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the broken mirror: reality, identity and crisis in the digital age

A reflection about digital age and Transmedia Storytelling. A speech delivered to audiovisual professional public at ABC Guionistas - APAC event. 2015, May 2th.

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the broken mirror: reality, identity and crisis in the digital age

  1. 1. the broken mirror montecarlo - @Imastranger   abcguionistas - cpac - 2015, May , 2nd -
  2. 2. the broken mirror: reality, identity and crisis in the digital age montecarlo - @Imastranger   abcguionistas - cpac - 2015, May , 2nd -
  3. 3. welcome to a metanarrative spin-off of “down in the hole”  
  4. 4. disclaimer: you can choose the immersive level of this session, just ask the speaker (by the way, this a frakin’ beta version, again)  
  5. 5. we socratic don’t believe in straigh lines (so take it easy)  
  6. 6. 5.- reality (the world as it is)  
  7. 7. “good morning, real people of the cyberworld”  
  8. 8. now means first, last and always  
  9. 9. “reality is, everything is stories”  
  10. 10. “stories shape the world”  
  11. 11. 4.- identity (the mirror)  
  12. 12. me, myself and I- (sometimes we meet on sm)  
  13. 13. the day I met the mad hatter (rewrite your past, bro)  
  14. 14. “we are stories”  
  15. 15. me, you and everybody else- (self-portrait, portrait and reflection)  
  16. 16. ghost of the silver screen- (on painting and photochemical cinema)  
  17. 17. 3.- crisis (the broken mirror)  
  18. 18. crisis, what crisis?- (on shakespeare, seventy seven punk and the winter of discontent)  
  19. 19. and again… crisis what crisis?- (on planned obsolence, neoliberalism and other flaws)  
  20. 20. digital filmmaking (they will never catch me alive or tell them billy boy is here)  
  21. 21. follow the path (taoism, globalization and states of mind)  
  22. 22. 2.- transmedia storytelling (through the looking-glass)
  23. 23. nothing is thrown away!  
  24. 24. we already talked about it, didn’t we?- (surf the net, yo)  
  25. 25. the last frontier  
  26. 26. find your own voice, find your own tribe, find your own story  
  27. 27. “we are all learners, doers, teachers. your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself “- (Nicholas Ray)  
  28. 28. 1.- reality isn’t forever- (digital mirrors)  
  29. 29. (cyber)punk is not dead  
  30. 30. ghost in the shell- (reality is overrated)  
  31. 31. ar, ai and ux-  
  32. 32. everything is data, isn’t it?- (lev manovich and hans rosling, the kids are all right)  
  33. 33. do it yourself (or not) (cut, copy, remix, share, love)  
  34. 34. you are as good as your public is. (putting the gang together)  
  35. 35. transmedia storytelling is sense making  
  36. 36. no guts, no glory (no one said it would be easy)  
  37. 37. 0.- any frakin’ questions?  
  38. 38. no questions, really?  
  39. 39. montecarlo - @Imastranger http://imastrangerheremyself.com/ http://www.quimicavisual.com/ thank you very much!  
  40. 40. see you… down in the hole!   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Down-in-the-Hole-Yellow/ 1514063125520868 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Down-in-the-Hole-Blue/ 396625223825710 https://www.facebook.com/downintheholered