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Galaxy Forum China 2013 - PNAE (Brazil National Program of Space Activites

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Galaxy Forum China 2013 - PNAE (Brazil National Program of Space Activites

  1. 1. Brazilian National Program of Space Activities (PNAE 2012 – 2021) Brazilian Space Agency
  2. 2. Highest priority: drive industrial progress Brazil has a special vocation for space activities. With over 8.5 million km² of land, the country's territory totals 13 million km², including 4.5 million km² of sea. Its heritage, rich in natural resources of all kinds, needs to be increasingly identified, studied, monitored, managed, explored and protected in the best possible way. Space science and technology are vital to this effort. The industry has a historical role to fulfill.
  3. 3. This is a great challenge to innovation and entrepreneurship in Brazil: to meet the increasing space needs and demands in the country.
  4. 4. Strategic guidelines 1) Consolidate the Brazilian space industry, by increasing its competitiveness and innovation capacity, also through the use of the State's purchasing power and the partnerships with other countries. 2) Develop an intensive program of critical technologies, in order to foster the capacity building in the space sector, with greater participation of academia, S&T governmental institutions and the industry. 3) Expand partnerships with other countries, by prioritizing joint development of technological and industrial projects of mutual interest.
  5. 5. Strategic guidelines 4) Encourage funding of programs based on public and/or private partnerships. 5) Promote greater integration of the space activities governance system in the country, by increasing synergy and effectiveness of actions among its main players and the creation of the National Space Policy Council, conducted directly by the Presidency of the Republic. 6) Improve the legislation to strengthen space activities, by encouraging and facilitating government purchases, allocating more funds for the Space Sector Fund, and decreasing taxes in the industry. 7) Encourage the human resources development by training of experts needed in the Brazilian space activities, both domestically and abroad. 8) Promote public awareness on the relevance of the study, use and development of the space activities in Brazil.
  6. 6. What are our priority actions? # Achieve the capacity to launch satellites from our territory. # Use the State's purchasing power to mobilize the industry to develop complete space systems. # Transfer space product technologies developed by research institutes to the industry.
  7. 7. What are our priority actions? # Engage the industry in all stages of development of space projects – from design to construction of equipment as well as complete space systems. # Encourage the stablishiment of prime contractor companies in the space industry. # Raise the Space Policy to the status of State Policy, establishing the strategic and geopolitical interest of space activities in the country and contributing to strengthen Brazil's autonomy and sovereignty.
  8. 8. Relevant recent developments # Creation of the public-private company VISIONA Space Technology, first Brazilian prime contractor enterprise. # Construction of the first Brazilian Geoestacionary Communication Satellite (SGDC). # Launching the CBERS-3 (China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite) next December from China. # Ten Year Space Cooperation Plan between Brazil and China was approved.