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Quality Industrial Minerals By Jay Minerals

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(www.jayminerals.com) Leveraging on our expertise and experience of mineral industry we have become one of the most reliable and trusted names in mineral industry. We are known for offering good quality industrial minerals like calcite, calcite powder, coated calcite powder, micronized calcite powder & natural calcium carbonate etc which are best in terms of purity, micron sizes and whiteness and are available in different particle size and grades. Our minerals are tested for their physical and chemical properties so that they meet the exact specification of our clients.

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Quality Industrial Minerals By Jay Minerals

  1. 1. WELCOME TO JAY MINERALS Estd. 1981 Processor Of Ground Calcium Carbonate, Specialized In Micronized form
  2. 2. Contents  Success Story Of Jay Minerals  Raw Material  Testing Facilities At Our Lab  Lab Facilities  Production Facilities At Jay Minerals  Our Product Ground Calcium Carbonate  Packaging Of Finished Product  Production Flowchart  Management
  3. 3. SUCCESS STORY OF JAY MINERALS • Jay Minerals was established in 1981.Jay Minerals is registered(S.M.E) unit registered with state industries department. It is engaged in processing of GROUND CALCIUM CARBONATE only. Jay Minerals has the latest plant to produce consistent quality material. • Jay Minerals has up to date quality of checking the products before dispatching it from the factory. • Jay Minerals is ISO 9001:20015 certified company. • The proprietor of Jay Minerals is Mr. G. B. Shah is a Geologist and has long standing experience in the field of mining industries from 1964. He ventured to enter in private business from 1969.He has exported 15000 tons of soap stone to japan in the year 1969.Mr. G. B. Shah has an experience of more than 45 years in this field. • Day to Day operation held with Mr. J.G. Shah who has experienced in production specialization of Ground Calcium Carbonate more than 20 years.
  4. 4. Selected Raw Material-Indian
  5. 5. Imported Raw Material Malaysia Vietnam Egypt
  6. 6. FactoryView
  7. 7. TESTING FACILITIES AVAILABLE AT OUR LABORATORY. • Malvern Particle SizeAnalyser 2000E Model • WhitenessTesting Gloss Refelctometer • Bulk Density Apparatus • Digital Ph.Testing • Chemical Analysis as per ISI, Like CaCO₃, MgCO₃ & SiO₂ (By Qualitative Method) • Sieve analysis testing by wet & dry method. • Muffle furnace upto 1150 ⁰ C • Vacuum pump & Single Pan balance • Laboratory oven & Hegman index for generalise particle size testing
  8. 8. Lab Facilities
  9. 9. Lab Facilities
  10. 10. Consistent Particle Size
  11. 11. Light Weight Product
  12. 12. OUR MANUFACTURING FACILITIES-NARODA (A’BAD) • Continuous Ball Mill with Multi Wheel Classifier. • Three Rollers Raymond Mills. • Jaw Crusher. • High Speed Heater Mixture.
  13. 13. Continuous Ball Mill with Multi Wheel Classifier.
  14. 14. Three Rollers Raymond Mill.
  15. 15. Raymond Mill No. 2
  16. 16. Jaw Crusher.
  17. 17. High Speed Heater Mixture
  18. 18. OUR PRODUCT GROUND CALCIUM CARBONATE MICRONIZED GRADES AS UNDER: • 2800 – 8 to 10 µ • 2500 – 10 to 11µ • 2200 – 11 to 12 µ • 1500 – 14 to 15 µ • 1000 – 23 to 25 µ • 800 – 33 to 35 µ
  19. 19. Packaging Of Finished Product 25 Kgs. HDP Bag 50 Kgs. HDP Bag 25 Kgs. Paper Bag 1000 Kgs. Jumbo Bag
  20. 20. Container Stuffing OneTon Pallet
  21. 21. Raw Lumps (Marble Rubbles Indigenous/Imported) Sorting Washing Crusher 2nd Grade/Commercial Silo Grinding Up to 53µ as per customers specification in 3 Rollers Raymond Mill No.-2 Packing(25KG/50KG/Jumb o Bags) 1st Grade Silo 150 µ Grinded in Rollers Raymond Mill No.-1 for Ball Mill. Ball Milling & Classification By Multi-Wheel Classifier, product up to 8µ. Uncoated Packing(25KG/50KG/Jumb o Bags) Uncoated Product for further Surface treatment(Coating) Finished Coated Product Packing (25KG/50KG/Jumbo Bag) Secondary Quality Check Final Quality Check Final Quality CheckFinal Quality Check Primary Quality Check Production Flowchart Of Jay Minerals – Naroda(A’Bad) Unit Primary Quality Check
  22. 22. Jay Minerals – Ambaji Unit – II Estd. 2018 Processor Of Ground Calcium Carbonate, Specialized In Granules form
  23. 23. CONTENT  Raw Material  Factory View  Production Facilities At Jay Minerals  Packaging Of Finished Product  Production Flowchart  Management  Versatile Applications Of Our Product  Valued Customers
  24. 24. Selected Raw Material
  25. 25. Factory View
  26. 26. Our Manufacturing Facilities-Ambaji Unit • Three Rollers Raymond Mill. • Jaw Crusher. • Hammer Mill. • Vibratory Screen.
  27. 27. Three Rollers Raymond Mill
  28. 28. Jaw Crusher
  29. 29. Hammer Mill
  30. 30. Vibratory Screen
  31. 31. Packaging Of Finished Product 1000 Kgs. Jumbo Bag
  32. 32. Raw lumps(Marble Rubbles Indigenous) Crusher Hammer Mill Vibratory Screen •1st Sieve Oversize Uneven Material Raymond Mill Final Quality Inspection & Finished Product Packing In 25KG/50KG/Jumbo Bags • 2nd Sieve • 3rd Sieve • 4th Sieve Finished Product Production Flowchart Of Jay Minerals – Ambaji Unit Primary Quality Check Secondary Quality Check
  33. 33. Management MR. G. B. SHAH MR. J. G. SHAH
  36. 36. Our Valued Customers
  37. 37. Our Valued Customers
  38. 38. Thank You • Visit Us @:- www.jayminerals.com • Email Us @:-info@jayminerals.com Head Office:- Plot No 1003-4, Phase IV, G.I.D.C.,Naroda, Ahmedabad:- 382330. Gujarat (India) Phone No. +91-079-22813294/40088306 Mobile No:- +91-9825328306/9426722101