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Industrial Process Equipment by Spirall Plastics, Mumbai

Started to create milestones, we, Spirall Plastics marked our presence in the year 2000 and operate in the manufacturing / servicing of PP Horizontal Tanks, HDPE Rectangular Tank, Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank, PP Storage Tank, PP Pickling Tank since 12 years. Our quality services / products have been always appreciated by our clients. Our spontaneous attitude and confident approach in offering an excellent range of PP Horizontal Tanks, HDPE Rectangular Tank, Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank, PP Storage Tank, PP Pickling Tank, Industrial Process Equipment has deepened our roots in the market. We, Spirall Plastics breathe with the aim of fully satisfying our clients with our high-quality products / services. We are a unit of highly experienced professionals, all of them contributing at the best of their potentials to offer the highest degree of efficiency and client satisfaction.

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Industrial Process Equipment by Spirall Plastics, Mumbai

  1. 1. Maharashtra, India Manufacturer & Exporter of Industrial Process Equipmentswww.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  2. 2. Maharashtra, IndiaAbout Us  Incorporated in the year 2000, at Mumbai  International quality standard  Wide spread distribution network  Export to USA, Europe, Sri Lanka & Gulf Countries  Easy payment modes  Caters to chemical, textiles, water, food & others www.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  3. 3. Maharashtra, IndiaWhy Us?  Efficient after sales services  Customized products & Timeliness  Advanced production & Testing facilities  Non-corrosive & Temperature resistant  Durable & Sturdy products  Leak proof & Economical products www.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  4. 4. Maharashtra, IndiaProducts  Storage Tank  Pipe & Pipe Fitting  Industrial Reaction Vessel  Fume Hood & Nutsche Filter  Spiral Tank / Scrubber / Agitator www.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  5. 5. Maharashtra, IndiaStorage Tank  Chemical Storage Tank  Acid Storage Tank  HDPE Chemical Storage Tank  PP Storage Tank  HDPE Storage Tank  FRP Storage Tank  HDPE Thermoplastic Tank www.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  6. 6. Maharashtra, IndiaPipe & Pipe Fitting  Spiral Pipes & Pipe Fittings  HDPE Pipe Fittings www.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  7. 7. Maharashtra, IndiaIndustrial Reaction Vessel  HDPE Vessels  HDPE Reaction Vessel  Chemical Reaction Vessel www.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  8. 8. Maharashtra, IndiaFume Hood & Nutsche Filter  HDPE Hood Lines  HDPE Nutsche Filter www.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  9. 9. Maharashtra, IndiaSpiral Tank / Scrubber / Agitator  HDPE / PP Horizontal Tanks  HDPE Rectangular Tank  HDPE Pickling Tank  HDPE & PP Spiral Tanks  PP & Fume Scrubber  HDPE Lining & Fluid Agitator www.chemicalsstoragetank.net
  10. 10. Contact Us Spirall Plastics Mr. Kishor Sandav Chandrakant Patil Compound, Near Shiv Mandir Pawne Village, Thane Belapur Road Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400705, India www.chemicalsstoragetank.net