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The World in 60 Seconds - December 10, 2015

From Donald Trump to Kim Jong Un... Here's my tour of the world in 60 seconds.


Should we stop talking about Trump? Yes, we really should. But we can’t, because he’s leading the race. And even when he’s gone (and he eventually will be), we will probably still talk about him.

Will 2016 be a good year for Angela Merkel? No, it’s going to be a horrible year. She’s won Person of the Year for TIME Magazine basically for just three quarters of work. She’s already in a lot of trouble.

Should TIME have picked al-Baghdadi of ISIS for Person of the Year? No, Merkel was the right choice.

Does OPEC have any power anymore? No. It’s the United States and the energy revolution. This is not a near-term thing, rather it’s lower for longer.

Are low oil prices bad for the US? No, they’re bad for some frackers. But at the end of the day, low energy prices are good for the majority of Americans. It’s like a tax cut.

How significant are Turkey’s troops in Iraq? At the margins. But at the end of the day, nothing is going to retake Sunni territory.

Is Kim Jong Un up to something? He says he has an H-bomb. I don’t believe him.


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