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IITM Open Quiz 2018 prelims

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IITM Open Quiz 2018 prelims

  4. 4. CHEFS Gokul Goebbels Nair Ferril Freak Samal Paul Wunderbar Martin Anand PS I Love You Life is a repeat Dhur Hathim Sinner Mohammed Sukruth Solo Dregs Diogenes
  5. 5. DEAL 30 questions, 34 points 27-30 are two pointers 10-16 starred Top 9 open teams qualify Top 3 college teams get drafted
  6. 6. 1 In 2012, Craig Queen won himself a vintage DeLorean after being the first to complete a set of challenges. The hyperlink to the challenge was to be found in the hard copies of a particular book, following which three challenges had to be completed.The link took them to a new Atari 2600 video game called Stacks. After completing the First Gate, the winners would have to play a new Facebook video game created by legendary developer Richard Garriott de Cayeux. After completing the Second Gate, the third and final challenge was to set a new world record for either Pac-Man, Joust Arcade, Joust Atari 2600, Black Tiger, or Robotron 2084. Which book would you find the hyperlink in?
  7. 7. Ready Player One
  8. 8. 2 What entity launched by Narendra Modi, at a Digi Dhan mela on 30 December 2016 was named after this person?
  9. 9. Bhim
  10. 10. 3 While talking about a current movement, Bill Maher (of real time fame) talks about the potential issues that could arise out of a particular movement. He says that, while the movement is long overdue, care must be taken to follow due procedure and ensure that adequate proof exists against a person before action is taken, lest the movement devolve into ----------. The blank is a portmanteau of the name of the movement and an “ism” used to refer to a situation where guilt is presumed unless proven innocent
  11. 11. MeCarthyism
  12. 12. 4 The director of this movie initially wanted Toshiro Mifune to play this role, as a lot of this film was inspired by samurai. However, as the genre was still unproven, Mifune refused as he felt that it could cheapen his image, and more importantly, the image of the samurai. The director relented, and offered him another role, on in which he did not have to show his face, but he still refused. What two roles were offered?
  13. 13. 5 Roger Smith is a fictional character in the adult animated sitcom American Dad!, voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Pictures of his head being compared to something are making rounds on the internet. What?
  14. 14. 6 The direction of motion is opposite in the northern and southern hemisphere in a class of devices. But invention of mechanical devices which serve the same purpose and subsequent European colonisation has lead to the northern convention becoming the standard across the globe. What convention am I talking about?
  15. 15. Sundials, Clockwise direction
  16. 16. 7 What visually evocative word derives from French for to jump? What word derives from French for spinning top?
  17. 17. Sauté Pirouette
  18. 18. 8 Rationing in Britain during WW1 lead to this food item being made with a high water content resulting them to often explode when cooked under high heat. The nickname stuck ever since. What?
  19. 19. Bangers for Sausages
  20. 20. 9 Hotel Arbez is a hotel near the in the tiny village of La Cure. Due to a peculiarity with regards to its construction, it became an ideal hideout for the French resistance during WW2. What peculiarity, shared with the village?
  21. 21. france/swiss border
  22. 22. *10 Scholastic recently unveiled new covers for the Harry Potter series as part of its year-long campaign to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the U.S. publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Who illustrated the covers in his signature style?
  23. 23. Brian Selznick
  24. 24. *11 The TLD of an Eastern European country is popular around the word among doctors who want to create a personal websites. Which country? What two letter TLD?
  25. 25. Moldova, .md
  26. 26. *12 The fundamental issue lies in the fact that these are not powered. They receive an initial burst of energy and must operate for the required duration using that initial burst. This provides a unique issue with regards to the design of a certain element. If it is circular, the initial kinetic energy required for it to be able to complete the task would result in an acceleration of at least 6G at the bottom, which is unacceptable. Hence, a distinctive “inverted teardrop” shape is used, which has a reducing radius of curvature and requires lesser initial kinetic energy to complete the task as a result of which the acceleration at the base is within acceptable limits. What am I talking about?
  27. 27. *13 Disneyland employees often point with two fingers instead of one. This is because in some cultures, pointing with one finger is disrespectful. However, walt Disney used to point with two fingers, for a different reason, which Disney goes to great lengths to hide. It has been photoshopped out of any official photograph and can only be seen in old videos. Why did Disney point with two fingers?
  28. 28. *14 Though the original performance aptly featured a piano cover of “Jump in the Line”, the 1971 song “Cotton's Dream”, used in a slow motion video montage by ABC a couple of years later, became synonymous with the subject of the video. The resurgence of the song prompted the composers to rename it after the subject. Whose performance are we talking about?
  29. 29. Nadia Comaneci
  30. 30. *15 The slave labourers who were forced to make this, installed the “B” upside down, as a mark of protest and to expose the message they were creating to be a cynical lie. Today, and into the future, the inverted “B” will always symbolise the message from the labourers to coming generations: “Remember: when injustices take place, when people are discriminated against and persecuted – never remain indifferent. Indifference kills.” Recently, an inverted B statue was unveiled in a capital city, evocatively titled, “to B remembered”. What message were the labourers trying to subvert?
  31. 31. Ans: At Auschwitz
  32. 32. *16 What naming convention is common to the names of the following works, which have all been misspelled here: a. Kanye West's 2013 single pronounced Black Skinheads b. Joey Bada$$ single Good Morning America from his 2017 album All American Bada$$ c. Ice Cube's 1990 debut album America's Most Wanted
  33. 33. America stylized as amerikkka
  34. 34. 17 This company, was initially named after the its founder Emil ____. But when they decided to enter the United States, they feared it would be mispronounced by the public. So they dropped the last letter to avoid confusion. What company? What word was it mispronounced as?
  35. 35. BiC, Bich = Bitch
  36. 36. 18 Dennis Klatt was a professor at MIT whose project caught the attention of a high profile client, who at the time was looking for something along these lines. The client also used “Perfect Paul”, something developed by Dennis in conjunction with this and featured a personal touch. The client was personally attached to this, and even as technology improved and more realistic options became available to him, he insisted on retaining “Perfect Paul”, forcing engineers to dig through archives to find Klatt’s original works. What was “Perfect Paul” used for?
  37. 37. Stephen Hawking’s voice
  38. 38. 19 Some of the well known ones involving individuals are as follows: ● Jerry Falwell, an American pastor, for accusing someone of terrorism ● Ulil Abshar Abdala, an Indonesian scholar who wants to rejuvenate something ● Isioma Daniel, for suggestions about an individual and Miss World contestants ● Farag Foda, a secular Egyptian writer ● Geert Wilders, for his criticism of something Who are the more famous ones in this list from 1989 and 1993? For what reason did the 1989 incident happen?
  39. 39. Fatwas against Individuals 1989 - Salman Rushdie, for Satanic verses 1993 - Taslima Nasreen
  40. 40. 20 The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo is a small tract of land in South America. This monument is the key attraction here and fits with the theme of the area. The country where this is found is inextricably linked with what the monument commemorates. Which country? What is the monument commemorating?
  41. 41. Ecuador, Equator passing through
  42. 42. 21 In 1910, a hoax regarding an anticipated event began to circulate. It postulated that this event would expose people to a toxic gas, cyanogen. As a result of this, many people bought gas masks to protect themselves from this cyanogen. What event was this hoax about and how would it result in exposure to cyanogen?
  43. 43. The tail of Halley’s Comet would pass through the earth
  44. 44. 22 Why do most top singles charts have 40 songs on them?
  45. 45. Number of songs you can store in a jukebox
  46. 46. 23 In 1997, the Williams team was embroiled in a long-running legal case with the Italian Government trying to prosecute Frank Williams, Patrick Head and Adrian Newey. FIA president Max Mosely threatened to cancel any further races in San Marino and Italy should the verdict return guilty, with the sentiment being echoed by many team owners. The then Benetton head Flavio Briatore promised to personally boycott any future race in Italy for fear of a similar case being brought against him. Fortunately, the court threw out the case and racing continued. What case caused all this ruckus?
  47. 47. The Italian Govt were trying to prosecute Williams for manslaughter of Ayrton Senna
  48. 48. 24 The evolution of this animal's signature feature was only recently unearthed. The history of its development is not connected to the animal’s aquatic past. Its ancestors lead a burrowing lifestyle and flattened ribs provided stability, when it was lying down and digging. But this modification restricted movement of the legs. Hence another modification evolved to counter this, thereby forming the feature as we now know it. What feature of what animal?
  49. 49. Shells of turtles/tortoises
  50. 50. A popular theory regarding a particular myth originates from the fact that these were originally made of silver. Silver was renowned for having purifying properties and hence, what the object returned was sans any evil influence. Another theory is based on the idea that something else had no soul. What myth am I talking about? 25
  51. 51. Ans: Vampires and Mirrors
  52. 52. 26 The name of this location has nothing to do with the ideology. It is derived from the word for “beautiful” in the local language, which has gradually evolved over time to mean this. Its original name referred to the fact that the Trinity Cathedral was present at this place. Name the location.
  53. 53. Red Square
  54. 54. This song was originally written for The Sound of Music in the style of an Austrian folk song. However, it sounded so authentic that after the first performances, native Austrians said that they were delighted to "hear that old folk tune again" A variation of this song has been used for a recent TV show that deals with a situation similar to the original usage in sound of music. Which song ? Which TV show? 27
  55. 55. Edelweiss. Man in the High Castle
  56. 56. 28 The person pictured was expected to be the first in the 2014 <blank>. However, he was a surprising 22nd. It was a surprise because he was the first first-year to win this coveted award. Three people who have won the award went on to win the sport’s biggest competition and get inducted into its Hall of Fame. ID the individual who comes under this elite category after being awarded in 1968.
  57. 57. Heisman Trophy
  58. 58. O.J. Simpson
  59. 59. 29 Dali drawing a portrait of whom in what role? Film adaptation of a play.
  60. 60. Laurence Olivier as Richard III
  61. 61. 30 This question is on two band logos. Solve for both. a) Designed by the band's frontman in 1984, this circular motif is referred to by the band members as the angel's asshole. b) The logo's designer Rune decided to make use of the band's name's funda and did a simple switch, to bring out the two pairs in the band.