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True Influence Marketing KPI's

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Discover the True Influence Marketing KPI's by https://www.influence4you.com

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True Influence Marketing KPI's

  1. 1. 2020 True Influence marketing KPI’s
  2. 2. 2 TYPES OF KEY INDICATORS PERCEPTION SALES Allows you to measure the impact of your campaign on how your brand is perceived Allows you to measure the impact of your campaign on your ecommerce sales
  3. 3. For brands
  4. 4. INDICATORS THAT ARE NOT EXTENSIVE REACH ENGAGEMENT INTERACTION These are operational indicators, but what is the REAL impact of an influence campaign on a business?
  5. 5. INFLUENCE IMPACT Influence4You is launching “INFLUENCE IMPACT” to really measure the actual change in the behaviour of the communities that your campaign reaches.
  6. 6. THE METHOD (Step 1/3) : IDENTIFICATION OF THE PANEL Neutral Panel Adjusted Panel (audience comparable to that of the influencer) Influencers Audience
  7. 7. THE METHOD (Step 2/3) : 4 QUESTIONS Knowledge “Which of these brands do you know?” Preference “Which of these brands do you prefer?” Intention of buying “Do you intend to buy one of the brands products?” Thematic “Would you like to work for them?” See the example of Fortuneo: https://stephanebouillet.typeform.com/to/Gar8b6
  8. 8. THE METHOD (Step 3/3) : THE VISUAL OUTCOME Knowledge Intention of buying PreferenceOther questions? Non exposed population Adjusted panel Exposed population
  9. 9. THE METHOD (Step 3/3) : THE FIGURES Your influence impact, 30 days after the end of the campaign. Cost : €1900 (price does not include product gifting) which covers the implementation of the study, opplicable on any campaign over €20k +32% +142% +52% Knowledge Preference Intention of buying +140K unique people reached (nb of views / reach) INFLUENCE IMPACT: the change in behviour of those actually exposed to the campaign QUALI QUANTI
  10. 10. For e-commerce retailers
  11. 11. INFLUENCE AND PERFORMANCE “We do not do campaigns based on performance / affiliation in influence marketing” IT’S TRUE! Influence marketing is not only a cost efficient media: it’s A LOT MORE THAN THAT!
  12. 12. INFLUENCE FOR E-COMMERCE RETAILERS 40 trafic driven to your site 30 notoriety development 30 content creation * expertise Influence4You For €100 invested* We cannot directly compare influence marketing to Google Ad’s because Influence gives us more; original content in addition to notoriety and traffic driven to your site! To do it, you need to breakdown your budget.
  13. 13. CPM & REAL ACQUISITION COSTS Notoriety 30% Indirect visits 15% Direct visits 25% Production 30% Acquisition cost of the client Cost of real contact €0.06 / contact actually exposed (or CPM) €0.17 / visite €0.63 / leads €12.65 / client Nb of views, or reach Nb of tracked visits Nb of tracked leads Nb of clients Cost of direct visit Acquisition cost of the lead
  14. 14. Stéphane BOUILLET CEO Tel – 01 80 88 41 21 contact@influence4you.com INFLUENCE YOU’LL LIKE