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  2. CONTENTS Poverty Illiteracy Unemployment Social Inequalities Population and health
  3.  India emerged as an independent nation-state on 15th August 1947, after a long struggle against the British colonial rule. The country is a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic with a parliamentary system of government. Though India has shown tremendous growth in all spheres of national life in the years after independence, yet many problems plague the everyday social life; the problems, many a time, are interrelated. In fact every society of the world has their social issues unique to their society. So does Indian society. Indian society is very rooted in religious beliefs; there are people of different religious beliefs such as Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs, Parsis etc. These all adds to the socio-cultural varieties of the country. India’s social problems are also rooted in the religious practices and beliefs of it people. Almost all forms of social issues and problems find their origin in the religious and cultural practices of the people of India. These social problems are developed in a long period of times and are still continuing in one form or other. Furthermore, India has witnessed several wars of large proportions; several foreign invaders attacked India in its long history among whom few made this country as their own and tried to force their socio-religious practices which also deteriorated social conditions; the long period of British rule crippled the country and had thrown it into backwardness. Thus, many such reasons may be cited for India’s social problems but the fact remains that we have these issues and only we can solve them. Poverty, Population, Illiteracy, Gender discrimination, Terrorism, Unemployment, and Health are the major ones. #Introduction :
  4. 01 Poverty
  5.  Poverty refers to a situation when peopl’s basic needs are not fulfilled. When people doesn’t have the necessary food to eat or clothes to wear or shelter to stay then its called poverty. Life becomes very difficult for people below the poverty line (BPL).  Poverty is a vicious circle and is the lack of money or material possessions. Social, political, as well as economic elements, contribute to poverty. It leads to a lack of basic life necessities and comfort. Illiteracy is a major cause and effect of poverty. These people have a low standard of living and poverty is the cause of many social evils. #Meaning : #Genesis :  People dont get proper education which leads to poverty. People are poor because they are illiterate, and they are illiterate because they cannot afford education.Illiteracy and poverty stays side-by-side. They both are the cause and effect of each other.  In case where the resources and opportunities are limited and the population is high, there arises a situation of joblessness which ultimately leads to poverty.  When a large number of people live in poverty, there is limited scope for the development of countrys economy.  Some natural and environmental problems such as lack of rainfall, drought, etc. often lead to poverty. There are many other reasons also like caste system, unemployment, etc.
  6. #Broad measures to alleviate it : #Nature of poverty in rural and urban India : Rural India Urban India Rural poverty often stems from limited access to markets, education, quality infrastructure, employment opportunities, health, and financial products. Urban poverty is often marred by weak or hazardous living conditions related to sanitation, employment, and personal security. Most of the world’s poorest live in rural areas. Roughly two out of three people living in extreme poverty live in rural settings. some 400 million rural men and women live in extreme poverty, more than the populations of the United States and Canada combined. At the same time, roughly half that amount (approximately 200 million) live in cities. Rural poverty is often a product of poor infrastructure that hinders development and mobility. Urban poverty refers to the set of economic and social difficulties that are found in industrialized cities  Poverty can be checked by increasing job opportunities. It will decrease the rate of unemployment which ultimately results in decrease of poverty in economy.  Government should take more steps towards charity, trusts and have some transparency while spending money in those social institutions.  There is a need for initiatives of paid leave to the workers.  The education system should be reformed and initiatives should be taken to bring more children to schools
  7. 02 Illiteracy
  8.  Since many adults in India are illiterate, they don’t understand the importance of getting education for their children.  Due to the problem of unemployment and poverty, children get little opportunity for proper education.  Many people stay illiterate due to some physical or mental disabilities.  Other social evils like caste system, gender inequality also cause illiteracy #Causes : #Consequences :  One of the major causefor crimes is illiteracy. Due to illiteracy issue, rates of crime are gradually increasing and health, productivity and growth of the country is gradually decreasing.  Most illiterate people are unaware of the benefits of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.  Illiterate people find it very difficulty to secure a good job and earn livelihood.If a person is looking for a means to earn and work, but is not getting it then it is known as unemployment. This social problem leads to frustration.  Overpopulation is a huge increase in the number of people, and it is caused by some factors out of which illiteracy is a major one.
  9.  The only and the best way to eradicate illiteracy from the society are by education.  The scheme for mid-day meals at schools is a welcome step.  Government should take steps to promote free education for the backward class of the society in government schools.  Government also look at the matter that people get fair payment for their work. Appropriate steps should be taken to create moreemployment opportunities for adults, so that they can educate their children by sending them to school. #Measures to eradicate illiteracy:
  10. 03 Unemployment
  11.  Unemployment, may be elaborated as a state of not finding work by an individual who is fit and willinUneg to work.  The number of individuals without work out of the total “labour force” of the country or specific social groups. # Meaning # Genesis  Unemployment rate of a country is indicative of its socio-economic health  Unemployed contributs to bringing down demand of goods in the market and creating more unemployment.  This vicious cycle creates a cascading effect throughout the economy and trickles down to different social strata.  According to UNDP, the Indian economy has experienced a massive growth, but still even barely 50% of the jod seekers are able to land one
  12.  There are many causes of unemployment some them are listed below:  Education: Although literacy rates have risen in the last few decades, The curriculum is mostly theory-oriented and fails to provide vocational training required to match up with current economic environment.  Population growth: Rapid growth of population has often been labelled as the major reason for increasing unemployment in the country. Current survey data revealed that at the all- India level, 77% of families do not have a regular salaried person.  Faulty employment planning : The five-year plans implemented by the government have not contributed proportionately towards generation of employment. The assumption was that growth in economy will automatically generate enough employment, but there have remained gaps between the required number of jobs and the actual numbers generated. # Causes
  13. 04 Social Inequalities
  14. 05 Population and health
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