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Krishh Tex Global, Mumbai, Fabric, Elastic Tapes

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The leading importers and dealers of interlining fabric, elastic tapes, polyester taffeta fabrics. We also offer non woven and woven interlining fabric such as Non Woven Fusible Interlining, Woven Fusible Interlining, Woven Non Fusible Interlining, Non Woven Non-Fusible Interlining, Tricot Interlining, Water Soluble Interlining, Pocketing Fabric.

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Krishh Tex Global, Mumbai, Fabric, Elastic Tapes

  1. 1. We are one of the leading importers and dealers of interlining fabric, elastictapes, polyester taffeta fabrics. We also offer non woven and woven interliningfabric
  2. 2. - Profile -Krishh Tex Global we belive in being a leading trusted, cost-efficient supplychain partner for garment accesories and fabrics aimed at apparell exporters andbrands both for the domestic as well as international markets. We offer textilefabrics, interlining textile fabric, woven fabric, non woven fabrics, interliningetc. Since our inception in the year 2000, we have carved a niche for ourselvesin the domain of woven and non woven fusible interlining and knitted/wovenelastic products. From the very beginning it has been our mission to meetcustomer requirements, however off beat that they might be. The customizationof our products and client-centric approach has won for us the trust of ourvalued customers and an enviable pride of place in the industry. We have animpressive range of products that we import for end use by our clients in thegarment and apparel industry who export the finished products to discerninginternational markets. Our product portfolio includes garment accessories likewoven interlining and non-woven fusible interlining, woven/knitted elastic andMobilon tape; embroidery felt as well as the most contemporary apparel fabricsmainly in bottom wear. Headquartered in Mumbai, we supply our products to thecountrys major apparel exporter in the west and south of India. We at Krishhbelieve in the philosophy of business with ethics and upholding human valueabove all other consideration. Armed with these values it is our objective to be atrusted vendor in the textile supply chain. Innovation, product quality, rangeand service to customers are the four corner stones of our business profile.Offering our clients the best in global standard and meeting their minutestrequirements in terms of our products and services is the goal that we pursuediligently and which has reaped for us rich dividends.
  3. 3. Our Products: Non Woven Fusible Woven Fusible Interlining Interlining Woven Non Fusible Non Woven Non-Fusible Interlining Interlining
  4. 4. Our Products: Tricot Interlining Water Soluble Interlining Pocketing Fabric Polyster Taffeta
  5. 5. Our Products: Woven Elastic Knitted Elastic Mobilon Tape Polyester Wadding
  6. 6. Note:
  7. 7. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1996Nature of Business Manufacturer TraderTotal Number of 26 to 50 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent East Asia Middle East South East AsiaPrimary Competitive Experienced R & D DepartmentAdvantage Large Product Line Large Production Capacity
  8. 8. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Krishh Tex GlobalMr. K. AtulNo. 12/10, Rattan House, Tribhuvan Road, Off Lamington RoadMumbai, Maharashtra - 400 004, IndiaWebsite: www.interlining.co.in