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Done is better than perfect

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You've wrapped up a project, and now you're ready to ship it. But then your mind starts racing: is it even good? Did I miss anything? Will people like it? Is it actually done? If your work does what it's supposed to, it's ready to go—but how do you overcome that fear and just press send?
Brad Weaver, Chief Experience Officer at Nine Labs, covers the steps to getting more work out there more often—and how to build better relationships with your clients and users along the way.

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Done is better than perfect

  1. 1. the workshop thecreativetruth.com Hello. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  2. 2. the workshop thecreativetruth.com Brad Weaver CXO @sbradweaver @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  3. 3. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com #invisionwebinar
  4. 4. thecreativetruth.com
  5. 5. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Getting to done.
  6. 6. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Let’s get started.
  7. 7. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com They remember when you fail. Is exceeding expectations symmetrical with disappointment?
  8. 8. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Apparently not. Breaking promises is costly, exceeding them doesn’t appear to be worth the effort.
  9. 9. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com People remember when you screw up. …and they tend to forget when you go all-out.
  10. 10. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com This is true almost everywhere.
  11. 11. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Especially in creative work.
  12. 12. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com They remember when you’re late.
  13. 13. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Work that was good enough would have produced the same results.
  14. 14. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com But that’s not satisfying for creatives.
  15. 15. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Which is worse… Imperfect or Incomplete?
  16. 16. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com They shipped, I didn’t.
  17. 17. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Go for perfect sometimes… …but not all the time.
  18. 18. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com You have to learn to be OK with OK.
  19. 19. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com What is Done? @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  20. 20. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com It successfully solves the problem, addresses the need, or conveys the message intended.
  21. 21. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com It is clearly and distinctly on brand.
  22. 22. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com The quality of work is consistent with or above the level of previous work.
  23. 23. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com It has been thoroughly yet objectively scrutinized by other qualified individuals.
  24. 24. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com The final decision of preference had been left in the hands of the creator.
  25. 25. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com But we want more than that, don’t we?
  26. 26. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com 3 Key Roadblocks @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  27. 27. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Resources: Time & Money @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  28. 28. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Communication @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  29. 29. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Fear @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  30. 30. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com What is everyone else’s perfect?
  31. 31. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Time @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  32. 32. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Dealing with Deadlines @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  33. 33. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Make more of what time we have or buy ourselves more.
  34. 34. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Procrastination
  35. 35. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com We see our future selves as a completely different person.
  36. 36. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com We can fight procrastination through tactics.
  37. 37. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Reason #1 You are putting something off because you are afraid you will screw it up.
  38. 38. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Solution #1 Adopt a “prevention focus,” but only a little.
  39. 39. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Prevention vs. Promotion There are two kinds of people in the creative world.
  40. 40. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Promotion-focused people play to win.
  41. 41. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Prevention-focused people play NOT to lose.
  42. 42. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Adopt a little prevention-focus, but not too much.
  43. 43. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Every “yes” is a risk.
  44. 44. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com What am I giving up in order to make this happen?
  45. 45. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Do I truly care about this and am willing to let other projects suffer in order to get it done?
  46. 46. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Getting an early version out there or making a big splash with the perfect version?
  47. 47. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Can’t have both.
  48. 48. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Reason #2 You are putting something off because you don’t “feel” like doing it.
  49. 49. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Solution #2 Shut up and get to work.
  50. 50. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Reason #3 You are putting something off because it’s hard, boring, or otherwise unpleasant.
  51. 51. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Solution #3 Use if–then planning.
  52. 52. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com If-then planning.
  53. 53. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Action-action planning.
  54. 54. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Focus Course thefocuscourse.com
  55. 55. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Delegation @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  56. 56. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Don’t, Can’t, Shouldn’t Do make a list. Don’t Like Doing Can’t Do Shouldn’t Do Sending Invoices Write PHP Code Loading Blog Content
  57. 57. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Let it go, Let it go. don’t be your own worst enemy.
  58. 58. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Getting more out of your time. Procrastination, delegation, discombobulation.
  59. 59. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Money @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  60. 60. NO SHAME.
  61. 61. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com My favorite excuse. there’s never enough.
  62. 62. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Work overtime or give up. neither are ideal.
  63. 63. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Satisficers vs. Maximizers everyone has customers, internal or external.
  64. 64. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Satisficers they make a decision as soon as their criteria are met.
  65. 65. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Maximizers they can’t make a decision until they’ve examined every option.
  66. 66. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com You have no control over their decision-making process. but trying to please Maximizers is near impossible at first.
  67. 67. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Go get more money or work with what you have. and we all know that often, we aren’t getting more.
  68. 68. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com So now what?
  69. 69. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Communication @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  70. 70. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com How to figure out their expectations. ask these questions.
  71. 71. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com #1 Why is this a project to begin with?
  72. 72. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com #2 What purpose does the work serve, what is the end-goal?
  73. 73. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com #3 Who needs to be involved, and who is the project ultimately for?
  74. 74. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com #4 When does it need to be completed and when are the project milestones (if there aren’t any, make some)?
  75. 75. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com #5 Where will the work appear and where will it be worked on?
  76. 76. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com #6 How will these objectives be accomplished?
  77. 77. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Questions • Why is this a project to begin with? • What purpose does the work serve, what is the end-goal? • Who needs to be involved, and who is the project ultimately for? • When does it need to be completed and when are the project milestones (if there aren’t any, make some)? • Where will the work appear and where will it be worked on? • How will these objectives be accomplished?
  78. 78. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com This isn’t new… … yet we avoid it most of the time.
  79. 79. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Presenting Your Work @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  80. 80. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Present your work with context. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  81. 81. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Don’t apologize.
  82. 82. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Tell them what to do.
  83. 83. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Don’t list.
  84. 84. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Let it breathe.
  85. 85. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Don’t be offended.
  86. 86. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com “Like” is your worst enemy.
  87. 87. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Discussing Design fantastic book.
  88. 88. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Revisions @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  89. 89. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Communicate.
  90. 90. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Count them.
  91. 91. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Explain.
  92. 92. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Always ask “why?”
  93. 93. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Look for the “because.”
  94. 94. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Don’t get emotional.
  95. 95. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Only react to decision makers.
  96. 96. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Use the timeline.
  97. 97. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Beware the CEO swoop-in.
  98. 98. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Know the difference between compromise and concession.
  99. 99. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Charge for revisions.
  100. 100. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Be ok with stopping work.
  101. 101. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Show your work early and often.
  102. 102. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Prototypes, Sketches, & more. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  103. 103. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Ask specific questions.
  104. 104. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Don’t go too high-fidelity too soon.
  105. 105. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com When is a prototype good enough?
  106. 106. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Start with the questions.
  107. 107. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Conversations.
  108. 108. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com What is the purpose of this feature?
  109. 109. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com What did you expect to happen here?
  110. 110. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Did it do what you expected?
  111. 111. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com What works well with this feature? What doesn’t?
  112. 112. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Fear @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  113. 113. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Coping with done. THE REALISTIC SCALE OF WORK QUALITY & MONEY BALANCE UNLIMITED FUNDING SUCKS ROCKS WORKING FOR PEANUTS What I Want Realistic Goal How I Feel Don’t let your pursuit of doing amazing work for ridiculous amounts of money keep you from doing really good work for a lot of money.
  114. 114. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Fear will paralyze you.
  115. 115. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Someone will always be better.
  116. 116. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com When you stop focusing on the imperfections and start focusing on the preferences, you’re done.
  117. 117. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Be OK with OK. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  118. 118. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Take the time to reflect and be satisfied with the hard work you’ve put in. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  119. 119. Art by Becky Simpson @beckymsimps @chipperthings
  120. 120. Thanks! @sbradweaver ninelabs.com
  121. 121. @sbradweaver ninelabs.com Brad Weaver CXO @sbradweaver #invisionwebinar