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International women's day 2019 report

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The World of Networks
Your recognition of cool & kick-ass women catched on like a flu. Your messages spread joy and happiness across the globe as it went viral. Learn more about how the power of networks, and find yourself amongst the others that we celebrate today. Happy International Women’s Day!

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International women's day 2019 report

  2. 2. 2 WELCOME TO THE POWER OF NETWORKS! THANK YOU FOR BEING GREAT, COOL & KICK-ASS! You helped us recognize the wonderful and cool kick-ass women in your network! They returned your recognition with warm emotional messages. And the number of messages just kept growing exponentially… In Innovisor, it has been a feel-good week! We have observed how contagious positivity and love us. As a result, we have become even more convinced of the exponential power of networks. Which is also the world of Innovisor... We have build this little report to show you what happened this week, while we – together with you – celebrated the cool & kick- ass women. We hope you will be inspired! Happy International Women’s Day Innovisor
  3. 3. Networks hold the power of contagion. Like a flu that spreads from one person to another the same things happens with feelings, emotions and perceptions inside organizations. For organizations it is vital to know the network and engage with it. Your organizational network is a web of ongoing conversations, which holds an untapped potential when driving change. In fact, they are a hidden asset waiting to be activated. In the activation, there is a shortcut. Only 3% of your employees shape the perceptions of up to 90% of their peers. Engaging them is key, if you want to succeed with any type of change. Otherwise you might catch a flu of resistance. So back to your recognitions, let's turn the page and see how they developed ... EMOTIONS SPREAD IN NETWORKS LIKE A FLU 3
  4. 4. 4 THE EXPONENTIAL POWER OF NETWORKS 0 10 20 30 40 50 NUMBEROFNOMINATIONS TIME IN HOURS THE RIGHT WOMEN BIND A LARGE & DIVERSE NETWORK The message from Innovisor to recognize cool & kick-ass women got picked up by Social Media and quickly went viral. Warm positive messages created a ripple-effect, as it spread out to a large and diverse network of great women from all over the world. Kristin Kim Brooke Ramona Natalie Kathleen Eva Maria Cindy Tanja Sanne Samantha Barbara Camilla Karina Sammy Paul Vice President
  6. 6. 6 YOU DEMONSTRATED TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF NETWORK BEHAVIORS 10% OF YOU WERE BROKERS Brokers are crucial for fostering cross- functional work. Brokers act as a bridge between two or more groups (in our case between countries) They are particularly important to engage in Outward-oriented Innovative initiatives 90% OF YOU WERE CONNECTORS Connectors tie together individuals within a group. Connectors play crucial roles in creating more cohesive organizations. They are particularly important to engage internal organizational activities; like M&A integration, Organizational Restructuring or Agility initiatives CONNECTOR CONNECTOR BROKER
  7. 7. TODAY, WE CELEBRATE THESE COOL & KICK-ASS WOMEN! ZANDRA – FREELANCER What a great opportunity to mention two of the women I have the privilege to work with, Karin & Silvia! The names are the women who were recognized by their peers 48 hours after March 4th, 2019
  8. 8. FURTHER READINGS ON WOMEN IN NETWORKS ORGANIZATIONS LED BY WOMEN PERFORM BETTER Available on: https://www.innovisor.com /2018/07/18/why- organizations-led-by- women-perform-better/ YOU BROKE THE GLASS CEILING. NOW IT’S TIME TO TEAR DOWN THE WALLS! Available on: https://www.innovisor.com/ 2018/10/23/diversity- inclusion-you-broke-the- glass-ceiling-now-its-time- to-tear-down-the-walls/ WHY THE DARK HORSE GOT PROMOTED Available on: https://www.innovisor.com /2018/04/20/talent-why- the-dark-horse-got- promoted/ WHY INTROVERTS HAVE MORE INFLUENCE Available on: https://www.innovisor.com/2018/ 04/20/2558/
  9. 9. 9 ARE YOU INTRIGUED BY THE POWER OF NETWORKS? This was just a very light touch on the powerful world of networks and what you can do with the right insights. Do you want to learn more, have any questions, or would you just love to talk and share insights? Reach out to me! Tanja Nadia Petersen External Relations Manager Call: +45 29 24 57 73 | Email: tanja.petersen@innovisor.com | Connect: Twitter | LinkedIn Follow Innovisor on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Subscribe to our newsletter: Click here