data mining compressive strength frequent pattern mining classification big data fea simulation keystroke dynamics decision support system vendor selection fuzzy inference system sentiment analysis clustering matlab cloud computing high utility itemset mining transaction database workability cfd association rules cluster k-means two-person matrix games defuzzification game theory fuzzy payoff fuzzy number probabilic fuzzy number trapezoidal fuzzy number temperature aluminium alloy pre-experimental simulation friction sir welding node recovery fault tolerance heartbeat messages data replication torsional stresses flange blades rotor shaft edge detection cloud android gprs mms snapshots video email gps tracking statcom security encryption summarization sentiment classification mrr wedm quarry dust gain orthogonal array turning feed cutting speed taguchi design fuzzy set integrity aodv wavelet rfid wireless sensor network performance split tensile strength flexural strength ofdm ansys 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and pneumatic system set serial communication private auditing regenerating codes cloud server proxy agent public auditing primavera project planner microsoft project intelligent scheduling system solar panel gsm modem intelligent agricultural system svc transient stability matlab/simulink facts devices mapreduce big data analysis hadoop dispersion compensation rz bit error rate (ber) nrz q-factor chromatic dispersion adaptive position update gpsr geographic routing energy efficiency query optimization query processing value/time chip network bufferless network lag wwr em-18 rf reader atmega328 microcontroller dc gear motor drive chain and wheel led screen 16x2 ir communication system l293d motor driver greenhouse gas (ghg) carbon footprint carbon capture and sequestration climate change poverty mitigation producer gas production rate sugarcane gasifier biomass parabolic trough collector focal line uts composite material load balancing fraud detection parametric optimization prediction natural language processing mechanical properties etabs forging forging defect unfilling deform 3d taguchi fiber reinforced concrete wordnet fly ash nylon fiber rice husk ash support multilevel association rule confidence genetic-fuzzy algorithm m20 grade concrete z-source inverter ir sensor wsn data privacy psnr mse fpga bajaj discover 150cc gsm etc. cloud storage how to write research paper engineering journal indian journal for research how to publish research paper call for paper ijsrd crime hotspot accuracy frequent item sets (caching) enhanced privacy data mining distributed computations genetic algorithm hybrid model etc hidden markov model credit card stereo matching segment-based method disparity refinement matching cost computation disparity computation disparity optimization cost aggregation stereo vision disparity map modified golomb code variable length code golomb code burrows-wheeler compression lid driven cavity flow simulation vulcanization belting chloroprene rubber compounding ms project 2010 planning software cpm hybrid power plant solar pv energy carbon fiber epoxy resin propeller shaft fire detection video image detection system motion detection spatial domain 2dct 2dwt fuzzy numbers fuzzy multiã¢â‚¬â€œattribute decision ma linguistic variables live feedback pollution control. survey sensors smart cities poodle ssl saas model physico-chemical parameters india diversity marine diatoms hih pdp cpdp tpa zero knowledge automation coordinate extraction and radio button attachment rmsa &tmsa etc. microstrip patch antenna array t-junction radiation directivity ipv6 hash chat user information geo location dump file welding of pvc plastic anova technique experimental modeling hot air welding poly vinyl chloride (pvc) and hardness of pvc plastic enhance bandwidth circular slot line feed compact microstrip patch fault nas raid restartability recovery deep cryogenics wear properties heat treatment ntriding disc brake suspension systems sms gateway cloud 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magnet generator parallel operating common dc link cng cylinder naaqs implementation of cng on two wheelers cryptography kist algorithm decryption confidentiality high-rise buildings seismic analysis floating columns steel slag waste limestone aggregates partial replacement etc randomization data integrity perturbation slicing dust buster duster web crawling use of waste glass in concrete glass concrete nd-yag laser laser co2 laser fiber laser laser marking laser engraving design of experiments weld bead geometry submerged arc welding (saw) process parameters helical spring navier-stroke stream-vorticity implementation vendor selection problem (vsp) radial drilling fuzzy system modal analysis static analysis nose landing gear support bracket stress concentration area ansys workbench. tokens self-organizing map pulse width modulation npc- neutral point clamped pv photovoltaic insulator coductor circuit breaker multi input multi output (mimo) electric vehicle dc-dc converter 6-trichloro-1 4-(4 3 5-triazine derivative 4 2 anitimicrobial activity morpholine 5-triazin-2-yl)morpholine 6-dichloro-1 pin on disc red mud lm25 mmc stir-casting architecture performance metric wban hvac floor swirl diffusers diesel engine waste transformer oil pressure tubes ultrasonic sensor microwave detector radar national waterways navigation transportation inland water hcl compressive strengths of gravel concrete hydrochloric acid welding joint single-v groove welding parameter aluminium alloy plate open loop method pid controller ziegler-nichols tuning method boost converter mppt pmg wind turbine generator (wtg) swirl internal combustion engine computational fluid dynamics (cfd) catia v5 threshold voltage leakage current activity factor rise and fall time operating frequency pavement black cotton soil sand and cement cbr stabilization maximum power point tracking (mppt) dc to dc step up converter photovoltaic (pv) system covariance kalman filter mean variance remote terminal unit synchrophasors global positioning system scada pharos measurement unit strength characteristi polyethylene terephthalate cement memory bisr soc technology sentiwordnet word sense disambiguation textile wastewater anaerobic egsb suction & discharge cycles modeling & analysis carbon fiber reinforced plastic (cfrp) simulation model tank piping pipe network data mining technique tbir content based image retrieval query specific approach boost inversion ability zsi esl-qzsi sl-qzsi journal bearing pressure distribution roughness friction load carrying capacity bush bearing ketron peek metal cep shearwalls and core walls soft storey infills curve ground etcã¢â‚¬â¦ plain ground seismic evaluation mixed radix pipeline fft fft cordic keywords expansion visual similarities web image content based retrieval semantic signatures web image re ã¢â‚¬â€œ ranking image query bdf gfrp trapezoidal fin pin-end heat sink computational fluid dynamics microchip electronics material removal rate overcut artificial neural network unix timestamp alexa ranking alexa statistics ip address lookup particle swarm optimization (pso) rough sets feature selection (fs) optimization surface finish stringers and buckling stiffeners compressive stress tensile stress flight loads vertical load ribs rmf crm case study wedding management formal methodology hybrid techniques functional verification polypropylene fiber earth fault earthing standard domestic safety safety downstream highway environment upstream flood level high level bridge design of sliding mode control (smc) duty cycle (d) flc fault conditions distribution generation active type sfcl over voltages resistive type sfcl krovetz stemmer text mining decision tree keyword extraction hpc mpich mpi ad-hoc network qos mac multimedia global system for mobile communication (gsm) cradle angle of oscillation c-channel radiation pattern vswr surface current efficiency microstrip patch array antenna image processing improved k-means algorithm defect segmentation nanofluids thermal conductivity soft computing tools genetic algorithm463 advancement of western railway high speed rail network bullet train mumbai-ahmedabad high speed rail corridor proposed indian railway projects paver block paver block. video steganography neural network least significant bit discrete cosine transform barrel screw traditional lathe machine different parameter humanoid robot nao humanoid two wheeler actuator pneumatic control valve hydraulic collapsible mechanical linkage solenoid valve electric main stand glass fiber reinforced polymers torsion strengthening mapping text data nlp primal text mining and pre-processing area-efficient simple ripple carry adder (rca) low power csla binary to excess one convertor (bec) histogram equalization enhancement technique airoh speed (d) . abrasive magnetic particle %iron(c) current (a) grit size (b) taguchi parameter design data access identity management process data confidentiality accountability authentication and authorization decoy information technology data separation pattern recognition signature recognition applications tolerance analysis root sum square method assembly simulation by software r mto p&id pfd transition temperature high temperature super conductor x-ray diffraction solar power plant wireless monitoring system data acquisition systems supervisory control ignition advance angle ignition coil partial replacement concrete chopped strand mat glass fibers hd-pet thermoplastics recommendation system sequential pattern mining web mining key issuing access control attribute-based encryption check ability outsourcing computation method of least squares minitab bio-diesel emission regression taguchi method friction stir welding design of experiment singular value decomposition arnold transform discrete cosine transform (dct) discrete wavelet transform (dwt) digital watermarking inverter converter voltage-source inverter three phase induction motor. current-source inverter rf transmitter and receiver lcd display pedestrian crossing time delay foc method matlab simulation space optimization parking solutions transverse car parking mechanism smart parking in-built jack. modeling surface composition micro-hardness fsp travel packages e-trast pmf shock absorber groundnut shell ash blackcotton soils centralized or decentralized authorization security in distributed database elements of distributed database security distributed database management system predictive model white line sensor position encoder proximity sensor photo transistor led buzzer reinforcing agent glass fiber mechanical testing jute fiber composite scc- self compacting concrete fa- fly ash and mk- metakaolin denial of service attack gray hole attack musa mass propagation integral solutions polygonal numbers homogeneous equation and special number. 2010 mathematics subject class furrow reversible plough plough image transmission color transformation mosaic image data hiding image encryption spur gear latent heat storage material phase change material (pcm) solar dryer curvelet image fusion ic engine hyper elastic property smart attendance system internet of things smart lab smart shopping wireless sensors smart cart iot visual studio .net framework (minimal for deployme sql server 2008 information flow control windows 7 windows azure tool data base visual studio .net 2010 enterprise edition satellite image resolution techniques wavelet transform traffic congestion road traffic traffic lights pelton wheel turbine blade hydro power plant dielectric composites magneto electric (me) ferroelectric hog-lbp algorithm shadow removal gmm background subtraction moving object detection dwt compression snr dct power electronics devices dc micro grid renewable energy resources voltage droop control wind energy conversion system (wecs) voltage source inverter (vsi) pulse width modulation (pwm) wind turbine (wt) self excited induction generator (seig) r t-tree ranking query spatial-context lbs mbr filter token filter shunt passive filter current source type harmonic load pwm shunt active power filter series active power filter xilinx system generator power quality voltage source type of harmonic load numerical analysis centrifugal air blower theoretical analysis & modification of bajaj disco image processing techniques analog image processing variable ignition timing spark ignition engine manet ncpr stone dust brick dust broadcasting neighbor graphs and minimal neighbor graphs water proofing chemicals moisture damp proofing dampness leakage satellite space systems micro-propulsion mems miniaturization 3g storm attacks mobile computing signal storms arduino atmega 2560 pandaboard ecg electrodes zigbee ecg amplifier frp strengthening techniques strengthening concrete structures paca wlans lccs compression ignition spark ignition brownã¢â‚¬â„¢s gas emissions hydrogen enrichment kappa factor overall accuracy pixel liss-4 land use land cover photoplethysmograph (ppg) infrared light transmittance pulse rate reflectance ggbs opd/ mpd gene rapd methyl parathion awgn ber issr clones date palm pic microcontroller mplab software aluminium partially stabilized zirconia tei polypropylene teak and wood plastic composite rose neem extrusion rain water harvesting system global warming green building homomorephic attribute based encryption data storage fatigue al 7075 t6 vertical tail catia v5 r19 msc patran and msc nastran static stress analysis
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