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MHD_FEB2015_Interior Design FeatureHURLBUTT1

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MHD_FEB2015_Interior Design FeatureHURLBUTT1

  1. 1. FEBRUARY 2015 The Interior Design Issue
  2. 2. 75 Market Street Suite 203 207-772-3373 www.mainehomedesign.com If whole or part of this article is reproduced online, we ask that a link back to MaineHOME+DESIGN be placed. Thank you.
  3. 3. PhotographyJeffRoberts
  4. 4. MAINEHOMEDESIGN.COM 95 or this year’s Interior Design Issue, we invited more than 50 Maine designers to submit work they were proud of—projects that speak to their talent, vision, and, above all, ability to translate a client’s wishlist into reality. On the following pages is a collection of the 13 interiors that rose to the top for being not only beautiful but functional. Each one was designed with a careful selection of finishes, fabrics, and furnishings that suit the particular space, client, and challenge. The projects as a whole—each one so different—reflect an ethos that all the designers on these pages share: that no space is perfect if it’s not personal, that great design is not just about style but substance. As you’re flipping through these beautiful rooms, take note of the intention behind each decision, the behind-the-scenes know-how it takes to make a space sing. F BY REBECCA FALZANO Designs for Living
  5. 5. BEACH HAVEN DESIGNERS: LOUISE HURLBUTT & ILYSE SANDLER | HURLBUTT DESIGNS Louise Hurlbutt and Ilyse Sandler’s clients wanted their home to be a comfortable, family-oriented, and casual retreat from their busy lives. Working alongside Spang Builders and Winkelman Architecture, Hurlbutt Designs transformed an outdated ranch into an updated beachside haven. Transom windows were added above French doors, and the roof was raised to accommodate a cathedral ceiling and beams. This opened up the plan in the kitchen, dining room, and living room to focus on the views of the ocean and beach at Pine Point overlooking Prout’s Neck. “These views were the inspiration for the sky blue and sea-grass green palette in fabrics, furniture, and the sisal rug,” says Hurlbutt. “We chose nautical accessories to enhance the look by selecting sea-glass-green orb lamps in the living room, chart wallpaper in the powder room, and brass cabin lights in the bunk room.” Centered in the living room is a grand custom beach-stone fireplace by Brian Fairfield, which sets the tone for the cottage. /// For more: hurlbuttdesigns.com PhotographyJeffRoberts