services
  31. 31. Fastest SAP HANA Appliance Page 30 “ Fastest HANA Appliance in the world - Huawei. ” 500 uS SAP HANA write delay RH5885H V3 ES3000 Optimization Source: Steve Lucas ,SAP platform &Solution President, SAP FCOM Beijing,2014 SAP ® HANA ® IBM 218 uS Huawei
  32. 32. SAP Hana tailored solution: PCIe SSD card Page 31 Bottleneck 200ns 8μs 40X Memory PCIe SSD 6ms Disk 750X DB write performance Recovery time? HANA infrastructure Delta data flush to disk time? Data load time? Huawei ES3000 PCIe SSD card is the fastest PCIe SSD card in the world!
  33. 33. I/O Acceleration Innovation: Break Through the Storage I/O Bottlenecks with Stable Operation Fasted PCIe SSD card in the world, the best choice of database application No. 1 read and write performance Write 4TB a day for 10 years Storage:800GB、1.2TB、2.4TB High reliability with huawei dynamic wear leveling algorithm, bad block management,RAID5 Page 32 Source: Storage Review. com
  34. 34. FusionCube Helps Enterprises to Quickly Build a Cloud Virtualization/Management Page 33 Network GE/10 GE/FCoE/IB/FC Calculation/Storage HANA Huawei FusionSphere High Performance Large Capacity 10X Application acceleration 50% TCO savings 3 hours Field delivery 75% Rack-space reduction All-in-One-Box one-stop cloud platform Distributed Storage
  35. 35. Page 34 Traditional : Complex integration 2 Terabyte/rack 11 Terabyte/rack Other Vendor Front View FusionCube Rear View FusionCube 5.5X density The simplest deployment, The highest density
  36. 36. Page 35 Cloud data center storage solution: on-demand services Silo Unbalanced High-end and mid-range products provide services on demand: • PB-level scalability, consolidating all services and data • Resource virtualization pooling, globally balancing resources and supporting service deployment based on data flows • Automatic data management by Smart software, simplifying management Complex management User A User B User C Virtualization Deploying services on demand Consolidation Eliminating silos Automation Simplifying management Data center Application server Storage pool
  37. 37. Huawei Cloud Storage Portfolio Software Products Storage Solution Page 36 Convergent Storage Pool Solution Big Data Storage Solution Flash Accelerating Solution File sharing Virtualization DR & Backup Storage A-A HPC Explore Analysis M&E Data Base Accelerating (Intelligent Resource Management Software) (Data Protection Software) (Big Data Storage Value Added Software ) HyperCopy HyperSnap HyperClone HyperReplication Enterprise Unified Storage SmartTier SmartMotion SmartQoS SmartThin SmartPartition SmartVirtualization S2200T 18500/18800 InfoEqualizer InfoAllocator InfoTier InfoExplorer InfoProtector S2600T N8500 9000 (All Flash Array) Massive Storage DeviceManager eSight (Device Management) (Storage Resource Management ) CloudDrive (Disaster Recovery Management ) (Data Service) S5600T/S5800T/S6800T 解决 方案 Hardware Products Smart Series Hyper Series Info Series S5500T Dorado 2100 G2 Dorado 5100 Max. 16GB Cache Max. 276 Disks Max. 64GB Cache Max. 528 Disks Max. 8GB Cache Max. 204 Disks 2~16 Controllers Max. 3TB Cache Max. 3,216 Disks SPC-1:1,005,893 IOPS Max. 768GB Cache Max. 1,440 Disks Dual Controllers 500s Access Latency 3~288 Nodes Max. 40PB SPEC:5,030,264 OPS 2~24 Nodes Max.15PB Capacity
  38. 38. HUAWEI ENTERPRISE ICT SOLUTIONS A BETTER WAY Copyright©2014 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The information in this document may contain predictive statements including, without limitation, statements regarding the future financial and operating results, future product portfolio, new technology, etc. There are a number of factors that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the predictive statements. Therefore, such information is provided for reference purpose only and constitutes neither an offer nor an acceptance. Huawei may change the information at any time without notice.