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Pneumatic and Power Tools By Pace Assembly Tools

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(https://www.pacetools.in/) We are offering our clients a wide gamut of Pneumatic and Power Tools that is developed using supreme quality raw material. Our range is developed with the help of latest machines, ensuring the long service life of these products.

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Pneumatic and Power Tools By Pace Assembly Tools

  1. 1. Pistol Impact Wrenches Die Grinder In Line Impact Wrench Straight Grinder Polisher
  2. 2. MOUNTZ-Torque Testers & Analysers Torque Wrenches Run down Adapters BMX Transducers Torque Testers/Analysers Electric screwdrivers
  3. 3. STANLEY - DC Electric Nut runners Cordless DC Tools Corded DC Tool
  4. 4. ASIA - Oil Pulse Tools
  5. 5. TORERO - Oil Pulse Tools Pistol Angle In line Geared Wrench Straight Shut off Screwdriver Open Crowfoot
  6. 6. KUKEN–Pneumatic Torque Control Tools
  7. 7. POKA YOKE System from KUKEN
  8. 8. BOSCH -Power Tools
  10. 10. SUDONG– Electric Screwdrivers
  11. 11. TECHWAY – Cordless Tools
  12. 12. • Cost Per Component (CPC) for Assembly Tools • Annual Maintenance Services • Machine Building with DC Tools • Articulating Arms & Torque Tubes • Periodic Preventive Maint. (PPM) • Training in Tightening Technologies • Consultancy Services in Proper Tool Selection. • PERQ factors Support in Assembly Tools • Calibration of Assembly Tools OUR OTHER UNIQUE SERVICES
  13. 13. SHUITEK Shut Off Screwdrivers Clutch Type Straight Screwdriver Angle Shut Off Screwdriver Pistol Screwdriver
  14. 14. PAT –All type of Pneumatic tools
  15. 15.  Rudrapur Mr.Navneet Kr 9219691708 pantnagar@pacetools.in  Faridabad Ms. Maithily Singh 7290092247 maithily@pacetools.in  Faridabad Mr.Prasad shete 7290092248 sales1@pacetools.in  Bangalore Mr.Hemanth 8754602126 bengaluru@pacetools.in  service Mr. Prasad shete 7290092248 service@pacetools.in For escalations: Mr. K.K.Maitra-Business Head Cell: 9810618168 kk.maitra@pacetools.in HEAD OFFICE :1A/27,NIT Faridabad-121001(HARYANA) Email : sales@pacetools.in 7290092249 HELPDESK :info@pacetools.in, 7290092250 Tel:0129-4080699,7290092247