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ILC Future of Ageing 2022 - Natalie Turner.pptx

  1. 1. Centre for Ageing Better ageing-better.org.uk Places, city centres and high streets: What do we need to get ageing on the agenda? Natalie Turner, Deputy Director for Localities 24th November 2022
  2. 2. Centre for Ageing Better Places and Ageing – a policy and evidence timeline.. 2 2002 • Active Ageing: A policy framework 2007 • Global Age-friendly Cities: A Guide 2010 • Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities (GNAFCC) 2016 • Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health (2016-20) Followed by UN • Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-30) 2018 • Age-Friendly Environments in Europe guides published (AFEE) 2022 • Silver Hues: Building Age-ready Cities (World Bank)
  3. 3. Centre for Ageing Better Ageism? Age Discrimination? Structural / system inertia? The wrong narrative? The wrong sort of evidence? All of the above? But why not?
  4. 4. Centre for Ageing Better Age-friendly Movement A social movement to change how people think, feel and act about ageing.

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Delighted to be here with you all.

  • If you look into any one of these reports you will read about an ageing population
    Why it’s important
    What needs to be done

    A handful of those are:

    Places we can be and stay healthy throughout our lives, universal design, lifelong learning, to feel welcome and relevant in community environments, flexible working, healthy accessible homes.

    In short we need the places we live in, the built environment, services, social infrastructure

    To recognise we are all older, and that is set to permanently change

    More people turn 50 every year than 18 (or leave education) and that’s set to continue

    Globally growth, and the growth in our UK cities, is largely driven by older age groups

    Greater Manchester for example
  • And we are Not done yet


    The question is not WHAT do we need, that question has been answered over and over, though I’m not saying more innovation isn’t needed in some key areas

    The question for me, and for us, is why are we not done yet?

    And I think this conference today is as much an opportunity to reflect on why not, if we are to really carve a path for the next 25 years
  • What can we do?

    Well tackle all of these things - we’re looking to build a movement, based on the premise that we need to do more and we don’t want to be here in another 25 years time

    We want to increase awareness of our ageing society and understanding of what it means locally, and not just how many older people are coming
    How our society is now – already more people turn 50 every year than leave school, many more, but you wouldn’t’ believe that if you looked at high streets, businesses, employment policy, housing
    Challenge the ageist attitudes that at least in part underpin this lack of priority, politically and strategically
    Keep at the narrative, because it does need to change to support this
    We also know we need to do even more to make tools and inspiration more available, spread good ideas. 

    That’s why we are going to do a few things.

    This includes:
    Campaigning against ageism, and influencing how ageing is portrayed in society – or at least call it out
    Growing the UK network of Age-friendly Communities and influencing more places to share and adopt good practice
    Working with sectors and industry to do the same
    Campaign for an Older People’s Commissioner for England  - which might not answer all of this, and may Someone to act as an advocate and give older people a real voice.

    But we can’t do it alone, and I’d really challenge everyone here, in the panel and audience to tell us why they think we are still where we are, and what’s the one thing that is needed to avoid being back here in 25 years

    We need a call to action and are interested in working in any of you here, and on the panel to do this, because anyone, anywhere has a part to play in this.