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Software Development Tales from the Continent

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Video and slides synchronized, mp3 and slide download available at URL http://bit.ly/1c1eslQ.

Enyo Kumahor shares software development stories from the African continent. Filmed at qconlondon.com.

Enyo Kumahor is Managing Partner at The Cobalt Advisors. She was previously the Regional Managing Director of Pan-Africa for ThoughtWorks. Under Enyo’s direction, ThoughtWorks Pan-Africa has been nominated by Africa Business Awards as Best African Company for 2013.

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Software Development Tales from the Continent

  1. 1. SOFTWARE TALES FROM THE CONTINENT Betty Enyonam Kumahor (@enyok) Q-Con London 2015
  2. 2. InfoQ.com: News & Community Site • 750,000 unique visitors/month • Published in 4 languages (English, Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese) • Post content from our QCon conferences • News 15-20 / week • Articles 3-4 / week • Presentations (videos) 12-15 / week • Interviews 2-3 / week • Books 1 / month Watch the video with slide synchronization on InfoQ.com! http://www.infoq.com/presentations /africa-software-development
  3. 3. Presented at QCon London www.qconlondon.com Purpose of QCon - to empower software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation Strategy - practitioner-driven conference designed for YOU: influencers of change and innovation in your teams - speakers and topics driving the evolution and innovation - connecting and catalyzing the influencers and innovators Highlights - attended by more than 12,000 delegates since 2007 - held in 9 cities worldwide
  4. 4. My Digital Africa Story Betty Enyonam Kumahor @enyok www.enyonam.com Managing Partner The Cobalt Partners www.thecobaltpartners.com
  5. 5. Africa’s Digital Story …
  6. 6. … has been one of connectivity
  7. 7. ... driven by mobile
  8. 8. Africa’s Digital Chapter Today
  9. 9. Story 1: A Q&D payments solution Payments solution Physical Security Frugal innovation Scratch card with value Processing & Validation LaptopSMS Return Validation Number SMS Enter Validation Number SMS Verify Value Remaining
  10. 10. Story 2 : Managing paper Healthcare Minimal technology Frugal innovation
  11. 11. Story 3 : Makerspace community Building communities The power of information … delivered Access to markets
  12. 12. Story 4 : Localising the web Browser Low fidelity Download speeds
  13. 13. Watch the video with slide synchronization on InfoQ.com! http://www.infoq.com/presentations/africa- software-development