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Aie sales training

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Improv Training for Sales. Using improv to teach heightened communication skills; Listening, Connecting, Relating to people, acting and reacting in the moment.
Soft Skills for sales are critical to making a sale. Relationships are at the core of every deal.

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Aie sales training

  1. 1. Critical Skills for Today’s Workplace “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”-Plato August 2013
  2. 2.  Improv teaches us how to relate to people through active listening.  Active Listening is a critical and unique skill that goes way beyond product knowledge or experience.  Exercise example: “Vibe Selling”
  3. 3.  Consultative Sales Ability  Soft Skills  Establishing Trust  Resourcefulness  Empathy  Confidence  Storytelling
  4. 4.  Over-all Heightened Communication ◦ listening ◦ accepting ◦ focus ◦ relating to the other person ◦ empathy ◦ ability to respond to changes
  5. 5.  Improv tools used in business are becoming more and more appealing in today’s uncertain and ever changing economy. Well known institutions like MIT and Harvard have integrated improv into their business curriculum. Companies like Twitter, Google, Accenture and Cigna have all endorsed improv as an innovative way to train and run their companies.
  6. 6.  Atlanta Improv Events partners with Atlanta’s best improvisers when developing a training module for your needs. The duration of training is determined by the client. We provide enough facilitators to accommodate the group size.  We partner with local improv groups Automatic Improv and Post Modern Collapse Sketch Comedy for training facilitators and improvisors.
  7. 7.  Over a decade of experience in corporate environments, sales and workplace dynamics.  I do this because I experienced first hand the challenges in companies overcome by inefficient communications and dysfunction.  13 years experience in studying, training and performing improv.  No other company in Atlanta is exclusive to Improv based training in the workplace.  Access to resources and partnerships both in business and the arts.
  8. 8.  Innovative and Progressive.  Appeals to today’s Agile workforce.  People are increasingly more unhappy in their work life than ever before.  Interpersonal communications and soft skills are the most difficult to teach, it goes way beyond product knowledge.  Improv training focuses on what most companies cannot teach in their existing modules.
  9. 9.  MailChimp  BFG Communications  Piedmont Heart Institute
  10. 10.  Sales Training modules for AE’s and SE’s developed using various interactive exercises. A learn by doing model where Improv Facilitators demonstrate the importance of the skill and attendees practice.  Sales Training will focus on” ◦ Soft Skills ◦ Consultative Selling ◦ Fighting Objections ◦ Diffusing Tension ◦ Confidence ◦ Trust
  11. 11.  Improv training is a skill that is critical to successful selling.  At the heart of every sale is a strong relationship that begins with trust.  Improv teaches active listening and making the other person feel important.  Practicing soft skills in business is the first thing people forget to do, and the most valuable tool to reaching your goals.
  12. 12. Kristy Oliver Founder, Facilitator Atlanta Improv Events, Inc @ImprovTrainer 404-989-3672