data mining compressive strength gis cloud computing wireless sensor network ofdm mapreduce encryption decryption flexural strength design delayed entry technique simulation feature extraction anova matlab environment support vector machine classification cryptography split tensile strength landfills interfacial transition zone ettringite computer simulation mathematical model hydrogen fuel suction process ph face recognition gsm ber principal component analysis image segmentation load balancing big data ansys isi fly ash artificial intelligence buck converter analysis strain frp vibration control system cost energy efficiency bearing capacity fea bearings cae microcontroller anfis biometrics hash clay mmse cfd impact temperature water ann renewable energy mse quality pollution gram++ gps access control security segmentation wi-fi authentication a method of variation of parameters android genetic algorithm hadoop error nursing council of kenya national prevention guidelines pressure ulcers online feature selection data structural analysis stress deformation helmet finite element computed radiography isis/proteus dspic mplab simulink blockset ijirae profile dose specification description dispute arbitration sustainable development mammography finite element method fatigue life. steel optimization machinability heat flux power plant bottled water iot expert system ahp dengue hemorrhagic fever information system development tablets nfc gprs rfid pda moodle m-learning lms reinforcement strength copper slag abrasion resistance durability the force transmissibility a dynamic vibration absorber (dva) spring stiffness passive control godavari river ungauged catchments regression analysis runoff estimation empirical relationship wind farms ir-style ranked search information retrieval-style ranking metadata curation similarity search internet documents som-hc physicochemical parameters retaining of sidi chahed dam surficial sediments self-organizing map (som) microstrip line dielectric local binary pattern facial expression recognition chassis excitation engineering industry cooperation vhem models dco-ofdm im/dd flip-ofdm ls snr message digest algorithm (md5) triple data encryption standard (3des) attribute-based encryption (abe) disruption-tolerant network (dtn) latest technology constraint-based processing waste water management decision support peak to average power ratio complementary cumulative distribution function spectrum efficiency wireless sensor networks prestressed balanced cantilever bridge box girder i girder primary and secondary moments and midas civil feedline switches uwb microstrip antenna slots notched bands wi max ultra wide band antennas notch bands reconfigurable antenna wlan seismic behaviour semi continuous bridges expansion joints and csi bridge interactive data acquisition and control system (i embedded web server embedded arm9 processor real time linux operating system (rtlinux rtos) mouldability stone dust fly-ash puzzolonic hydartion csh-gel. silica fume csh-gel metakaolin entropy energy saving led street light system ijuk-aren soil-cement embedded systems mrr mild steel weight loss bamboo lamination finite element analysis concrete surface roughness taguchi resistance spot welding ultimate load orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) etc fpga preprocessing dataset image processing. pc relay saas flow visualization. pressure distribution lift co-efficient drag co-efficient d-shaped cylinder strouhal number performance kdd contamination gram net shortest path supplier selection material management tensile strength k-means wireless sensor networks (wsns) filter localization visual cryptography green computing cloud unconfined groundwater flow clustering qpsk bpsk accuracy intrusion detection system supervised learning anomaly detection steganography discrete wavelet transform recycled aggregates sem evaluation relevance mechanical milling sensor noise plain text harmonics water absorption project waste management training cadre family toddler ndt ut c-scan non-destructive testing drop-weight test impact test structural behavior mechanical property composites materials duplication iteration symmetrical fractal tiles geothermal potential magnetotelluric the genetic algorithm aisi 416 and aisi 440fse stainless optimization algorithm laser welding e-market place msmes microwave mapping remote sensing strain energy h-refinement aisi 1018 steel laser weld gaussian fitting baum-welch isolated word recognition hidden markov model low resolution multi-frame detector hog-based pedestrian blind stick gsm detection blind stick bus detection using lifi bus detection and silicone rubber (sr) sheet digital radiografi low contrast object high contrast object utilization immunization under-fives; differential cryptanalysis differential characteristics input and output differentials encryption algorithm transform symmetric encryption block cipher rbfnn pre-processing optical character recognition (ocr) niger number of tubers spacing ecotypes cyperus esculentus detection surveillance moving coil helix air pollution street canyon dispersion wind rose water filtration air filtration nanofibers chitosan wool keratin cloud analyst virtual machines data center : cloud computing wlan security measurement wlan security features selection wlan attacks & vulnerabilities wlan security wlan security model creative industrial products granite material engravired cnc router hard flat materials cnc router 3-axes machines spindle deviation sonogram and support vector machines (svm) voice activity detection (vad) unnes project pre-construction safety planning implementation contrast to noise ratio (cnr) signal to noise ratio (snr) ctdivol tube current modulation (tcm) adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (asi cyber security crime communication protection rotor blades active twist rotor design and analysis cfd simulations smaw intermediate quenching dp microstructures nurses knowledge tunnelling numerical analysis shotcrete tsls surface support institution factors adherence economy pro staad structures rcc aircraft control systems cockpit displays avionics flying instruments statistical approaches feature-based structural measure joint histogram zernike moment kepulauan seribu stationary lift net automatic lighting fads fusion multibiometric system coordinator protocols routing zigbee marine data visualization workflow design patterns object-oriented marine information integrating feature-based structural measure (fsm) zernike moments (zms) feature similarity measure (fsim) structural similarity measure (ssim) lithography nano materials electronics nano science nanotechnology intelligent system uml small and medium enterprise micro e-business students’ discovery effect of continuous assessment techniques sssi level students’ performance experimental control guided discovery continuous assessment instructors seekers gps/ins aeromechanics mission planning computer social media e-crime network cyber crime jetwash auto spa car salon design analysis level set method fuzzy clustering fortran f.e.m. f.r.p. needle gates kolhapur type weir high-contrast low-contrast digital radiography nx 10.0 connecting rod plotting trajectory gui location prediction cloud map-reduce stream data mining spatial data spatial data mining wheel hub productivity vertical machining centre (vmc) gantry system industrial automation cloudlet ntru cloud computing: wearable devices x-ray diffraction ftir spectra deconvolution curve borosilicate glass crystallization interactive employee sms chat email application firebase database mobile based system faces recognition face detection automatic attendance system effectiveness mercu buana university e-learning rotating profiled piston rotating volumetric pump work hardening chip thickness machining metal cutting fao trmm champabati rusle kindergarten playing group bbis report paud gini index cart decision tree induction filter approach profiles te modes surface polaritons magnetoelectric multiferroics ecg bp heart beat dissipation coefficient (kd) reflection coefficient (kr) transmission coefficient (kt) wide the top breakwater (b) breakwater type cube automation home security arduino home automation systems future technology role labview earthquake pneumatic cylinder seismic waves shaking table xss sql isms iso thresholding segmentasi morphological operation histogram segmentation radiotherapy cervical cancer multiple digital beams forming theory digital hybrid analog audio feature extraction energy learning process knowledge base mfcc identity-based conditional proxy re-encryption secure sharing sensitive data radiotheraphy ionization chamber small field id ci hi imrt 3d crt breast volume indian constitution delay project cost time land acquisition oxygen transfer rate fine bubble generators generating air bubbles aeration irjcs destroy employment equivalent dose controlled area thermoluminiscent dosimeter (tld) ionising radiation imaging room time period and frequency mode shape of shear wall lateral loads storey stiffness storey displacements rc shear walls structural response medium &hard soil soft dynamic analysis aqueous solutions pam plasma jet cappjs hamming network threshold grayscale system brain networks neural intermidclavicular midclavicular chest x ray image anatomical imaginary line ebnt c/n link margin rx tx vsat von mises stress maximum deformation impact effect car bumper static analysis hyper mesh design modification as defect smart material literature systematic review mathematical programming models supply chain network design supply chain networks operator reduction ranked positional weight technique layout modification garment manufacturing industry assembly line balancing hits algorithm mining calcification page rank algo throttle motor controller solar energy solar panel self-balancing direct current braking 3-ph induction motor hysteresis landau theory higher order euclidian distance disparity rectifying stereo camera object measurement gyroscope sensor accelerometer sensor acceleration speed movement orientation technical importance customer needs product design qfd aspect. marketplace tf-idf n-gram features extraction sentiments analysis wheat husk fiber polypropylene soil stabilization zero emission hub motor eco-transport e-bike treadmill physics fwhm ip-psf esf-psf spatial resolution frobenius method. hematocrit porous oscillatory flow magnetic field hbo. hb h hs theta w d f psm mode control ese value filter hvl multipurpose detector x-ray m asorbic acid na2s2o5 bleaching glucomannan porang flour presentation clause success multi purpose detector (mpd) entrance surface dose (esd) references conclusion test results working principle mechanism of self-healing using bacteria introduction pond ash coal ash waste splitting tensile psm control impact factor engineering journal saturation current electric field ring configuration disc configuration plasma generator toughness rc beam retrofitting ccd epid correction outdoor monitoring. smart textiles wearable medical devices biosensors in-home patient monitoring ctdi kualitas citra linearitas dosis mdct sdct action based greening building procedure multi-criteria decision making priority of doable projects tea leaves purification bioreactor production protease surface wetting axisymmetric supercavitating speeds delivery. message asymptotic secrecy capacity eavesdroppers artificial noise generation high voltage direct current transmission flexible ac transmission systems modular multilevel converter voltage source converter transformer segmentation. pleural effusion index c-arm laju dosis fluoroskopi titik pengukuran phantom antropomorfik wi-fi. gradient pleural effusion normal lungs file organization file comparison file management files structure hash table representations files optimization n-layer hash file signature secondary storage wlan vulnerabilities authentication mechanism cipher suite attack tree analysis cvss analysis roi tc-99m thyroid uptake gamma camera hyperthyroid computer science education electronic learning mock examination blended learning area thresholding breast cancer benchmarking clusters openmpi raspberry-pi clusters mpi category signing publisher version energy efficient routing. data centers c.f.d airflow thermal distribution cardiac usg image digital image processing velocity subgrade pavement geosynthetics segmentation of otsu method computed tomography area and volume cerebral hemorrhage the international astronautical federation congres space power space propulsion common technologies to space systems high technology electromyogram(emg) fast fourier transform (fft) band-pass filter (bpf) electrical circuit model electrical characteristic atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge simulation model approach. inverter coupled inductor duty cycle matlab simulink. chopper z-source poor farmers techniques cultivation cycle cheap low carbon sheet metals corrosion rate acidic medium molar concentration impedance measurements. negative sequence voltages two end and one end methods unsynchronized measurements fault location techniques mix design iron slag replacement of slag river sand carbon fiber surface dose cobalt-60 depth dose small signal stability feedback linearization synchronizing and damping torques single machine infinite bus system algorithms circular tubes electro-static lower tier suppliers automotive components statistical quality control heat checking shrink fitting manual power de husking machine coconut wear volume abrasive wear glass epoxy specific wear rate three-body taguchi method cylindrical grinding grinding turbulence models flexural resin tensile mfrp conventional silicon nitride (si3n4) drilling aluminium 6061 modal analysis. thrust force fatigue analysis mechanical properties hydrophilic natural fibres density cotton smoldering ignition temperature weight machine transestirification biodiesel injector opening pressures diesel engine reliability problems joining carbide monitoring sustenance 5s mechanical strength pultrusion ‘i’ section warren trusses unmanned combat aerial vehicle (ucav) petrol engine wind deflector aerodynamic drag truck aerodynamics frc engine rotor burst duty cycles of ge cf6-50 coffin-manson method. robinson’s and hallinan’s failure criteria’s low cycle fatigue over-speed and burst margins ci engines ls-dyna pu-foam hat section ucav stall angle. angle of attack computational fluid dynamics non-destructive testing. automobile drive shaft ansys and unigraphics fatigue life stress intensity factor wear parameter dc motor acrylic wind tunnel heat exchangers carbon footprint boiler performance specific fuel consumption interaction effect cutting parameters taguchi technique machining environment natural convection porous medium trapezoidal cavity galerkin’s finite element method stress. piston ti-6al-4v a4032 ansys workbench 14.5 catia v5r20 al-ghs 1300 a2618 granular material silo dryer discrete element method synthetic fibers tensile modulus natural fibers hybridization biodegradation hbase cassandra orientdb and redis mongodb silencer. i.d. fan f.d. fan database synchronization distributed system platform as a service need analysis kano models pir sensor pi raspberry pi lbp surf viola-jones random-forest ultrafine slag quainary blend high performance concrete micro silica rice husk. boost inverter inverters dc-ac converter power semiconductor switches. online shopping. search engines e-commerce seo seo internet marketing online marketing search engine optimisation e-commerce exploitation exploration performance measurement innovation process innovation dilemma small and medium enterprises library test architecture data driven architecture test framework mpc model image-processing uav service worker app manifest appshell cache recycle progressive offline permissible limit. rich iron mineral ground water wqi embedded ctrller keil c. component sensors semarang sea water intrusion resistivity gsm module co2 sensor humidity sensor temperature sensor arm7 service oriented architecture student satisfaction javascript object notation importance performance analysis rule based backward chaining forward chaining asset managements topsis priority fishermen navigation boat analytic network process iso 9001 quality assurance decision support system library services operating system parameters windows linux rmse weather predictition cloud computing. fog computing internet of things (iot) threats security solutions shopme zachman framework. web based online covered photo-detector accelerometer ppg signal main photo-detector motion artifact directional solidification temperature isotherms homogenization optoelectronic materials detectors purity analysis characterization indium antimonide (insb) parallel-counter flow kern method heat exchanger voltage phases variations voltage frequency variations rapid variable loads. power systems medical image analysis active contours schoology access point tumbu sugar appropriate technology sugar granules sugar mold descriptive statistics unconstrained handwritten text microblaze noc mpsoc pes vlsi lcd android phone rs 485 rfid reader rs 232 filter medias & filter layers water filter hydraulic conductivity landfill natural fibers fly ash crack stiffness mass spring force inertia force mode shape spring deflection settlement loading test compressibility micro grid pile côte d’ivoire sediments aby lagoon phthalates esters of phthalic acid nusselt number heat transfer characteristics rectangular wavy micro channel thermal resistance reynolds number dna cryptography substitution ciphers symmetric key encryption playfair cipher block ciphers taguchi’s method abrasive water jet machining ipsec and quality of service qos l2tp vpn ward hale 6 bus system reactive power blackout etc. extrapolation ebpn jacobean determinant buckling biaxial loads bakelite journal latex paper template ieeetran social networks photo privacy collaborative learning secure multi-party computation visible light communication (vlc) light emitting diode (led) li-fi models based on characteristics microlet gravity force wave wave energy converter brute force attacks guessed passwords man in middle attacks password policy passwords bystanders helical coil heat exchanger curvature ratio heat transfer correlation dean number conjugate heat transfer structural elements blast phenomena sand cusion. blast loading protective slab split tensile. fa= fly ash sand replacement flexure compression iron manganese potassium pyrethroid content copper conductivity organothiophosphate zinc phosphorus organic carbon nitrogen resilient modulus sodium silicate sodium hydroxide geopolymer lte preamble random access mdp detection algorithm multiple objectives allocation of capacitor banks and electric distrib results scr experiment rotating double cutters chips of porang bond strength repair materials cylindrical splitting test substrate slant shear test geopolymer concrete web openings deep beams deflection strengthening rc beams arc hydro drainage network aster dem. morphometric parameters polypropylene fiber steel fiber plastic granules aac blocks embodied energy walling materials thermal conductivity structural cellular beam workability ndt modulus of elasticity building information modeling (bim) bim benefits and barriers qualitative approach construction companies in iraq. advanced technology polyester fibres residual compressive strength hybrid fibre reinforced concrete steel fibre residual split tensile strength elevated temperature bacillus subtilis ultrasonic pulse velocity hooked end steel fibre impact resistance rubberized concrete crumb rubber interlayer adhesion pavement life. granular base cement treated subbase direct shear test ggbs marble powder procurement monitoring& evaluation(m&e) emergency disasters morphology numerical model jeneberang sediment transport hydrodynamic boron carbide hybrid mmc silicon carbide wear coefficient etc three-dimensional slope stability slope unit deterministic model landslide hazards jeneberang river watershed geographic information systems (gis) attribute selected classifier mcdr dimensionality reduction pakdd 2006 weka. gain ratio attribute evaluator quantile regression information gain attribute evaluator pca chi-square traffic flow headway probability distribution undivided-road rockfalls mining safety thin spray-on liners rock surface support shotcrete and mesh o-ring assembly machine abr (adjustable ball race) semiconductor sensors ieee 802.15.4 standard lab view (gui) ar. drone degree of freedom of yaw axis 4 rotor system discrete yaw direction control automatic position stop control dfig power transfer converter controllers degree of freedom of spin axis. automatic fixed position control fast speed yaw and roll control switching ar drone hmi infotainment gesture automotive gcsc ssr damping tcsc feeding & mom tricycle awgn and rician channel. ofdm system process time and energy mems switch. roofplast:sp-45 feeding & mom. tricycle. awgn and rician channel mems switch roofplast:sp-45. encapsulation web porgramming language remote procedure calls transactions html-sql k means algorithm multidimensional scaling genre detection document clustering concept extraction digital camera simulation utilization recycled wax batik wax liquid waste statistical analysis. crushing strength recycling stp sludge destination servers source-server impersonated epr specific user. rules engine core migration database intuitive ui universal configuration management database soluti wireless sensor networks (wsn) greedy random walk (grw) source privacy message authentication dwt minutiae based multispectral image redundancy hyperspectral image image compression pixe maestro-32 iba mcb gupix i.c engine fuel economy harnessing waste heat waste heat recovery teg elements (thermo-electric generator) engine heat recovery competitive learning artificial neural network network security network intrusion detection msw environmental degradation route analysis segregate elasticity compressive strenght human-emotion and classification krawthwohl taxonomy affective learning facial expression concrewall duration brickwork fresh water animations 3d model artificial recharge wells pari island standard map image encryption cluster privacy and security issues analytics data storage online processing cryptography. ecc ios rsa rubber seed biodiesel degumming non-catalytic security profile. search and rescue employee tracking gps global positioning system online banking botnets droiddream repackaging android security man-in-the-middle finger vein technique electronic control unit bluetooth and smart phone s/n ratio surface roughness. insert rosemarinus officinalis l. corrosion inhibition hydrochloric acid shear stress lateral stress durian peel carboxymethyl cellulose sodium chloroacetate incising method glue line attribute weightage id3 enhanced id3 unsupervised learning learning supervisedlearning reinforcementlearning laptop it green enterprise computing resource efficiency desktop microstructure characteristics of ferro laterite soil sub-base material unconfined compression stength 24-pulse converter fft analysis 6 pulse bridge cycloconverter submarine cables offshore wind power mae( multipurpose agriculture equipment) pulse width modulation modular multilevel converte hybrid multilevel vsc with cascaded h-bridge cells contracting infrastructure contracting procurement steps mean square error data partitioning error resilience error concealment error propagation heat treatment crack depth crack length bursting pressure aa1050 al-alloy cpu utilization map-reduce splitting algorithm storage utilization encryption/decryption algorithm safety ratio ductility ratio pushover analysis performance levels global stiffness. default and user defined hinges openings effective diffusivity mass transfer coefficient black pepper biot number microwave energy strength. bottom ash storm drains uniform flow computation flood tapi river hec-ras membrane fouling anaerobic wastewater treatment anmbr bod cod cross flow velocity (cfv) selection parameter (sp). membrane bioreactor (mbr) chemical oxygen demand (cod) polypropylene fiber and ordinary concrete bubble dynamics desulfurization sonochemistry cavitation interval-valued bf-sub algebra cubic bfsub algebra. fuzzy bf-sub algebra interval-valued fuzzy sets bf-algebra power loom rbv survey based research integrated service modified oee. fmea tpm plastic waste waste thermocol management of plastic waste recycling of plastic waste bending strength fem bevel gear composite carbonfibre crushing element crashes. safety guard crushing factory layout process industry. arena simulation software machine layout layout design manufacturing operations lean manufacturing static and fatigue analysis cutting forces code generation. cnc spindle particle swarm optimization tool wear tool life rake angle cutting speed main effects. feed force interaction effect cutting force nickel plating resistance chromium plating pelvis side impact abdomen thorax inventory delmia quest costing. facility layout ant colony optimization heuristic part contact level metaheuristic assembly sequence river water biochemical oxygen demand chemical oxygen demand dissolved oxygen peak- to-power ratio (papr) exponential companding transform bit error rate (ber) solid state power amplifier (sspa). induction motor drives dtcsvm svpwm dtc static synchronous compensator (statcom) iec- international electro-technical commission. dynamic voltage restorer (dvr) matlab simulink voltage swells. voltage sags sensitive load static synchronous series compensator (sssc) power oscillation damping active and reactive power two machine power system p&o maximum power point tracking mppt cuk convertor incremental conductance ic photovoltaic cell pv vb rs232 microsoft access database display panel galois field multiplication. aes urdhwa tiryakbhyam sutra eigen faces ultra-wideband (uwb) fft (fast fourier transform) fft etc. ici turbo codes log-likelihood ratio iterative decoding interleaver soft output viterbi algorithm log-maximum a posteriori probability algorithm rgb panel cropping psnr skin tone detection idwt range-free algorithms. range-based algorithms dv-hop montgomery multiplier elliptic curve cryptographic processor finite field arithmetic point multiplication wsn energy-efficient. leach protocol bpt apt sram hybrid partition tcam aptag anding operation. naïve bayes classifier text classification association based classification decision tree induction. hidden web meta keywords. web form airs clonalg and classification parallel airs ais medical applications. rapid manufacturing rapid prototyping biomodelling recursive cluster elimination pca (principle component analysis).knn classifier microarray over-blocking phishing web filtering. service provider administrator neuro fuzzy system grid partitioning sugeno course advisor virtual certificate. virtual certificate authority base station random index. connected pixel grow formula single seeded region growing algorithm fuzzy logic pets smile privacy osns requirements authenticity encounter-based social networks iris secret sharing dtresh handoff. ctresh hfnf pac mobile paas computing platform resource allocation corruption detection cryptography encryption touch screen phone electronic gadgets motor disabled users motor challenged tenant configurability multitenancy asp soa integral transform mobile adhoc network modular arithmetic threshold cryptography lagrange interpolation sctp sha md5 md4 concrete and structural properties of rha rice husk ash management transportation routing and euler walks solid waste sodium percentage and residual sodium carbonate sodium adsorption ratio electrical conductivity variation regionalisation idf curves urban rainfall superchlorination free residual chlorine water quality mpn disinfection environmental engineering mumbai deepawali festival noise pollution transverse vibration natural frequency damping factor frequency response function matrix material mode shapes adsorption isotherm. methylene blue cost sensitivity analysis interval solid transportation problem (istp) powdery mildew disease resistance rgas identification r-genes degenerative primers algae chromium contaminated water icp-aes langmuir. security mechanism radioactive materials nuclear safety terrorism illegal use include nuclear materials nuclear security reinforced cement concrete (rcc) corrosion steel bars steel reinforcement glass fibre reinforced polymer and carbon reinforc metal matrix composite fused silica particles aluminum alloy stir casting. time domain techniques frequency domain techniques condition monitoring rolling element bearing refrigeration. cop round tube condenser efficiency microchannel condenser background model 2d correlation coefficient gm filter smart home system motion detection minimum mean square error (mmse) equalizer and max rayleigh fading channel floating point multiplier shift and add multiplier xilinx9.1 synthesizer modelsim 6.3f simulator teleoperation force feedback laparoscopic grasper haptic feedback dsss zf 16-qam mimo cci infinitely imbalanced logistic regression machine learning likelihood decision tree data bases logistic regression trust based routing leeach. dhrf algorithm euca2ool emulator- environment to run the application for u b2c- business to customer c2c –customer to customer sdk- software development tool kit m-shop-mobile based shoppe septic tanks modflow groundwater contamination micro climate wasp urban roughness wind flow patterns numerical simulation transient analysis centrifugal pumps signature verification and recognition neural network software based projectile sandwich beam gfrp delamination simple vortex shedding circular fin overall heat transfer coefficient finned tube heat exchanger porosity ishikawa diagram cold chamber die casting carottage. retenu de barrage sidi chahed sédiments métaux lourds distribution system point of common coupling (pcc). distributed generation (dg) active power filter (apf) power quality (pq) grid interconnection dynamic modelling. doubly-fed induction generator (dfig) variable speed wind turbine utlier analysis. association rules knowledge discovery higher education prediction eigenfaces linear discriminant analysis fisherfaces plastic surgery. data mart clementine tool exploratary data analysis one time password privacy- preserving querying process ranked search area defence etc. ballistic missiles kill probability interceptors compression ratio. lsp psnr average difference lis lip aodv packet loss. manet black hole attack feedback solution nuclear treatment radioactive geo-grid lime black cotton soil rectangular blocks. water quality index groundwater road traffic noise annoyance sleep environmental pollutants network lifetime. overhead sensor node interfacing technology authenticated users revocation tracking multi-encryption false acceptance rate (far) signature verification. false rejection rate (frr) software reliability multiple base station. black hole usability. validation logical-based exam management systems web-based exams automatic assessment system online intelligent semantic performance based solu wireless network security attack detection spoofing attack roadway planning aarey colony visualization decision making steel fiber reinforced concrete fiber reinforced concrete dgps tall buildings surveying technique. tower verticality climate change visual help groundwater recharge distributed modelling traffic flow forecasting model fusion gaussian mixture model social annotation. tensor factorization personalized image search topic model morphological image processing (mip) fuzzy c-means zigbee design placement of nodes low power esrt algorithm irs protocol low power consumption and latency. flooding algorithm data transmission serial transmission hdfs data prefetching datasets challenging issues data mining algorithms backup. assured deletion cloud storage user-centric privacy access control ppspc. mobile-healthcare emergency opportunistic computing rdf spam electronic mail ontology recognition anpr ocr secret message halftone diabetics regression blood sugar grnn carbon emission etc. dynamic load balancing workload and client aware policy (wcap) dfs distributed hash table urbanisation non-structural and sturctural flood management mea land use patterns flood losses. flood exposure cooperative communication partner selection techniques transmission topology web mining user navigation web navigation website design hardware redundancy fault detection and recovery fault recovery software fault high performance combinatorial optimization problem discarding move modified bee colony optimization algorithm. local nurse rostering problem multi-scale multi-class image segmentation learning to segment combined segmentation semantic texton forest watershed modeling surface water pollution anthropogenic activity swmm.5 space - time distribution of groundwater head flow simulation model validation of numerical groundwater flow model media graphs probability sampling fuzzy c-means (fcm) clustering very large data coupled flow and transport models sensitivity of numerical models space time distribution of head and concentration mobile ad-hoc networks packet scheduling algorithm delay sensitive data routing algorithm mac (media access control) ssid(signal strength identifier) rss (received signal strength) mobile phone positioning concatenation anonymity enumeration order statistics filtering top-hat transform image restoration dilation ddos watermarking algorithm jute epoxy e-glass remote sensing images adaptive intensity transfer function discrete wavelet transforms (dwt) dominant brightness level analysis contrast enhancement rayleigh channel fft awgn ifft utility itemset mining candidate elimination frequent pattern high utility retrieval system recall feedback precision public key cryptography mobile communication security intrusion attacks integrity and non-repudiation autonomous security critical transaction fareyfractions quaternion number theory scalar multiplication optimal pixel adjustment process image processing foraging echolocation species identification bat activity bats acoustic blast furnace slag self compacting concrete uv-visible spectroscopy qca kinetic and thermodynamic parameters acid corrosion engineering training home energy controller home area network mean absolute percentage error real time pricing smart plug smart grid open source software sailfish os 64 bit os oem sdk linear static analysis demand capacity ratio (dcr) removal of columns special moment resisting frames u.s. general service administration (gsa) guidelin etabs v 9.7 . potential progressive collapse analysis flexible strength albasia timber laminated glugu strontium titanate particle size crystallite size annealing feed forward control method a point mass active control cost function ) matched filter speckle noise synthetic aperture radar (sar spread spectrum digital signal processor generic hardware underlay sharing hopping sequence actuator electromagnetic spread spectrum reconfigurable radio cyclic prefix aloha pulse train overlay sharing pixel alpha compositing blending equation rgb afes asymmetrical faults 220/400 kv fundamental natural period moment resisting frames response reduction factor ductility equivalent static lateral force procedure earthquake engineering omrf seismic weight smrf hill cipher cipher text key wireless mobile technology travelling salesman problem disaster management smart phone application fmvss202a headrestraint ecer17 filler transmission tower high voltage insulator silicone rubber performance mapping availability- alert algorithm poisson arrival performance prediction errors virtual machine bigdata heterogeneous environment flicker notch facts devices gupfc restructuring distributed generation pcc sag swell tubesettler length inclination clarification removal of turbidity analysis of scientific domain professional competence competence in engineering affordable housing stabilizers lean construction barriers
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