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Create a Practical BYOE Action Plan

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Now, it's personal. Prepare for the world of Bring Your Own Everything.

Your Challenge
The Bring Your Own (BYO) revolution is affecting every aspect of IT. Personal devices, applications, networks, and identities are encroaching on what used to be IT’s territory.
There are risks to endorsing Bring Your Own Everything (BYOE), but doing nothing is even worse.
Most organizations do not have a process for mitigating risks, and they are also not capitalizing on all the benefits that BYOE can bring.

Critical Insight

It’s not about devices any more. Most organizations have embraced BYOD, but there are opportunities to be found in BYOA, BYON, and beyond.
BYOE is important today, but it will be crucial as the power, prevalence, and variety of personally-owned technology increases.

Impact and Result

A carefully crafted BYOE action plan will not only reap today’s BYO benefits, but also prepare your organization for a future of incorporating even more personal technology.
Come out of this blueprint with a plan that incorporates all the major categories of personal technology, as well as the top BYO issues: costs, security, infrastructure, use cases, and support.