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  1. 1. Stepping Stones: Enhancing the quality of primary education K.Sowmya, K.Phanindar, B.Kiranmai, P.Athiksha G.Rakesh. Sreenidhi institute of science & technology, Hyderabad.
  2. 2. More Indian children are in school than ever before, but the quality of schools has sunk to spectacularly low levels. • Though the government has increased proposed spending in education sector in Union Budget 2012–13, the quality levels are still poor.The spending has been increased by 18%, from INR52,057 crore in 2011–12 to proposed INR61,427 crore in 2012–13. In this Approximately 75% (INR45,969 crore) of the total spending will go to school education and literacy. The quality is still low.. !!!!
  3. 3. The situation…..!! • Most schools are miles away and largely inaccessible to the students • The curriculum and teaching methodologies stand obsolete and outdated. • The authorities seem to have lost all sense of responsibility and duty towards the lakhs of children. • Education system does not giving us the courage to face real life situations. • Only focuses at gaining marks by mugging up things and not on gaining knowledge. • AND many more…!!
  4. 4. Though we also need to think of Student participation and Student’s learning capacities.. Education quality is the main aspect
  5. 5. The next thing we should take care TEACHERS : LACK OF MOTIVATION IN TEACHERS: • Conducting seminars and workshops. • Providing incentives and rewards based on their performances. • Imparting importance for psychology in their curriculum. • Increasing of funds based on teachers performance IRREGULARITY: • Proper monitoring system should be implemented by higher authorities. • “NO WORK NO PAY” system should be implemented. • Pedagogy implementation
  6. 6. GOVERNANCE SETTING UP A EFFICIENT COMMITTEE. • Headed by an Efficient and highly motivated officer. • For evaluation of teacher performance. • Inspecting the school overall performance. • Conducting raids. • Proper distribution of funds. • Quick processing in granting permissions for the infrastructural development of schools.
  7. 7. CURRICULUM METHODS • Practical oriented study should be implemented. • Equal importance for co-curricular and extra curricular activities. • Update in the syllabus should be done. • Perspection scenario towards marks should be changed. • Clubbing up of primary and secondary schools at one place in order to decrease discontinuation of studies.
  8. 8. • Inclusion of extra curricular activity classes in daily schedule. • Basic social awareness programs for students. • Personality development sessions should include in the schedule. • Private schools should not be certified unless and until they are eligible for establishing a school.
  9. 9. • In order to develop interest on studies hostel facility would be a better option so that they wont get deviate . • Recognition of low fee, budget schools should be based more on learning outcomes than infrastructure norms • Increase autonomy of state schools
  10. 10. • Instead of having various educational boards we should have a common board for all schools including state language as an extra subject. • Its better to have state language as the medium of study than English so that they can easily explore their ideas. • ACHIEVING QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL…