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ILOA Galaxy Forum Brazil 2013: Galaxy 21st Century Education

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Galaxy, Galaxy Education, 21st Century

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ILOA Galaxy Forum Brazil 2013: Galaxy 21st Century Education

  1. 1. Galaxy Forum 2013América do Sul - BrasilFundação Planetário da Cidade do Rio de JaneiroTerça-Feira 14 May 15:30-18:30
  2. 2. International Lunar Observatory Association(ILOA) May 2013 ActivitiesGalaxy Education, Exploration and EnterpriseSteve Durst Galactic /Inter-Stellar Earth – Moon /Inter-Global Hawaiian Multi-FunctionalILOA / Space Age Publishing CompanyHawai`i and California, USA
  3. 3. ILOA - 4 MissionsILO Human ServiceMission (NET 2018)ILO-1 Polar Mission(NET 2015)ILO-X Precursor Mission(NLT 2015)ILO – Change 3 GalaxyImaging (2013)
  4. 4. ILO-1: Observation & CommunicationFrom the Lunar South Pole
  5. 5. Lunar South Pole – Kaguya
  6. 6. Primary and Secondary ILOMission Objectives:First Light Galaxy ImagingInitial landing site observation, local surveillanceEarth observations: albedo, geocorona, etc.Search for Earth-like planetsSearch for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)Analyze interstellar molecules to determine origin of SolarSystemVLF observationObserve signs of life on Mars, Europa, Titan, etc.Search for dangerous NEOsSun-Earth observations, solar storm warningsMore
  7. 7. ILO Galaxy First Light Imaging
  8. 8. Two Major Spiral Arms:• Scutum-Centaurus• PerseusFour Minor Spiral Arms:• Norma-Outer• Sagittarius-Carina• Near 3 Kiloparsec Arm• Far 3 Kiloparsec ArmEarth is in the Orion Spur b/n theSagittarius and Perseus armsThe Milky Way Galaxy
  9. 9. Average Color of GalaxyMilky Way-like galaxy known as SDSSJ083909.27+450747.7. BrittanyMcDonald, Armin Rest, and JeffreyNewmanImages of 25 Milky Way analoggalaxies found by Licquia andNewman. Image Credit: SDSS• fine-grained new spring snow seen in the early morning light, about an hour after dawn• D48.4 standard illuminant (i.e., a color temperature of 4840 K)• a light bulb with a color temp of 4700-5000K and color rendering index (CRI) above 90Jeffery Newman, University of Pittsburgh
  10. 10. Andrea GhezUCLA Galactic Center GroupKeck ObservatoryStellar Orbits in the Central ArcsecAdaptive Optics
  11. 11. Galaxy Garden / Jon LombergKona, Hawai`i Island
  12. 12. Barbara Morgan1st Teacher in Space
  13. 13. Galaxy Education ResourcesInternational Space University: Graduate-level training to future leaders ofthe emerging global space community at locations around the world.- Walter Peeters, PresidentThe Planetary Society: Inspires and involves the worlds public in spaceexploration through advocacy, projects, and education.- Bill Nye, Executive DirectorSETI: Mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain theorigin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe- Seth Shostak, Senior AstronomerSpace Generation Advisory Council: Represents students and young spaceprofessionals to the United Nations, States, and space agencies.- Michael Brett / Catherine Doldirina, Co-ChairpersonStudents for the Exploration and Development of Space: Dedicated toexpanding the role of human exploration through education.- Daniel Pastuf, Chair
  14. 14. Galaxy Education ResourcesChallenger Center: Learning Center Network gives students hands-onexperience in science, engineering, research and space missions.- June Scobee Rodgers, Founding Director and ChairmanGalaxy Zoo: ‘Citizen Science’ online astronomy project that invites membersof the public to assist in classifying over a million galaxies.- Chris Lintott, Dan Andreescu, Kate Land, etc.UCLA Galactic Center Group: Leading Galactic Center research group,dedicated to researching the innermost regions of the Milky Way.- Andrea Ghez, Principal InvestigatorTeachers in Space, Space Frontier Foundation: Giving teachers theopportunity to experience space firsthand via NewSpace companies.- Edward Wright, Project ManagerFederation of Galaxy Explorers: Seeks to inspire and educate kids in spacerelated science and engineering, including Moon Base One Initiative.- Nicholas Eftimiades, Founder / Chairperson of the Board
  15. 15. General Education – for primary, secondary higher, and highesteducation: Knowledge, understanding of humanity’s place in theUniverse – our Milky Way Galaxy occupies a mid-position domainbetween Solar System finiteness and Cosmos infinityHigher Education: Astrophysics / Astronomy – Galaxy studiesinternationally are of increasing interest and value; study of ourlocal stellar neighborhood for familiarity; center / central 10parsecs with supermassive black hole is most dynamic region ofMilky WayHistory of Human Civilization / ArchaeoastronomyNASA, World Space Agencies – 21st Century Program and PolicyDevelopment Advance through Galaxy understandingGalacticity – may be as important for the 21st Century, as isRelativity to 20thWhy Galaxy Education, Consciousness &Awareness Are Important for the 21st Century:
  16. 16. EarthRise Photo : 1968 / Apollo 8 *** 20thCenturyILO Imaging Galaxy Center *** 21stCentury
  17. 17. ILOA Chang’e-3 Collaboration
  18. 18. ILO-X: Precursor Mission
  19. 19. High School Students Participating in ILO-XHS Computer Lab ILO-X Web InterfaceCommunications LinkILO-X on the MoonInstructionsContent
  20. 20. ILO Human Service Mission
  21. 21. Human Solar System ExplorationCredit: ISUCredit: Space Age Publishing
  22. 22. Locations:California, USAHawaii, USAKansas, USAVancouver, CanadaBeijing, ChinaShanghai, ChinaBangalore, IndiaPrague, Czech RepublicTokyo, JapanNew York, USACape Town, South AfricaExpanding in 2013-2014 to Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, AntarcticaVenues & Partners:Silicon Valley, The Tech MuseumImiloa, Onizuka, CFHT,Cosmosphere, Ad Astra KansasMacMillan, CSANAOC, CNSASHAO, CNSAJNP, BASE, ISRO,CTU, Czech Academy of Sciences,Miraikan, NAOJ, JAXASHS, Hayden PlanetariumSAAO, ASSA, IAU-OADMission: Advance 21st Century Education worldwide toprovide greater global awareness, capabilities and action inGalaxy science, exploration and enterprise.Galaxy Forum Architecture
  23. 23. A Global / Interglobal Mission
  24. 24. International Lunar Observatory Association ILOA to be Based in Hawai`i Center of Pacific Hemisphere Global Support Centers Maintain Hawai`i Preeminence inAstrophysics for Next 100 Years
  25. 25. Mauna Kea Summit Observatories 4206 meters / 13,796 feet elevation – tallest mountain in Pacific Ocean Global center of Earth-based astronomy 14 nations represented – Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Japan, The Netherlands,Taiwan, United Kingdom, Hawaii / USA, India, China30m Telescope (TMT)Gemini North: aboveGemini South: left (locatedat Cerro Pachón in Chile
  26. 26. ALOHA!For more information about the ILO / ILOA, contact:Space Age Publishing Company65-1230 Mamalahoa Highway, D-20Kamuela, HI 96743Phone 808-885-3473Fax 808-885-3475Email news@spaceagepub.comWeb http://www.spaceagepub.comILO Association65-1230 Mamalahoa Highway, D-20Kamuela, HI 96743Phone 808-885-3474Fax 808-885-3475Email info@iloa.orgWeb http://www.iloa.orgKeep up with our global events: galaxyforum.orgFollow us on Twitter: @spacecalendar