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Servant leadership evento 22 maggio 2020 v4.0

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Servant Leadership and Business Analysis. Is a Business Analyst a Servant Leader? Business Analysis is evolving. Let's see with IIBA Italy Chapter

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Servant leadership evento 22 maggio 2020 v4.0

  1. 1. Changing your perspective and exploring the Servant Leadership Role Model with BA IIBA Italy Chapter WEBINAR May 22, 2020
  2. 2. According to Robert K. Greenleaf, the founding father of modern Servant Leadership, “The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first”. It is a powerful and revolutionary philosophy, capable of changing not only the fate of a project but also of the "human condition" in its entirety. It is often associated with the Agile Mindset and its principles of sharing, collaboration and transparency. But is a leadership style really possible? And how can Business Analysis guide towards this incredible leadership style?
  3. 3. Welcome and event structure presentation
  4. 4. Agenda 17:00 - 17:10 – Elisa Alessi Celegon Welcome and event structure presentation 17:10 - 17:30 – Cristina Paternoster Can BA give a new Servant Leadership perspective? 17:30 – 18:00 – Teresa Romeo, Elena Arista, Claudio Girlanda, Angelo Salonna A first picture from the business playground: DXC, Erwin, Maticmind, NTT DATA’s point of view 18:00 - 18:15 – Prassede Colombo, Valeria Bonghi It’s game time! 18:15 - 18:45 – Cecilia Zampaletta, Claudio Girlanda, Elena Arista, Elena Rovardi Envisioning the future with IIBA Italy Chapter’s Sponsor 18:45 - 19:00 – Prassede Colombo IIBA Italy Chapter Next Steps & Closing
  5. 5. Can BA give a new Servant Leadership perspective? Cristina Paternoster IIBA Italy Chapter Deputy Director Branch Coordination
  6. 6. Who is a SERVANT LEADER? Servant leadership flips the typical leadership script by putting people ahead of power. A servant leader PRIORITIZES THE TEAM’S GROWTH AND WELL-BEING, letting their own needs and ambition take a backseat. A Servant Leader AS A POSITIVE and INSPIRING INFLUENCE 1. Listening 2. Empathy 3. Healing 4. Self-awareness 5. Persuasion 6. Conceptualization 7. Foresight 8. Stewardship 9. Commitment to the growth of people 10. Building community 10 key principles of servant leadership
  7. 7. It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership. (Nelson Mandela) Bosses push, Leaders pull. Real leadership is servant leadership. (Dave Ramsey) The best leaders are servant leaders they serve those they lead. (Tony Hsieh) The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. (Ken Blanchard)
  8. 8. See the future Engage and Develop Others Reinvent continuously Value results and relationships Embody the values
  9. 9. leadership models over time
  10. 10. Why is SERVANT LEADERSHIP our go-to leadership style? Business Analysts use leadership and influencing skills when guiding stakeholders during the investigation of business analysis information and solution options. They build consensus and encourage stakeholder support and collaboration during change. Leadership and influencing involves motivating people to act in ways that enable them to work together to achieve shared goals and objectives. Understanding the individual motives, needs, and capabilities of each stakeholder and how those can be effectively channeled assists business analysts in meeting the shared objectives of the organization. Measures of effective leadership and influencing include: • articulation of a clear and inspiring vision of a desired future state • success in inspiring others to turn vision into action • influence on stakeholders to understand mutual interests, • influence on stakeholders to consider broader objectives over personal motivations Source: BABOK Guide v3
  11. 11. Business Analysis Perspectives Change Targets and Agents Agile approaches are most successful when the organizational culture and working environments lend themselves to intensive collaboration, frequent communication, and a strong disposition towards incremental delivery of appropriate solution value. Agile team leader: the facilitator of the work of the team. An agile team leader frequently shares the same soft skill set of a project manager, but completely delegates the tasks of planning, scheduling, and prioritization to the team. Rather than traditional command-and-control management, servant leadership is preferred in all the agile approaches. Depending on the approach, this role may be called scrum master, iteration manager, team leader, or coach. Customer representative or product owner Team members External stakeholders Source: BABOK Guide v3
  12. 12. Underlyng Competencies Agile is a mindset. Agile business analysts embody the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto which are based on a humanistic view of product development as a process founded in communication and collaboration. In adopting the agile mindset and philosophy, the business analyst develops competencies in: Source: BABOK Guide v3 CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY ABILITY TO HANDLE CHANGE ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE BUSINESS VALUE Listening Empathy Healing Self-awareness Persuasion Conceptualization Foresight Stewardship Commitment to the growth of people Building community
  13. 13. Business Analysis Principles Source: BABOK Guide v3 and Agile Extention See the whole Avoid waste Think as a Customer Analyze to determine what is valuable Get real using examples Understand what is doable Stimulate Collaboration and Continuous improvement The main aspects of an agile mindset include: • Deliver value rapidly and consistently • Collaborate courageously • Iterate to learn • Simplify to avoid waste • Consider context and andapt to realities • Reflect on feedback and adapt both product and process, and • Produce the highest quality products The agile mindset is based on a common core of human values that include RESPECT, COURAGE, COLLABORATION, CONTINUOUS LEARNING, CUSTOMER FOCUS, and VALUE MAXIMIZATION. These values find their clearest expression in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (AGILE MANIFESTO).
  14. 14. Future of Business Analysis in Digital Foundational Business Analysis Capabilities Digital Business Analysis Digital Best Practices Extended Competencies New Career Architecture New Specializations and Micro- credentials Source: Digital Business Analysis – Essential Competencies for Success – September 2018 - IIBA GLOBAL THOUGHT LEADERSHIP SERIES http://www.iiba.org/Learning-Development/global-thought- leadership.aspx
  15. 15. Infuse Customer Empathy • Deep observation • Emotional intellingence • Customer service orientation • Cultural sensitivity Envision the Outcome • Strategic thinking • Continuous innovation attitude • Design sense • Big Picture thinking Own the Product • Business outcome focus • Change adoption • Platform thinking Practice Value Orientation • Storytelling • Critical thinking • Intuitive understanding of risks and impacts Enable Smart Decisions • Logical thinking • Data awareness and intuition • Startup attitude • Experimentation Lean Continually • Analytical thinking • Technology awareness • Experimentation • Research skill Drive Change & Engagement • Espouse change culture • Organizational design Support Evolving Business Models • Research skills • Storytelling • Ethnography • Creativity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  16. 16. A first picture from the business playground: Maticmind, NTT DATA, Erwin, DXC point of view Moderator: Elisa Alessi Celegon IIBA Italy Chapter VP Secretary
  17. 17. How much is the adoption of Agile models adopted within your company and what appears to be the future methodological strategy? What principles of Agile Business Analysis and Servant Leadership are totally in line with the values expressed by your company? In summary, do you think it's a really possible model? 1 2
  18. 18. Teresa Romeo, CBAP Business Analyst Lead “Leaders will be those that embrace transformation, create a digital culture, and develop high-performing teams using all of the advanced technology tools available to them." Dan Hushon, Senior vice president and chief technology officer, DXC Technology DXC digital transformation method Design thinking and ideation Prototype Develop Go live and scale
  19. 19. DXC Focus on… Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project. Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done. The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation. (from the Agile Manifesto) Be mindful when communicating Listening Principles of servant leadership Be social Be inclusive Be creative and Innovative Building community Empathy Commitment to the growth of people DXC tips for the servant leader
  20. 20. Elena Arista Country Sales Manager Italy Spain Portugal
  21. 21. Elena Arista Country Sales Manager Italy Spain Portugal erwin Core Values
  22. 22. V e r s a t i l i t y & A d a p t a b i l i t y C o n s i s t e n c y Ta r g e t : C u s t o m e r n e e d s Claudio Girlanda Maticmind
  23. 23. 23 The world steps aside to let each individual pass if he knows where he is going.
  24. 24. LET’S MAKE IT “WAGILE” From static mixing to action mixing of Waterfall and Agile «overall» approach Business Analysis Angelo Salonna, Business & IT Advisor, Consulting at NTT DATA Italia
  25. 25. SERVANT LEADERSHIP AS A KEY AGILE ENABLER Unlearning control to gain Agile projects success People Performance Functionalities People Performance Functionalities Supporting NOT Chocking TRADITIONAL MANAGER AGILE SERVANT LEADER Functionalities People Performance
  26. 26. It’s game time Prassede Colombo IIBA Italy Chapter President Valeria Bonghi IIBA Italy Chapter Volunteer
  27. 27. Envisioning the future with IIBA Italy Chapter Sponsor Moderator: Elisa Alessi Celegon IIBA Italy Chapter VP Secretary
  28. 28. According to your vision, how can Servant Leadership support this particular historical moment, unique and in some ways we hope unrepeatable, using more traditional levers (e.g. smart working) and others more unusual and innovative? 3 4 How has your company been able to intercept problems and threats, effectively transforming them into opportunities?
  29. 29. Leader Smart Leader Innovation Leader Job Autonomy Trust and Influence SERVANT LEADER_ + “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them” Ernest Hemingway LEADER, SERVANT SMART LEADER, SERVANT INNOVATION LEADER Cecilia Zampaletta, Associate Manager, Consulting at NTT Data Italia
  30. 30. THE COVID THREATS: OPPORTUNITIES FOR NTTDATA THREATS NTTDATA INITIATIVES Corporate identity loss Podcast, All Hands Call Distortion of communication Lack of reference points Life / work boundaries reduction Managing children at home Meet Walter Coaching senza barriere, Human Academy Yoga and Pilates online lessons Online coding lessons Loss of motivation Stay home stay creative
  31. 31. Smart Working: change in corporate culture that allows you to be versatile and adapt to digital transformation in a world in continuous transformation. Claudio Girlanda Maticmind
  32. 32. Resilience Adaptability
  33. 33. Elena Arista Country Sales Manager Italy Spain Portugal Leadership proximity Continuous communication
  34. 34. Elena Arista Country Sales Manager Italy Spain Portugal Work From Home Impact Manager Register for FREE Access Now: https://erwin.com/erwin-wfh-impact-manager/
  35. 35. Elena Rovardi Consultant Business SERVANT LEADER Take care of individuals goals to build better organizations. Schedule training pills Prepare tools for listening and help Support to overcome any obstacles on projects Organize initiatives and contests
  36. 36. DXC Actions Multidisciplinary and cross-functional working groups with a common goal: turn problems into opportunities. Deliverables? Project proposals. Environment management On-site resource management Data management Staff management
  37. 37. 41 IIBA Italy Chapter Next Steps & Closing Prassede Colombo IIBA Italy Chapter President
  38. 38. BA Observatory THE FIRST BUSINESS ANALYSIS OBSERVATORY IN ITALY AND IN EUROPE THANKS TO an incredible partnership between IIBA® Italy Chapter and NTT DATA Italia. THANKS also to IIBA® 42 Let's figure out HOW BUSINESS ANALYSIS WORKS applying Techniques, Agile Mindset and Business Data Analytics to create value for the BA Community. We will see how a MVP was built over time due to experienced BA Professionals, Junior BAs and Data Scientists.
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