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Midas Trust, Mumbai, Old Age Home

Introduce ourselves as a renowned NGO that is working towards the upliftment of the poor people from rural areas and urban slums such as Old Age Home, Geriatric Hospital, Bereavement Support, Maharashtra, Long Term Care Facility (Geriatric Care), Food for the Orphans, Blood Donation Camps, Emergency Medical Service, Scholarship for Students, Distribution of School books to the children, Scholarship/Donation for Rural school children, Village Education, Cultural Services.

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Midas Trust, Mumbai, Old Age Home

  1. 1. Midas TrustWe introduce ourselves as a renowned NGO that is working towards theupliftment of the poor people from rural areas and urban slums. In thisendeavor,we promote various Social Services, Economic Services, CulturalServices & Educational Services.
  2. 2. Midas Trust - About Us -Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Midas Trust is a non governmental organizationthat is working towards making a difference in the lives of underprivilegedpeople from rural areas and urban slums. With a holistic approach, we providefinancial aid to the economically weaker sections of the society by supportingtheir education, medical treatments, meals or even jobs.We are working towards providing relief to the poor by promoting various SocialServices, Economic Services, Cultural Services and Educational Services. Wealso develop programs for Food for the Orphans, Blood Donation Camps andDisabled Children Upliftment. We promote all these causes with the support ofthe common people.We provide a convenient and secure platform to people for making a differencein the lives of the disadvantaged section of India. Our programs help thedonators to channelize their funds in the right direction so that these reach thepeople who are in real need. We also provide you with a detailed feedback, sothat you would know who was aided by your donation.
  3. 3. Midas TrustOur Products: Old Age Home Geriatric Hospital Bereavement Support, Long Term Care Facility Maharashtra (Geriatric Care)
  4. 4. Midas TrustOur Products: Food for the Orphans Blood Donation Camps Emergency Medical Scholarship for Students Service
  5. 5. Midas TrustOur Products: Distribution of School Scholarship/Donation for books to the children Rural school children Village Education Cultural Services
  6. 6. Midas TrustNote:
  7. 7. Midas Trust - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2005Nature of Business Non Profit OrganizationTotal Number of 11 to 25 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent
  8. 8. Midas Trust - Contact Us -Contact Details:Midas TrustMr. Shaji P.P.F- 3, Vaibhav Co- Operative Society, Opposite Import Ware House, Sahar Village,Andheri EastMumbai - 400 099, Maharashtra, India