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Water glossary Spain

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Water glossary Spain

  1. 1. COMENIUS Project Water Glossary
  2. 2. Acid WaterWatercontaining anamount ofacidicsubstancesbelow pH 7.0 Affected monument of acid water
  3. 3. Soft WaterAny water containinglow concentrations ofdissolved mineralssuch as calcium andmagnesium.
  4. 4. Melt waterWaterproduced bymelting snowor ice
  5. 5. Fresh waterWater does not contain significant levels ofdissolved minerals or salt
  6. 6. Bottled waterWater that is bottled and sold in individualpackages.
  7. 7. Drinking waterWater that is safe for drinking and cooking.
  8. 8. SewageWater containing human waste, animal or food.
  9. 9. TributaryStream or river which flows or secondary flowsinto other major.
  10. 10. Water cycleThe process, driven by solar evaporation,condensation and precipitation that moves waterfrom the oceans and the Earth to theatmosphere and then return it.
  11. 11. CondesationThe process whereby a liquid is converted intosteam.
  12. 12. RainfallMeasurement of rainfall in a locality or regionover a given time.
  13. 13. Brackish water slightly saltyThe brackish water in the Earths surface oftenoccurs inestuaries and lagoons where theymeet the freshwater and saltwater.
  14. 14. Acid rainRain that has an extremely low pH, due tocontact with atmosphericpollutants such assulfur oxides.
  15. 15. WaterproofNot easily penetrable by water.
  16. 16. WaterlandLand moist.
  17. 17. HydrophilicHaving an affinity for water
  18. 18. PollutionAny alteration of physical, chemical orbiological water that causes damage to livingbeings.
  19. 19. ChlorinationAction to chlorinate drinking water to make orimprove hygienic conditions.
  20. 20. FloodIncreased flow of rivers and streams.
  21. 21. Run-offWater thatslides overthe groundto reach thestreamchannelsand rivers.
  22. 22. FrostLayer of cristalliced iceformed when thewater vapor containedin the air settles on thesoil or other outdoorsurfaces that arecolderthan 0 degreescentigrade (0ºC).
  23. 23. HydrolysisThe decomposition of organic compounds bythe interaction of water.
  24. 24. HydrophobicSomething that repels water.
  25. 25. Dew Point:Vapor condensed by the coldness of the nightin very small drops and after that they appearon the surface of the soil or on the plant.
  26. 26. Cloud:Agglomeration of droplets of liquid watersuspended in the air.
  27. 27. Dike:Wall or building tocontain the water.
  28. 28. SourceSpringwatergushingfrom theearth.
  29. 29. Hail Frozen water violently descending from theclouds, grains of ice more or less hard and thick.
  30. 30. HidrosphereSet of liquid arts ofthe globe. It consistsof atmospheric watervapor and the water ofseas, rivers, lakes,continental ice andgroundwater in solidor liquid
  31. 31. Showers:A precipitation that begins and ends suddenly.
  32. 32. Course:Route of water from rivers or streams that moves through a channel.
  33. 33. Rain Gauge:An instrument thatmeasures the amountof rain that falls in agiven place and time.
  34. 34. Drizzle:Rain consisting of small drops which falls lightly and uniformly.
  35. 35. EvaporationA process by which water is converted from aliquid to vapor

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