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Helping you create killer content

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Helping you create killer content

  1. 1. Helping you to create killer content
  2. 2. Remember itsaboutinvestment andresource
  3. 3. Exploring the info graphicDissecting the info graphic in terms of• Topic• Visual• Data
  4. 4. TopicKiller!• its parameters are clear (50 people);• it’s enticing (they are worth how much?);• and it’s relevant to the publisher’s businessof wealth and credit management.
  5. 5. Topic• it’s not a one-off piece of content.• a few months earlier, the brand publishedanother provocative info graphic titled, “Iswalking away from your mortgage okay?”The lesson here is that serialising contentcan contribute to scale and continuity.
  6. 6. The visual•refreshingly simple image• but the info graphic does little to go beyondthe source data• great info graphics are faithful to the datawhile providing a relevant perspective• the design also misses the opportunity toengage readers with more compelling visuals.
  7. 7. The visualWhat could have improved this info graphic?Iconography: sector identificationIllustration: caricaturesContext: data is far more interestingin context than it is as anabsolute.Interactivity: links
  8. 8. The dataReliable sourceThe lifeblood of an info graphic is datareliability.Lesson: Strengthen credibility by showinglinkage to the source.