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Test Rig And Laboratory Machine By Innovative Research Equipments

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We are engaged in Manufacturing, Trading and Exporting a wide range of AC Test Rig, Heat Pump Test Rig, Double Effect Evaporator, Composite Wall Apparatus, Pitot Tube Setup, Spinning Basket Reactor etc. Our industry experts make optimum utilization of the finest grade raw material and ultra-modern technology.

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Test Rig And Laboratory Machine By Innovative Research Equipments

  1. 1. Innovative Research Equipments
  2. 2. Address : 18,Village-sultanpur,post office – kalirano,tehsil-ladwa,kurukshetra,haryana M: 7988108344 , 8814934834 Email – WWW.innovativeresearchequipmetns.com INNOVATIVE RESEARCH EQUIPMENTS
  3. 3. ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED CO.
  4. 4. We, Innovative Research Equipments, Introduced ourself as the manufacturer, exporter and trader of a quality range of Laboratory Equipment. The range includes FM Lab Equipments, Heat Transfer Lab Equipments and Hydraulic Machine Lab Equipments, that are considered to be one of the best available in the market. These products are acclaimed widely for its long life and impeccable performance. In addition, our working in accordance with the industrial norms, has earned us a huge client base. Our highly advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure is widely praised to be one of the finest in the nation. The facility is equipped with advanced machinery and modern tools. In order to achieve smooth functioning of the firm, our infrastructure is divided into a number of units. These units headed by experienced and skilled professionals, who work hard to achieve various organizational goals. Further, all the products we offer in the market are sent for quality examinations before sending them for sales. We are exporting all across the globe.
  7. 7. OUR TEAM… At Innovative Research Equipments, we owe our fast success to our skilled and experienced employees. The employees work hard in complete unity, in order to achieve several organizational goals. For the purpose of attaining operations free of complications, we have assigned duties to our professionals as per their expertise. Our professionals work hard to innovate fresh and effective ways to boost productivity and at the least cost possible. The team of dedicated employees comprises of:  Management/Administration  Engineers  Quality Controllers  R&D personnel
  8. 8.  At Innovative Research Equipments, we have handled simple to complex design challenges and have the experience necessary to work with researchers and academics to conceptualize, develop, design and fabricate custom equipment. It may be as simple as automating a process or designing and fabricating a hand tool, or as complicated as designing a new piece of equipment and incorporating state-of-the-art instrumentation and integrating a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).  Lab automation  Virtual lab equipment's  LIMS integration  System evaluation and integration  Custom mechanical and electrical design  Equipment modifications  Custom instrumentation  Custom process equipment CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS
  9. 9. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO We are manufacturers & exporters of a quality-assured range of Scientific, Chemical , Environment, Mechanical & Civil Engineering Instruments. These instruments are manufactured using supreme quality raw material and components that are procured from some of the reliable vendors of the market. Clients can also avail from us customized products that are designed as per their unique requirements. Moreover, the entire range of instruments is tested on specific parameters like quality, high performance, durability and others by our team of experts. The entire range of instruments is highly demanded in the market for its efficient performance, durability, easy installation and user-friendly interface.
  10. 10. WHY US At "Innovative Research Equipments" we work with Aristotle maxim "Quality, is not an act, it is a habit" We believe in putting our clients’ needs prior to that of ours. Thus, we are known in the market as a client oriented firm. In order to provide optimum satisfaction to our clients, we engage in the using of the highest grade of raw materials that are available in the market, for manufacturing purpose. Post manufacturing, the offered equipment,s are sent for a number of quality tests, for the purpose of ensuring their flawlessness. We even manufacture equipment to our client's desired specifications. Working with us, you’ll benefit from: A diverse team of mechanical and chemical engineers with a wide range of backgrounds and skills. A fully integrated approach to developing solutions by drawing on the expertise of Quality Engineer’s various technologists, researchers, technicians and scientists. An experienced team that can develop custom lab equipment to meet stringent lab conditions. In-house fabrication capability. Contact us to learn more about our past projects and to discuss the customized lab equipment you need.
  11. 11. HEAT TRANSFER LAB  Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall  Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe  Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Powder  Heat Pipe Demonstrator  Emissivity Measurement Apparatus  Stefan Boltzman Apparatus  Heat Transfer In Forced Convection  Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger  Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger  Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod
  14. 14. FLUID MECHANICS LAB Cavitations Apparatus Laminar Flow Table Centre Of Pressure Apparatus Free and Forced Vortex Apparatus Darcy’s Law Apparatus Study Of Pressure Measurement Bend Meter Test Rig Fluid Friction Apparatus
  15. 15. FLOW CHANNELS  Fixed Bed Flow Channel  Titling Bed Flow Channel  Adjustable Under Shot Weir  Rectangular Overshot Weir  V-Notch Weir  Rectangular Sharp Cornered Weir 
  16. 16. Rtd Studies In (C.S.T.R) Rtd Studies In Plug Flow Reactor ( Coiled Tube Type) Hydrodynamic Of Trickle Bed Reactor Emulsion Polymerization Set-Up Condensation Polymerization Set-Up Recycled Bed Reactor Spinning Basket Reactor CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING LAB
  17. 17. PROCESS CONTROL & INSTRUMENTATION LAB.  Pressure Control Trainer  Level Control Trainer  Temperature Control Trainer  Flow Control Trainer  Cascade Control Trainer  Multi Process Trainer  Study Of P/I& Convertor  Control Valve Characteristics  Characteristics Of P.I.D Controller  Time Constant Of Manometer  Time Constant Of Thermocouples & Thermometer  Measurement Of Level By Air Purge Method  Measurement Of Level By Capacitance Method  Two Tank Interaction System  Interaction & Non- Interaction System  Single Tank System  Dad Weight Pressure Gauge Tester  Pneumatic Trainer
  18. 18. MASS TRANSFER LAB.  Liquid Liquid Extraction In A Packed Tower  York Schreiber’s Extraction Unit  Solid-Liquid Extraction (Bonneto Type)  Solid Liquid Extraction ( Packed Bed Type)  Absorption In Sieve Plate Column  Absorption In Pcked Bed  Absorption In Wettted Wall Columnn  Vapor In Air Diffusion Apparatus  Solid In Air Diffussion Apparatus  Bubble Cap Distillation Column  Sieve Plate Distillation Column  Packed Bed Distillation Column  Steam Distillation Set-Up  Wetted Wall Column  Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Set-Up  MExperimental Water Cooling Tower  Adsorption In Packed Bed
  19. 19. MECHANICAL OPERATION LAB  Jaw Crusher  Roll Crusher  Ball Mill(With Three Prefixed Speeds)  Ball Mill ( Variable Speed)  Road Mill  Hammer Mill  Vibrating Screen  Trammel ( With Three Prefixed Speed)  Trammel ( Variable Sped)  Rotap Sieves Shaker  Gyratory Sieves Shaker  Test Sieves
  20. 20.  Cyclone Separator  Elutriator  Magnectic Separator  Froth Floatation  Thickener  Mineral Jig  Plate & Frame Filter Press  Rotary Vacuum Filter  Leaf Filter  Bucket Conveyor  Belt Conveyors  Screw Conveyor (Variable Speed)  Ribbon Mixer  Sigma Mixer  Fluid Mixing Apparatus MECHANICAL OPERATION LAB
  21. 21. Innovative Research Equipments Mr. Rohit Kashyap (Senior Engineer) : +91-7988108344, +91-8814934834 : innovativeresearchequipments@gmail.com FACTORY ADDRESS: Plot No. 18, Village-Sultanpur, Post office-Kalirono, Tehsil-hanesar, Ladwa- 136132, Haryana, India