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Nuovi paradigmi e leve competitive: la roadmap innovativa della Insurance Industry

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Nuovi paradigmi e leve competitive: la roadmap innovativa della Insurance Industry

  1. 1. Nuovi paradigmi e leve competitive: la roadmap innovativa della “Insurance Industry”
  2. 2. Global driver e sistema finanziario in Italia Quando i “megatrend” sono molto vicini 2 Global volatility Competition, power, and risk Staying relevant New entrants and products disrupting financial industry New nature of risk Innovating to defend against bad actors and comply with regulatory compliance Enterprise architectures Integrating innovation into the institution's existing infrastructure
  3. 3. FinTech, InsurTech: segno dei tempi 3 Assicurazioni versus InsurTech.. Banche versus Fintech.. Opportunità di collaborazione (e/o acquisizione) Minaccia potenziale, concorrenza >7,000 start-ups globally* * Source: IDC Financial Insights Leveging new paradigms to disrupt Financial Services
  4. 4. 4 Connecting employees with real- time customer insight Developing and attracting digital- first talent Responding faster Making Data & Information security a top priority Connected business platform Remastering business models with internet of things (IoT) Mapping a 360-degree view of the customer journey Anticipating customer behavior and needs Inspiring innovation across the company and working smarter with intelligent machines Deepening engagement with Mobile&Wearables Settore Assicurativo: peculiarità ..nei cambiamenti socioeconomici e tecnologici Fear to lose the role of (inter)mediator? Expanding in new segments (home insurance, health insurance, wellness..) Trust & transparency Foster a new approach to (old and new) risks prevention Implement new business & IT architectures 4 Operational Risks & Efficiency
  5. 5. Verso prodotti, servizi, esperienze «digitally-enhanced»… 5 Entro il 2020, il 50% delle Global 2000 vedrà il proprio business dipendere dalla capacità di creare prodotti, servizi ed esperienze “digitally-enhanced” Customer Competition RisksCosts Distribution
  6. 6. Top Business Priorities 2017 del settore Assicurativo in Italia 6 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Aderenza a Compliance di settore Produttività lavoro / collaboratori Aumento Redditività / Marginalità prodotti e servizi Aumento qualità prodotti e servizi esistenti Riduzione costi operativi Sviluppo nuovi prodotti e servizi Soddisfazione/ fidelizzazione dei clienti Fonte: Survey IDC Italia, 2017 (rispondenti: settore assicurativo)
  7. 7. Digital Transformation (DX) e Insurance 7 Exceed Customer Experience expectations New Revenue Stream through new business models Maintain efficiency and cost
  8. 8. Le priorità IT 2017 del settore Assicurativo in Italia 8 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% Sourcing IT Abilitare Servizi in mobilità e/o delocalizzati Qualità / tempi di delivery Automazione/ ottimizzazione processi IT Sicurezza IT Supporto innovazione / progetti digitali Nuove Architetture / Infrastrutture Efficienza / Cost control Fonte: Survey IDC Italia, 2017 (rispondenti: settore assicurativo)
  9. 9. 9 Business and ecosystem complexity (and opportunities), interconnections among Innovation Accelerators IoT e Insurance: L’esempio «vehicle telematics»
  10. 10. Typical approach to add insurance protection “outside” the comfort (or mandatory) zone 10 Don’t see the value… Cost is to high.. Other (i.e. not offered…) 1 2 3 Assicurazione, prevenzione, rischio: una nuova cultura..
  11. 11. Connected cars (e oltre): verso nuovi ecosistemi.. 11 IDC Prediction: By 2019, Usage-Based Insurance Enabled by Internet of Things Will Account for at Least 15% of the Global Vehicle Insurance Market and 10% of the Global Home Insurance Market (IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Financial Services 2017 Predictions)
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