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BCS ITNow 201312 - 2014 Threats

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Gareth Niblett, Chairman of the BCS Information Security Specialist Group, outlines what he sees as the big security issues for 2014.

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BCS ITNow 201312 - 2014 Threats

  1. 1. With regards to privacy, the ongoing tension between government and citizens as well as business and their users will continue. Citizens may finally pass the threshold where apathy gives way to anger at their, and foreign, governments effectively treating them as suspects within a mass surveillance regime. Users may finally understand that if they are not a paying customer then they are the product, with targeted advertising and their personal data being reused being the trade they willingly make. I expect to see more revelations from the release of secret files that confirm what some of us have long suspected all along with a number of surprises that remind us that the intelligence world is not well understood by those outside, including by those responsible for ensuring legal and other rights and obligations are maintained. Governments and businesses will focus more on proactive defences, including monitoring to ensure that breaches, if they can’t be prevented, are detected. Mobile With the smartphone and tablets becoming ubiquitous, making their way into our personal lives and business, we need an improved understanding of the risks and more options to protect the increasing amount of valuable information it holds and can access. The ability to use these small devices as your own CRM, filing system, wallet, messaging system, photo library, etc. make the data exceeding more valuable than the INFORMATION SECURITY cost of the device. Caveat utilitor - let the user beware. As in all things, nothing works in isolation. Mobile has its own privacy challenges, be it from app vendors, with location and content snooping, or governments with their own location and content snooping. Sometimes these actions taken to undermine our privacy are similar, but with differing intent (and consent). www.bcs.org/security Gareth Niblett, Chairman of the BCS Information Security Specialist Group, outlines what he sees as the big security issues for 2014. Information Security Specialist Group (ISSG): www.bcs-issg.org.uk Information Risk Management and Assurance Specialist Group: www.bcs.org/groups/irma BCS Security Community of Expertise (SCoE): www.bcs.org/securitycommunity FURTHER INFORMATION 2014 THREATS doi:10.1093/itnow/bwt073©2013TheBritishComputerSocietyImage:iStock/178872662 24 ITNOW December 2013