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Uma Shankar International, Delhi, Heat Equipment

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Manufacturers and exporters of all types of Process Heat Equipment like sealed quench furnaces, electro static gun, material handling conveyor such as Industrial Hot Air Generators, Baking Oven, Imported Burner, Electrical Oven, Powder Coating Plants, Powder Coating Gun..

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Uma Shankar International, Delhi, Heat Equipment

  1. 1. Uma Shankar InternationalA well-established name, Uma Shankar Engineering is one of Indiasdistinguished manufacturers and exporters of all types of Process HeatEquipment like sealed quench furnaces, electro static gun, material handlingconveyor etc.
  2. 2. Uma Shankar International - Profile -Uma Shankar Engineering is one of the dynamic companies, which is engaged inoffering cost effective and proven solution to all water related hazards throughour range of process heat equipment. Our massive range of heat treatmentproducts cater to both automotive and non automotive industrial requirementsof metal treatment like-hardening, annealing, quenching, melting, chemicalwashing, salt bathing etc.We are an emerging market leader in the field of Thermal Engineering. With in ashort span of time, we have built a strong reputation among our clients for highquality thermal engineering systems. With commitment to dedication, weendeavor to reach the pinnacle of excellence by offering customized products toour clients all across the globe.We are geared to utilize our capabilities so as to expand our growth in theindustry. Through continual research and development, we comprehend thevalue of innovation and work towards overhauling our processes.
  3. 3. Uma Shankar InternationalNew Items:We are one of the renowned manufacturers and exporters of precision engineered machinesand equipment. All our products are cost effective and are offered at industry leading pricesto our clients. Industrial Hot Air Baking Oven Generators Imported Burner
  4. 4. Uma Shankar InternationalOther Products: Electrical Oven Powder Coating Plants Powder Coating Gun Phosphate Coating Plants
  5. 5. Uma Shankar InternationalOther Products: Liquid Paint Shop/Teflon Nickel Plating Tank Coating Material Handling Steam Boilers Conveyors
  6. 6. Uma Shankar InternationalOther Products: Industrial Hot Air Oven Hot Water Generators Conveyor Plant Sealed Quench Furnaces
  7. 7. Uma Shankar International - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2004Nature of Business Supplier Manufacturer ExporterTotal Number of 11 to 25 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets East Asia North Europe
  8. 8. Uma Shankar International - Contact Us - Contact Details:Uma Shankar InternationalMr. Avtar SinghK - 55 - B, KalkajiDelhi - 110 019, India