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Social Media Attribution Model 2013

Presented at social media measurement 2013, this deck looks at two attribution models for determining value from social media activity: Last click and across the purchase path. A pragmatic view that takes into account the challenges and barriers to developing strong measures in social media.

Katy Howell, from immediate future makes a case for, "not giving up, and continuing to move towards greater analysis of social media activity". She says, "There are two clear benefits, The most obvious is that you can determine success of social media programmes, the second is that deep and detailed insights ensure that you continuously optimise activity and perfect the social initiatives that deliver business value"

Social Media Attribution Model 2013

  1. 1. Attribution vs. contributionTRACKING LEADS THROUGH FACEBOOK #measure13 @katyhowell
  2. 2. “ It is not possible to become a great player without having learned how to ” analyse deeply and accurately. Mark Dvoretsky#measure13 @katyhowell
  3. 3. #measure13 @katyhowell
  4. 4. Know your goal if you want to attribute your lead to source#measure13 @katyhowell
  5. 5. Short links give you a fast way to see your traffic sources …But they are a blunt tool on conversion#measure13 @katyhowell
  6. 6. Conversion pixels allow you to look at actual metrics for sales, basket, registrations, leads etc#measure13 @katyhowell
  7. 7. Last Click is most popular as it is so readily available#measure13 @katyhowell
  8. 8. Black Friday 2012 0.34% 0.00%#measure13 @katyhowell
  9. 9. 25%#measure13 @katyhowell
  10. 10. The real value is in understanding how your marketing efforts affect the entire purchase cycle#measure13 @katyhowell
  11. 11. #measure13 @katyhowell
  12. 12. Who gets the credit?#measure13 @katyhowell
  13. 13. Benchmarks alongside anecdotal case based evidence begins the process Offline has an impact Active in multiple social touchpoints Some Ask Influencer and customers opinion advocacy want more and relationships contact collaborate Digital SEO /PPC Advertising Sharing and experience Customers want a relationship Reviews and recommendation impacts interest with us drive the sale Contributor – 60% Initiator – 30% Converter -10%#measure13 @katyhowell
  14. 14. #measure13 @katyhowell
  15. 15. Those social media conversations are getting more and more accessible#measure13 @katyhowell
  16. 16. It is not an exact science Sometimes your assumptions can be wrongAnd the datacan conflictOr the insight can change over time, by campaign#measure13 @katyhowell
  17. 17. Social Conversion Brand health Financial impact amplification metrics Awareness Traffic Channel Brand equity (reach) (direct) profitability Correlation Engagement Market share Lifetime value (indirect) Advocacy Effectiveness Uplift (against other marketing Volume growth Sentiment metrics) Action Search#measure13 @katyhowell
  18. 18. Set the rules and values#measure13 @katyhowell
  19. 19. Correlation graphing lets you see how it all works together12010080604020 0 January February March April May June July August September October Search News Blogs Twitter You can add environmental factors #measure13 @katyhowell too
  20. 20. “I soon realised that it is not enough for a master simply to analyse variations scrupulously.He must learn to work out which particular moves he should consider and then examine just as many variations as ” necessary - no more and no less. Alexander Kotov#measure13 @katyhowell
  21. 21. #measure13 @katyhowell With thanks to http://chiefmartec.com/2012/12/5-marketing-meta-trends-the-presentation/
  22. 22. • Only 41% understand interactions between digital and offline • Easy to over credit some channels • Doesn’t always work across devices • Attribution can get political • No one size fits all • Not all tools can give you the full picture • Lack of industry standards#measure13 @katyhowell
  23. 23. “ If you have $100 to invest in making smart decisions at ZMOT, you should invest $10 tools and vendor services, and the other $90 on big brains: people who can analyze the data, learn from it, and pass the insights onto you.#measure13 @katyhowell
  24. 24. immediate future Top 5 most respected socialWe help clients take a strategic view of where media agencysocial media can add value to their business According to NMA & Econsultancy8 years (almost 9) of social media experienceSpecialists in a diverse industryWe’re impartialIndustry leaders [and educators]#measure13 @katyhowell @katyhowell