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Case studies 2013

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A compilation of studies, research, expertise and experiences around the impact of improv skills training for business. There are a slew of contributors, but all are credited via original article or research piece. I hope this diffuses some of the concerns around the potency of improv for business.

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Case studies 2013

  1. 1. What does Improvisation have to do with business? Case Studies examining the value of improvisation used as a business tool. Compiled by: Kristy Oliver, Business Improviser www.atlantaimprovevents.com
  2. 2. Just to clarify Improvisation is a skill set used in business that needs to be fine tuned for people to be able to function at the peak of their intelligence. It is not about comedy or being funny. It IS about soft skills, heightened communication and a focus on how to react in the moments that truly matter. Credit to Bob Kulhan,CEO, Business Improvisations for inspiring this definition.
  3. 3. ● What companies have used improv as a training tool and reaped its benefits? ● Is improv a proven method for increasing productivity? ● Who in business benefits from improvisation? ● Have companies experienced growth in revenues as a result of improv training? ● What are the success stories of improv used in business? Inquiring minds want to know
  4. 4. Featured companies talk about using improv skills to run their business. Dick Costolo-CEO,Twitter Companies utilizing Improv today
  5. 5. Lisa Kavanaugh-CTO, Ask.com Companies utilizing improv skills
  6. 6. from NPR featuring MIT Sloan School of Business from CNN featuring Duke and MIT from Financial Times featuring UCLA, Duke, MIT and Columbia *please click on links for full articles. Universities teaching improv in business
  7. 7. Improv Training Company Second City Communications Client-3M Dental Video of case study Case Studies
  8. 8. Atlanta Improv Events, Client Testimonials Business improvisation Research Paper More Case Studies and Research
  9. 9. Entrepreneur Magazine Training Magazine printforum publication Press Emphasizing the Value of Improv
  10. 10. Here's the key. This list was provided to me by a mentor and Professor at Duke University, Robert Kulhan. He is also CEO of Business Improvisations. A little more on “Why Improv”?
  11. 11. Thanks for your willingness to learn more. Kristy Oliver Atlanta Improv Events kristy@atlantaimprovevents.com @improvTrainer 404-989-3672 The Proof will set you free.