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Understanding and Applying Influencer Marketing Methods

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Unless it is 1984 and you’re Nike, your influencer marketing strategy probably needs some work.

This presentation features Ignite Social Media Founder & President Jim Tobin and special guest Jason Keath from Social Fresh as they present "Nobody's an Influencer. Everyone's an Influencer." Learn battle-tested influencer marketing strategies that you can put to work for your business today.

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Understanding and Applying Influencer Marketing Methods

  1. 1. Understanding and Applying Influencer Marketing Methods We’ll begin shortly…
  2. 2. Who’s presenting? Jason Keath Jim Tobin Founder, President Social Fresh @JasonKeath Founder, President Ignite Social Media @jtobin #igniteim
  3. 3. Details • • • • Jim & Jason will lead Q&A at the end of the call. Tag your tweets with #igniteim. We’re recording the show. We’ll send an email follow up to everyone. #igniteim
  4. 4. Download the White Paper http://bit.ly/influencer-marketing
  5. 5. Unless it is 1983 and you’re Nike, your influencer marketing strategy probably needs some work.
  6. 6. We’ll share 5 influencer marketing models, but first a primer…
  7. 7. People Content Influencer Marketing
  8. 8. Influencer Marketing Examples NC BBQ Fanatics Apple fanboys Kickstarter supporters
  9. 9. Influence: the ability to drive action in another person Celebrities Bieber More Reach Publishers Fans Blogger Vendor More Influence Friends Customer Coworker Girlfriend/Wife Mom
  10. 10. Influencers _________ Celebrities Influencer Sweet Spot _________ Publishers Fans Blogger Vendor Friends Customer
  11. 11. Influencers _________ Influencer Sweet Spot _________ Influencers Advocates Blogger Vendor Customer
  12. 12. You Need to Know Why People Share Message Involvement ~21% Other Involvement ~21% Product Involvement 33% SelfInvolvement 24% Ernest Dichter 1907-1991
  13. 13. Three Effective Influencer Strategies
  14. 14. 1.) The Home Run
  15. 15. “If only we could get featured by _________.” Fill in the blank with the most popular site, blogger, or influencer in your business. That’s the home run.
  16. 16. Samsung Picture Yourself #igniteim
  17. 17. 1.) The Home Run Home runs sites want: • • • • To break the story. To have exclusive access. To provide 100% relevant content. To get lots of traffic to sell more ads. #igniteim
  18. 18. A Note About Celebrities… #igniteim
  19. 19. 2.) Second-Tier Bloggers
  20. 20. Bloggers want four things: Content, Credibility, Back links, & Traffic …and (increasingly) money. OK – so bloggers want 5 things.
  21. 21. Radisson 50/50/50 Campaign #igniteim
  22. 22. Jeep Jamboree Campaign #igniteim
  23. 23. 2.) Second-Tier Bloggers • Approach each target with a well-packaged, personalized pitch. • The best campaigns create a win-win for the blogger and the brand. • Don’t shortcut by sending press releases or spray-and-pray emails #igniteim
  24. 24. 3.) A Thousand Bites At the Apple
  25. 25. Tobin’s Law: The size of the brand’s network is always smaller than the size of its network’s network
  26. 26. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig #igniteim
  27. 27. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig #igniteim
  28. 28. 3.) A Thousand Bites at the Apple • Only 16% of fans see Facebook page posts. • Activating friends of fans is the fastest and surest way to drive revenue through social. • Build successful campaigns with shareable content and incentives to share. #igniteim
  29. 29. Not-So-Effective Influencer Strategies
  30. 30. 4.) Buying Posts
  31. 31. 4.) Buying Posts
  32. 32. 4.) Buying Posts • It is tempting to pay bloggers to write about your product…but it doesn’t work. • Purchased content doesn’t have credibility, generates no traffic, and ranks poorly. • FTC requires disclosure for purchased content…which defeats the purpose. #igniteim
  33. 33. 5.) Mailing the List
  34. 34. 5.) Mailing the List
  35. 35. 5.) Mailing the List • It is tempting to build or buy a PR list and blast a press release…but it doesn’t work. • This approach is terrible because you’re sending spam and the content isn’t targeted. • Instead, build the list and approach each person with an individual appeal. #igniteim
  36. 36. In Summary
  37. 37. Everybody’s an Influencer Coworker Vendor Mom Blogger Girlfriend/Wife #igniteim Bieber Customer
  38. 38. Three Effective Strategies 1. The Home Run 2. Second-Tier Bloggers 3. A Thousand Bites at the Apple #igniteim
  39. 39. Thanks for attending! Tweet your questions @ignitesma We’ll email you the slides, the whitepaper, and the presentation recording.