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Meaningful Work @Wijs

More and more studies show, organizing your company around meaning makes a big difference for all stakeholders. This case of Wijs I presented at the HR Leaders Lunch May 8th in the Ancien Belgique in Brussels. It brings you in 80 slides the context of the digital agency Wijs, our vision about meaningful work, 7 building blocks with examples how we practice meaningful work in our day to day an 7 guerilliatips to start tomorrow or to take the next step.

Feedback and questions are welcome!!

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Meaningful Work @Wijs

  1. The meaning of work @ Wijs Ilse Jansoone, HR Leaders Lunch 8/5
  2. 3,5 years in 29,5 minutes 1. Who isWijs? 2. Vision on meaningful work 3. 7 building blocks 4. 7 guerillia tips 5. Wrap up > 0,5 min > 5 min > 14 min > 5 min > 5 min
  3. Who is Wijs?
  4. Wijs in Tweet-style Digital agency since 2006 All online Digitale strategy, websites, facebook apps, online marketing, seo/sea, social, analytics… 58 FTE Focused on results (sales, leads, conversions)
  5. Merger Merger Merger +426% +9% 2015: + 7 FTE & 3 planned on target for turnover and profit FTE Profit before taxes Turnover
  6. I'm proud of
  7. Vision on meaningful work
  8. Psychologist, passionate about innovation and growth of creative people HR manager
 People manager
  9. Meaning = adding value
  10. A “meaningful" organisation Colleagues Society create value in a balanced way Make a theWeb better Customers Company
  11. Model optimal creativity High High Low Challengelevel Skill level Flow Flow Control Relaxation Boredom Apathy Worry Anxiety Arousal Flow model van Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1990)
  12. Model sustainable work Demand Control (DC) model van Karasek (1979) low tention actief high tention passive low high high low challenge controle options 4 3 1 2 active
  13. Top 7 building blocks of meaningful work
  14. 1. Clear vision and values Model of Simon Sinek (2009) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sioZd3AxmnE
  15. –MissionWijs Make the Web better!
  16. We share our knowledge 'Open source' is a core value
  17. We listen to the people 'User/people-centric' is a core value
  18. 2. Flat structure with self-organization
  19. Account team Delivery team Creation team Service team Turnover (closed won) Project profitability Efficiency & effectivity Wijs profitability Quality Personal profitability Continuous service Team profitability Team AMs PMOs S&M coord. Team Portfolio Mgr PMs Finance Team IA's Des Devs OM's Team Service coord. Service eng's Sysadmin led by Sales & Mkt Mgr led by Managing Director led by Creation Mgr led by Portfolio Mgr Support: office Management team HR IT R&D
  20. 3. Teams with roles
  21. New role of coworkers
  22. HR selection, onboarding new colleagues and interns, (qualitative) input for evaluations IT R&D Sales support Stimulator knowledge sharing Quality guard Innovation stimulator Efficiency guard Internal communication input for offers and pitches, marketing (o.a. sales presentations, cases on the site, …), input about new products or services (e.g. what we offer, how we can standardize) coordination, steering, follow up of knowledge sharing initiatives in the group (starters + advanced people), coordination knowledge labs, magazines, training, seminars, …) Quality (e.g. how to test, define and guard standards) innovation initiatives (e.g. shift to branding, offline, service design) proces (e.g. effectivity en efficiency) Rapportering, communication between the team and other teams/management, strive to maximal integration in the team, guard overview, communicate the roadmap Roles in creation team
  23. Team development selfsteeringskills time bundle individuals group team open team coaching skills craftsmanship & knowledge organisation skills independency collaborative skills self-correcting skills entrepreneur- ship self-cleaning skills Model of Flanders Synergy
  24. New role of leaders
  25. New role 'HR'
  26. HR as lever HR as business partner Wijs wants to make theWeb better Wijs want to make top talent better. With great attention to the customer (customer intimacy) Top talents Growth Wage Recruit Opinion leaders Promotions/Mutations Comparatio Leadtime to fill vacancy
  27. Who is the customer?
  28. Who is the customer of the customer?
  29. Don’t forget your PR role. Employer branding.
  30. From HR manager to CNO
  31. 4. Steering on output
  32. Organisational KPI’s Profitable turnover Earned value >>Demolish the wall between sales and production
  33. 5. Transparancy in management
  34. 6. Clear growth paths and coaching
  35. Informa(e* architect/ junior/ Informa(e* architect/ advanced/ Digitaal/ Strateeg/ advanced/ Informa(e* architect/ senior/ Digitaal/ Strateeg/ senior/ .../ Front*end/ Developer/ junior/ Webdesigner/ junior/ Front*end/ Developer/ advanced/ Webdesigner/ advanced/ Webdesigner/ senior/ .../ Front*end/ Developer/ junior/ Webdeveloper/ junior/ Front*end/ Developer/ advanced/ Webdeveloper/ advanced/ Webdeveloper/ senior/ .../ Content/Writer/ junior/ Online/ Marketeer/ junior/ Content/Writer/ advanced/ Online/ Marketeer/ advanced/ Online/ Marketeer/ senior/ Strategic/ Marke(ng/ Consultant/ advanced/ Strategic/ Marke(ng/ Consultant/ senior/ .../ Sales/ Assistant/ junior/ PMO/junior/ Account/ Manager/ Junior/ Sales/ Assistant/ advanced/ PMO/ advanced/ Project/ Manager/ junior/ Account/ Manager/ advanced/ Projet/ Manager/ Advanced/ Account/ Manager/ senior/ Key/Account/ Manager/ junior/ Key/Account/ Manager/ advanced/ Project/ Manager/ senior/ Key/Account/ Manager/ senior/ .../ Client/Service/ Medewerker/ junior/ Client/Service/ Medewerker/ advanced/ Client/Service/ Coordinator/ advanced/ Client/Service/ Medewerker/ senior/ Client/Service/ Coordinator/ senior/ .../ Office/ Manager/ junior/ Boekhouder/ junior/ Office/ Manager/ advanced/ Office/ Manager/ senior/ HR/Officer/ junior/ Boekhouder/ advanced/ HR/Officer/ advanced/ HR/Officer/ senior/ Boekhouder/ senior/ .../
  36. 7. Strategic compensation
  37. "best product" product leadership operational excellence "best total cost" customer intimacy "best total solution" operational competence product differentiation customer responsive Model of Michael Treacy en FredWiersema (1997)
  38. Customer Intimacy Operational excellence Product leadership Focus Behavior Results Basic salary Broad banding Markt conformity Variable salary Average Targets: customer focussed Benefits Market conformity Market conformity External Focus Controle Basic salary Wage scale or narrow banding Based of job and years of experience Variable salary Low Targets: operational results, profit… Benefits Above the market Market conformity Internal Based on hierarchy Focus Behavior Long term results Flexibility Basic salary Broad banding Based on competenties Based on the team Above the markt Variable salary high Targets: profit and turnover new products Benefits Below the market Market conformiteit Extern Model of Attentia
  39. Salary + Extra legal benefits + Non-financials fix bonus based on seniority (jr ≠ Adv ≠ Sr)
  40. 7 guerillia tips
  41. 1. A vacancy? Do not post an ad but write a blogpost. (even better; let one of the team write it)
  42. 2. A vacancy? Don’t do a selection interview but go have a coffee.
  43. 3. Learning need? Don’t organise a training but a safari.
  44. 4. Measure satisfaction? Don’t send a satisfaction enquiry but size the degree passion, enthousiasm en pride.
  45. 5. Somebody is leaving? Don’t do an exit interview but have a best-of-luck talk.
  46. 6. Manager is leaving? Do not replace him/her! Rethink the responsibility in roles.
  47. 7. Teambuilding plans? Don’t go rating in the Ardennes! But organise a hackathon.
  48. Meanwhile…
  49. Wrap up
  50. Change is here Make the creative economy now with more and more millenials
  51. Start now every day is an opportunity to start small and build towards the bigger goal
  52. Get in the driver seat As HR you are in a unique position. Do you dare too?
  53. Thx and good luck bringing the soul back to work (with good results!) @jansoone ilsejansoone.iswijs.be