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Smart, Secure and Sustainable Cities India – Mr. Trevor Gibson

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Smart, Secure and Sustainable Cities India – Mr. Trevor Gibson

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Smart, Secure and Sustainable Cities India – Mr. Trevor Gibson

  1. 1. Smart, Secure and Sustainable Cities India– 13th July 2015 Trevor Gibson Opportunity Peterborough
  2. 2. Encouraging innovation Sustainable business Open data Skills for our Future
  3. 3. Cities are complex….  Cities are complex  Diverse populations  Multiple challenges, needs and opportunities  Data heavy  Multiple partners, agendas, data sets etc.
  4. 4. Cities are changing…. Significant population growth Traditional resources reducing in real terms “Smarter” futures are providing a renewed focus More and more critical to collaborate at multiple levels Cities are beginning to define what Smart means for them Truly smart cities will be those that focus their efforts on solutions which address city challenges Standards can play a key role in helping cities achieve their goals by guiding rather than constraining
  5. 5. BSI Smart City Standards Gap Analysis  Setting objectives and measuring progress  Creating shared understanding to deliver city visions  Capturing and sharing information between infrastructure and services  Identifying and managing risks associated with Smart City development
  6. 6. Standards Strategy approach to accelerating progress  Principles-based standards  Performance standards  Interoperability standards
  7. 7. 9 PAS 181 Smart city framework PAS 180 Vocabulary Strategic Process Technical PD 8101 Smart city planning guidelines PAS 182 Smart city data concept model Current BSI smart city standards work PD 8100 Smart city overview PAS 183 Data Sharing
  8. 8. Embedding the Standards approach in cities – The Smart City Maturity Assessment : • Engages city leadership in a simple assessment process (personal; or small group) that provides a coarse snap-shot of their city’s current state of ‘smartness’ • Helps to reposition ‘standards’ in the eyes of leaders • Provides a relevant and useful tool that adds rapid value within the BSI Smart City portfolio • Brings key standards “to life” (and supports their extended use and further development) • Now forms part of PD 8100 (Smart City Overview)
  9. 9. Closing Thoughts….: • We are in a fascinating period of transition as cities push their smart credentials • Collaboration and shared vision and objectives are essential for success • Cities are still feeling their way on what “smart” actually means for them and their communities • The involvement of and interaction with citizens and communities is critical but still evolving. Trust is key in such relationships • City approaches vary and often lack shared, clear direction and involve multiple, distinct solutions • Standards that guide rather than prescribe can help but awareness of such standards is currently patchy
  10. 10. Part of Peterborough DNA Ina Dimireva Innovation Lead Trevor Gibson Smart City Leadership and Development Manager, Peterborough DNA Chair – BSI Smart City Co-ordination Group Opportunity Peterborough @Peterborough DNA Trevor.Gibson@opportunitypeterborough.co.uk www.peterboroughdna.com www.brainwaveinnovations.co.uk