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Countronics, New Delhi, Automobile

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Suppliers of Programmable Amp-Hour Meter, Ampere-Hour/Minute Meter With Dual Time Relays, Programmable Amp-HR Meter, Programmable Ampere Hour Meter, Combined pH/ORP/Conductivity/TDS Bench Top Indicator, Digital pH Indicator, Panel Mounted, pH/MV/Temp.Indicator Table/Bench Top, Wall Mounted pH Indicatorelectronic process control instrumrnts for industrial use. We cater to a wide range of applications and are dedicated to meeting our customer's every need.

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Countronics, New Delhi, Automobile

  1. 1. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are a leading manufacturer andexporter of electronic process control instrumrnts for industrial use. We caterto a wide range of applications and are dedicated to meeting our customersevery need.
  2. 2. - About Us -Incepted in the year 1982, Countronics is one of the prominent manufacturers,exporters and suppliers of electronic process control instruments. These includeprogrammable temperature logger, humidity temperature logger, process controltemperature logger, digital control instruments, process control equipment,programmable control instruments, electronic process control equipment,programmable temperature controller, programmable temperature indicator,humidity temperature controller, humidity temperature indicator, target displayboards, production target display boards, peak load indicators, digital loadindicators, peak load recording indicators, digital temperature controllers,universal temperature controllers, pid temperature controllers, digitaltemperature loggers, process loggers, process controllers, flow indicators, flowcontrollers, digital flow indicators, digital flow controllers, conductivityindicators, tds indicators, conductivity controller, humidity indicators, digitalhumidity indicators, temperature data logger, ampere hour meters, ampereminute meters, programmable amp-hour meters, programmable amp-minutemeters, ph indicator, ph controller, panel mounted ph indicator, digital phcontroller, programmable counter, digital tachometer, digital preset counterand non-contact tachometer. These are successfully meeting the requirementsof various industries such as Automobile, Cement, Sugar, Fertilizer, Fisheries,Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Plastics.We are well supported by our sister concern Audiotronics, which is one of thepioneers in temperature indication, control and automation in India.Audiotronics has established a reputed position in the market as a leadingcompany in the instrumentation field. We also have a state-of-the-artinfrastructure, which includes a manufacturing unit, R&D wing, quality testinglab and spacious warehouse.
  3. 3. Ampere Hour Meters:We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Ampere Hour Meters and Ampere Minutemeters for a wide range of applications for precision electroplating and battery testingapplications.Electroplating: Plating thickness is directly proportional to the integration of current over aperiod of time. Programmable Amp-Hour Ampere-Hour/Minute Meter Meter With Dual Time Relays Programmable Amp-HR Programmable Ampere Meter Hour Meter
  4. 4. pH And ORP Indicators and Controllers:pH And ORP Indicators/Controllers specially designed for water treatment and swimmingpool applications where both pH and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) need to bemonitored. Instead of having to source two different meters and worry about wiring andcompatibility, you can now continuously measure both pH and ORP with HI 981406. Combined Digital pH Indicator, Panel pH/ORP/Conductivity/TDS Mounted Bench Top Indicator pH/MV/Temp.Indicator Wall Mounted pH Table/Bench Top Indicator
  5. 5. Humidity Indicators:Our range of Humidity Indicators and controllers are available with both Dry/Wet sensors aswell as capacitive type sensors depending on the applicationDry/Wet Sensor: Humidity Controllers, indicators and loggers using dry/wet sensors givevery accurate readings. Digital Temperature And Wall Mounted Digital Humidity Indicator Temperature And Humidity Indicator Digital Humidity And Humidity/Temperature Temperature Logger Controller Using Dry And Using USB Flash Pen Drive Wet Sensor
  6. 6. Conductivity Indicators:We hold expertise in offering quality Conductivity Indicators that are made from excellentmaterial and are developed using high-tech machinery. These Digital Conductivity Indicatorsare extensively used for delivering accurate indication of conductivity of water that passesthrough the pipeline. Digital Conductivity Cum Digital Conductivity TDS Indicator Controller With 2 Set Limits Conductivity Transmitter Combined With 4-20ma Output Conductivity/PH/TDS/ORP/Temperature Indicator
  7. 7. Data Loggers Systems:Data Logger that is available in various specifications as per the clients requirements. Theseare widely demanded by our clients for the features like performance ratio, automaticrecording of temperature and humidity data, no connection required and has a visual alarm. Humidity And 16 Channel Temperature Temperature Logger With Logger With Internal Direct USB Pen Drive Memory Output Paperless Strip Chart 8 Channel Temperature Recorder For AC Current Logger With Direct USB With Direct Pen Drive Pen Drive Output Output
  8. 8. Flow Indicators and Controllers:Flow Indicators offered by us are suitable for rapid gravity filtration system & open channelventuriflume system. These flow indicators are assembled with two numbers of circularround toughened glasses and come with sight glasses that are excellent to see flow/levels inpipelines & vessels and are mainly used in high viscosity fluids. Digital Flow Rate Digital Flow Rate Indicator Cum Totalizer Indicator Cum Totalizer With Dual Set Limits Digital Flow Rate Indicator Cum Totalizer For Both Analog And Digital Input
  9. 9. Peak Load Indicators:The Peak Hold Indicator comes with stop feature on sample break. It is specially designedfor digital tensile testing machine and ultimate torque strength testing machine. Thisindicator finds use in most manufacturing industries, specially where strength has to betested like springs, crimps, switchgear parts, wires and threads. Peak Load Indicator Peak Load Indicator With Logger With Pace Rate Internal Peak Recording Indication For CTMs For CTMs Peak Load And Digital Load And Displacement Recording Displacement Logger With Indicator For UTMs Rs-232 Or Direct Printer Output
  10. 10. Calibrators Equipment:We are engaged in bringing forth a premium grade assortment of Calibrators that renderseffective modifications on the various products as desired by the clients. These can beavailed in varying forms having different functionalities, based on the kind of instrumentsrequiring these. Portable Battery Universal Calibrator Operated MV Calibrator (Microprocessor Based) Battery/Mains Operated Fixed Point Temperature Calibrator, Minical
  11. 11. Speed Indicators:We manufacture a series speed indicators are used to indicate speed in units such as metersper minute. Our range of indicators are available in various options such as high and lowalarms, PC connectivity, display sizes from 0.5 to 5 inches and master slave display units forwhich gives high performance. Portable Digital Portable Digital Tachometer (Contact Tachometer Contact Type type) Portable Digital Portable Digital Tachometer (Dual Tachometer (Non-Contact Contact/Non-Contact photo-reflective type) type)
  12. 12. Digital Counters:We manufacture Digital Counters for applications like production counting using eventcounters, batch counting with preset limits, length counting with programmable multiplyingfactors etc. 6 Digit Preset Counter 6 Digit Event Counter (Without Preset Limits) 6 Digit Programmable 4 Digit Event Counter Counter With Dual Set (Without Preset Limits) Limits
  13. 13. Digital Timers:Driven by an philosophy of total customer satisfaction, we offer premium grade digitaltimers and counters, which are manufactured keeping into consideration the applicationstandards of diverse industries. These digital timers and counters offer long lasting troublefree services and offered by us at cost effective prices. Universal Programmable Sequential Timers Timer 2 Digit Timer With 4 Digit Timer With Pushwheels Pushwheels And Battery Backup
  14. 14. Temperature Indicators:We offer our clients with Digital Temperature Indicators that are procured from the reliableand certified vendors of the market. These are known for their accuracy, easy operation &installation and excellent performance features. Portable Battery Panel Mounted Digital Operated Digital Temperature Indicator Temperature Indicator Wall Mounted Digital 8 Channel Auto Temperature Indicator Temperature Scanner With Large 1 Displays
  15. 15. Other Products: Production Boards Universal Process Controller With Dual Set Limits Clean Room Monitor Digital Readout Indicator For Rotary Encoders
  16. 16. Other Products: PH Controller With Dual PH Controller With Limits And Isolated 4- Control Output And 20ma Tx. Output Window Alarm Output And Iso. Tx Ph Controller With Dual ORP Controller With Dual Control Limits And Dual Control Limits and Dual Alarms & Isolated Alarms and ISO. TX. Model Transmitter 100-orp 16
  17. 17. Other Products: ORP Controller With Dual Combined pH And ORP Control Limits And ISO. 4- Controller With Separate 20ma Tx.Output Limits For pH And ORP Clean Room Monitor And Process Logger With Built Controller In Printer 17
  18. 18. Other Products: 16 Channel Universal Panel Mounted Digital Temperature Scanner Tachometer With Logger Proximity Sensor Digital Tachometer With Digital Tachometer With 2 Adjustable Multiplier Alarm Limits 18
  19. 19. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1982Nature of Business Manufacturer ExporterTotal Number of 26 to 50 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent East/Middle Africa East Europe Middle East South/West Europe
  20. 20. - Contact Us -Contact Details:CountronicsMr. Dinesh GuptaM 95, Connaught CircusNew Delhi, Delhi - 110 001, IndiaWebsite: www.processcontrols.co