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Business Analysis & Tree Climbing: the

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  1. 1. NH Hotels Milanofiori, Assago (MI) - 18 Oct. 13 Business Analysis & Tree Climbing: The Connect Awe Oludayo, PMP®, CBAP® President, IIBA Nigeria Chapter System Architect, The OS Concepts Research and Consulting www.osconcepts.com
  2. 2. Title  Agenda         The Price The Story Meet the Cast Another Look At the Story The Environment The Border (BA 1.0) The Global (BA 2.0) Conclusion 2 © International Institute of Business Analysis
  3. 3. African Head Gear
  4. 4. The Tree
  5. 5. The Tiger
  6. 6. The Trap
  7. 7. The Jungle
  8. 8. The Business Analyst
  9. 9. The Tiger The Angry or Disappointed Stakeholder
  10. 10. The Trap: This can be a solution component, i.e. Software, Hardware, Business process, Strategies, line of business, location, etc.
  11. 11. The Jungle
  12. 12. The Jungle (The Domain)
  13. 13. The Domain  Kingdom means King’s Domain  Domain is the area undergoing analysis  It is where the business analyst deploy his or her solution  The Environment where the business analyst operates
  14. 14. The Tree
  15. 15. The Tree “A business analysis tree can be defined as a practice, act or position or inclination that is unnatural to the business analysis practice but can give a business analyst a unique view of his or her environment from a vantage position”
  16. 16. The Tree  A business analysis tree is a time tested platform that can give a business analyst a leverage to see things from a vantage position  A tree allows you to take a vantage position, survey your environment and get the best solution
  17. 17. The Unstable Environment  The word unstable means unreliable, unpredictable  Gone are the days of local environment  The only environment in today’s world is Global  The Global environment is unstable, i.e. US Debt Ceiling Crisis, Oil Issue in Niger Delta Nigeria, etc.
  18. 18. The Border (BA 1.0)
  19. 19. The Border (BA 1.0): Attributes of the Business Analyst  Always think in the local context  Silo mentality  Unaware of the global trend  Uninterested in Professional Development
  20. 20. The Global (BA 2.0)
  21. 21. The Border (BA 2.0): Attributes of the Business Analyst  Thinks Global while meeting local needs  Network mentality  Shows high interest in what is happening all around the world  High interest in Professional Development  Highly developed soft skills
  22. 22. Conclusion  Stop being an Italian business analyst, think global while meeting local needs.  Constant learning is needed to survive in an unstable environment.  The only environment in today’s world is Global  Get involve in your local IIBA chapter.
  23. 23. Thank you for Listening Awe Oludayo, PMP®, CBAP® President, IIBA Nigeria Chapter Dayo.awe@osconcepts.com