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Zoomin Presentation at IXIASOFT User Conference 2016

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Zoomin Presentation at IXIASOFT User Conference 2016 by Joe Gelb, Technology and Information Services

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Zoomin Presentation at IXIASOFT User Conference 2016

  1. 1. IXIASOFT CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER, 2016 It’s All in The Delivery
  2. 2. IMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE THROUGH BETTER ACCESS TO CONTENT Concentrate on reaching customers where they are present. Engage them, communicate with them through the content they choose to interact with.
  3. 3. Touchpoints are the building blocks of the customer experience. In The Past… Companies competed on features, functionality and price. Today, companies compete increasingly on customer experience.
  4. 4. DIGITAL EXPERIENCE THROUGH CONTENT DELIVERY Source: Forrester Research, Inc. Pre-sale phase Immediate post-sale Long term loyal customer phase
  5. 5. The Content Workflow Authoring Versioning Localization Workflow ReviewConsistency Check Stylesheets Automation Productivity Value Customer Value
  6. 6. Improving CX via Content? Answer Help them get things done as quickly as possible Engage But still have an incentive to stay with us afterwards
  7. 7. Answering & Engaging with Product Content Delivery Search/SEO Content updatesGamification CollaborationPersonalization Recommendations
  8. 8. Zoomin: Your Product Content Hub Customer Community IoT AppDocumentation Portal Knowledge Base Call Center Formal Product Content DITA OT Plug-in Other content silos
  9. 9. Zoomin: Your Product Content Hub • Classification • Faceted & Full text-search • SEO enablement • Authentication • Entitlements • Personalization • Content recommendations • Content updates • Gamification • Usage analytics • Cross touchpoint enrichment
  10. 10. Zoomin: Product Content Hub Formal Product Content docs.com DITA OT Plug-in Other content silos Call Center Knowledge Base Customer Community Documentation Portal IoT App
  11. 11. THANK YOU! Request a Demo Be in touch to schedule a personal discussion to learn more: Joe Gelb joe.gelb@zoominsoftware.com