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Onthegowith do sample

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Onthegowith do sample

  1. 1. on the go
  2. 2. summaryCoca-Cola has been an activepartner of the Olympics since the1928 Amsterdam Games, celebratingthe spirit of competition, pursuit ofexcellence, and integrity found atthe heart of every champion acrossthe world.
  3. 3. summary So when an American athlete steps onto the field once more to prove that success can be achieved by anyone with the passion to win, what else can Coca-Cola do but recognize their drive?
  4. 4. summaryDavid Oliver’s story is an inspiration toAA teens who constantly look forfigures they can be inspired by. Andas D.O. makes a move for the LondonGames in 2012, Coke will be bringingLondon to African American teensand moms here in the States.
  5. 5. conceptstatement Together with Nike, Coke will give teens a refreshing opportunity to join D.O. on an exclusive shopping spree at Nike Town, not to mention plenty of chances to win exclusive Coke- inspired Nike gear and more.
  6. 6. concept statementPlus, Mom can take charge withtheir local public school and enterto win a David Oliver Field Dayexperience, promoting activelifestyles in her community.
  7. 7. refreshing teens!"#!"$%&()*""$)+,)-./-) on the go in 2012
  8. 8. UTC activationThe power to win is right at theirfingertips. With a simple text, Coke’sUTC platform will give teens anopportunity to win a $5,000 Nike Townshopping spree, daily prizes from Coke,discounts at Niketown and NikeID, andalso a chance to win exclusive, London-inspired apparel from Liberty Design.
  9. 9. twist. text. win.
  10. 10. mobile applicationUsing a new mobile platform that boasts upwardsof 1,000,000 users and already has a relationshipwith the brand, Coke’s presence on SCVNGR willallow teen users to check in with friends, completechallenges to earn points and exclusive discountson Coke and Nike purchases, and also be enteredto win limited gear.With SCNGR, AA teens willconstantly be on the go.
  11. 11. eventhow it works Moms who log on to My Coke Rewards will be able to donate points to their local schools via the MCR for Schools platform. Every school that’s entered will also have a chance to win every day and will receive on- premise elements from Coke to promote the opportunity. The school with the most points accumulated at the end of the promotion will become the Grand Prize Winner. And it takes teamwork to get to the Grand prize. Moms who donate will be able to share their contribution and keep track of their school’s progress on Facebook, adding a little social excitement and fun to the formula.