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TQS9000 QMS Software Overview

  1. TQS9000 Quality Management System ISP Software, Inc.
  2. TQS9000 Family of Products Software Product Options Total Quality System 9000 Supplier Management Edition (TQS9000 SME) Complete quality management system with direct supplier connection option activated Total Quality System 9000 (TQS9000) Complete quality management system Total Advanced Quality 9000 (TAQ9000) – Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Solution APQP and project management with AIAG compliant formats (AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook Support) Total Gage Control 9000 (TGC9000) – Gauge Calibration and Control Gauge calibration and control solution Total Corrective Action 9000 (TCA9000) – Audit and C/A Solution Audit and corrective action solution
  3. TQS9000 Key Feature Matrix Note: Supplier management features listed separately.
  4. TQS9000 User Control Center o Multi-location option allows users to login to a specific plant or location / Security access required o Access the TQS9000 personal assistant tools o Access the personalized user dashboard o Enter the TQS9000 Supplier Management features / Security access required o Open the TQS9000 Module view to navigate all features o Quick launch options to directly access commonly used features
  5. TQS9000 User Control Center Personal Assistant Options o Select any feature contained in TQS9000 to open it directly o Run a part number search and report for over 25 features contained within the TQS9000 system o i.e.: 8D’s, NCN’s, RMA’s, APQP Checklists, Deviations, Variable and or Attribute data, PPAP data, Engineering Changes, etc. o 7-day memory jogger shows all changes made by the user over the last 7 days o Personal note pad / personal task list
  6. TQS9000 Customizable User Dashboard o Select from over 65 reports designed to provide immediate feedback for the decision-making process o Customize date range and apply filters to customize select reports o Easy to modify by user as needs change
  7. TQS9000 System Settings o 10 language packs available o Control system wide options o Select / change location
  8. o Change between language packs on the fly o Users may change the text / field descriptions for most all forms and report fields. o Standardize fields to meet customer internal and customer expectations o Select / change location / Security access required o Enable auto-logging of all data entries / changes o Activate electronic signatures o Activate email distribution options o Activate auto-preview o Activate expanded views TQS9000 Language Pack Features TQS9000 System Settings Add or change locations, open tables for data editing (requires security access), view data change logs, and much more….
  9. TQS9000 Image Handling o Image galleries available for main features o Standard image formats supported: (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, jpeg) o Reusable image collections o Auto-scaling of images o Visual aid templates o Image viewers with image manipulation capabilities
  10. TQS9000 Security o Data file / server level security o Cloud server verified 2 level security o TQS9000 security group logins o Object level security available by user Standard Security Groups Shown on Next Slide
  11. TQS9000 Record Navigation o Standardized record list forms for each feature o View records of current user only o Filter records by selection o Record deletion (requires security access) o Search records o Create filters o Easy access to reports by record number
  12. TQS9000 Supplier Management Features Supplier Profile and Communication Features: o Post supplier documents (Supplier Quality Manual, Shipping Instructions, Supplier Bulletins, Event Calendars, etc.. o Create supplier communication boards for real time collaboration. o Send supplier bulletins to a single supplier or all suppliers. o Create supplier rating scorecards. o Suppliers maintain contact information and supplier profiles. o Have suppliers attach ISO, IATF, VDA, or other certifications with documented effective and expiration dates. o Manage the supplier qualification process. Create supplier approval checklists and attach supporting data. o Create supplier self assessments and schedule annual supplier internal audits. (self audits and onsite audits by your team)
  13. TQS9000 Supplier Management Features (cont.) TQS-9000 SME Supplier PPAP Management Tools: o Schedule PPAP Submissions. (Assign revision level, priority, submission level, and special instructions) o Receive AIAG compliant standardized documentation from all suppliers. o Standardized AIAG documents include: o Feasibility Statements o Flow Charts o PFMEA’s o Control Plans o Work Instructions o PSW Warrants o Dimensional Studies o Material Testing Results o PPAP Checklists o Suppliers can attach R&R’s, CMM Reports, Drawings, and other supporting documentation. o Customer may electronically approve, reject, or grant interim PPAP approvals. o Customer may attach drawings and engineering specification to PPAP’s. o Suppliers may enter PPAP data directly into the system or attach their own records. (customer defined)
  14. TQS9000 Supplier Management Features (cont.) TQS-9000 SME Supplier Quality Management Tools: o Issue and monitor corrective action (8D) requests with 3 due date options. (Initial, Interim, Final) o Issue quality alerts to a single supplier or all suppliers. o Issue defective material concerns (DMN’s) and manage target response dates. o Issue nonconforming material concerns (NCN’s) and manage target response dates. o Provide receiving inspection records to the supplier. o Receive deviation requests from suppliers. o Receive return material authorizations (RMA’s) from suppliers. o Perform and record supplier onsite audits. o ECR, ECO, and ECN project management tools. (collaboration with supplier option) o Post images, documents, and messages for evaluation purposes.
  15. Dynamic Form Resizing Technology The TQS9000 Family of Products uses patent pending dynamic form resizing technology. This technology allows for the smooth resizing of standard, split, or continuous forms without the need of anchoring. See it in action at:
  16. TQS9000 Quality Management System For more information regarding the TQS9000 SME Edition, please contact us at: