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IT Asset Tracking with RAIN RFID Demonstration

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Featuring Impinj Indy RS2000 SiP and Monza R6 on-metal inlays

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IT Asset Tracking with RAIN RFID Demonstration

  1. 1. IT Asset Tracking Demonstration Indy RS2000 SiP and Monza R6 on-metal inlays
  2. 2. Track IT Assets with RAIN RFID Identify and locate hard drives in server racks or Network Attached Storage units
  3. 3. RAIN RFID Benefits Real-time monitoring: • Know which rack and slot hard drive is located in • Identify which hard drives are missing • Know if hard drive has moved to a different rack
  4. 4. On-Metal RAIN RFID Tags Tags take up little space, enabling use in tight spaces
  5. 5. How It Works
  6. 6. Impinj Indy RS2000 SiP • Impinj Indy RS2000 lowers cost of embedding RAIN RFID reader capability • Only three connections to start reading tags • Connect up to four antennas • Raspberry Pi functions as IoT component, sending data to cloud
  7. 7. Configure Rack with Coax Antenna • An antenna is placed in back of NAS for reading of tagged assets • Larger server racks can be configured with a series of antennas
  8. 8. On-Metal Tags Omni-ID tags with Impinj Monza R6 provide optimized performance within space constrained areas