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The State of Edge Computing for IoT

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Edge computing is becoming a key architectural component for industrial IoT deployments. Gartner Group identifies edge computing as one of their top Tech Trends for 2019. The opportunity to process data at the edge of the network, closer to the sensors and actuators, before data is sent to the cloud results in improved security, more efficient data movement, and better performance for industrial IoT use cases.

This presentation will explore three aspects of edge computing:
The benefits of edge computing for industrial IoT use cases
The key features delivered in edge computing solutions
A survey of different edge computing options available to customers.

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The State of Edge Computing for IoT

  1. 1. The State of Edge Computing for IoT Ian Skerrett iskerrett@gmail.com @ianskerrett
  2. 2. Copyright Ian Skerrett 2019 About Me Market Consultant - Go-to-Market and Communications - IoT and Open Source - Clients: Bosch, HiveMQ, Dell, plus others Previous Eclipse Foundation VP of Marketing - Eclipse IoT Community Product Management and Marketing @ IBM, Entrust, Klockwork
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  4. 4. Copyright Ian Skerrett 2019 What is Edge Computing? “Compute that is in, on, or next to the thing generating data.” @JoeSpeed ADLink IoT Edge
  5. 5. Safety Critical
  6. 6. Data Overload
  7. 7. Security and Privacy
  8. 8. Autonomous Operation
  9. 9. Copyright Ian Skerrett 2019 Edge Computing Capabilities Remote Management & Update - Firmware - Local applications - Configuration and control Edge Gateway Application Runtime Local Data Storage Security and Privacy BACnet Modbus OPC-UA MQTT Protocol Connectivity Disconnected Operation Connected Operation
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  11. 11. Control for Edge Computing
  12. 12. IoT Cloud Providers MS Azure IoT Edge
  13. 13. IoT Platform Vendors
  14. 14. Edge Vendors
  15. 15. IoT Hardware Vendors
  16. 16. Open Source Communities
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  18. 18. - Eclipse IoT has 30+ open source project - Eclipse Kura, Eclipse ioFog and Eclipse fogO5 focus on edge computing - Implementations of key standards: MQTT, OPC-UA, DDS, CoAP, LWM2M - 30+ members, including Bosch, Red Hat, Eurotech, ADLink
  19. 19. Copyright Ian Skerrett 2019 Path Forward for Customers Single Vendor Stack Approach (Edge + Cloud) - Integrated solutions and potentially faster time to market - But vendor lock-in Open Multi-Vendor Approach - Freedom to choose best solution - Easier to switch at a later date - But less integrated and potentially slower time to market Vendor A Vendor A Vendor AA Vendor A Vendor BB Vendor B
  20. 20. Copyright Ian Skerrett 2019 Fearless Prediction ➢ In the long-term, enterprise require heterogenous deployments ➢ Multi-cloud is a reality ➢ Customer will drive vendors to adopt standards for edge to cloud ➢ Open source will drive adoption of the standard ➢ History will repeat itself Vendor AA Vendor A Vendor BB Vendor B
  21. 21. Thank you iskerrett@gmail.com @ianskerrett