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Put the Relationship Back in Selling Insurance - Kelly Grisham, ITC

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From ITC Agent Conference 2015...
Since the beginning of the Internet, price, service, and support are often the only contact points with the consumer. Are you making your point of contact an important one? Are you building a relationship with your clients? Or are you acting like a robot? Learn how to put the relationship back into selling insurance. Don't be a robot.

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Put the Relationship Back in Selling Insurance - Kelly Grisham, ITC

  1. 1. Put the Relationship Back in Selling Insurance Kelly Grisham Training Director
  2. 2. “Nobody counts the number of ads you run; They just remember the impression you make.” ~William Bernbach
  3. 3. Relationship Selling Relationship selling is all about building a friendship or relationship with your prospects and listening to their needs. Once you've built that relationship, shown you care, and earned their trust, you are on the road to making new clients.
  4. 4. R is for Relax Relax and be authentic
  5. 5. E is for Excitement Be excited about your product and the chance to serve your clients.
  6. 6. L is for Look Look your prospects and clients in the eye and thank them for the opportunity to serve.
  7. 7. A is for Ask Ask plenty of questions that will encourage discussion about your clients’ desires and needs.
  8. 8. Questions to Ask… Tell me more about your situation. Help me understand. Give me an example. How much has it cost you in the past? How do you feel about that? Do you mind if we talk about money? What is your budget?
  9. 9. T is for Talent Use your talent to be a showman. Prove how your products will make their life better.
  10. 10. I is for Invite Invite your client in to see various quotes.
  11. 11. O is for Objections Objections are really questions. Simply answer their questions.
  12. 12. N is for Now Now is time to learn the three great words that will change your life. "Ask for it!" Ask them to buy what you know they want NOW!
  13. 13. S is for Solve Solve unresolved problems, challenges or roadblocks that are keeping your clients from having what they want.
  14. 14. H is for Help Help them to buy it. Ask again.
  15. 15. I is for Inspire Inspire your clients to feel really good about their buying decision.
  16. 16. P is for Partner Become your client’s partner.
  17. 17. In Relationship Selling… In relationship selling, high pressure is not typically part of the equation, simply because it's hard to have a friendly relationship with a client who feels pressured by you
  18. 18. In Relationship Selling… In relationship selling, you become a form of support for your clients. Your services become something they depend on, and the more you can suit their needs, the better they will respond to additional sales offers.
  19. 19. In Relationship Selling… Relationship selling benefits companies that offer products in very competitive markets.. …particularly if there is not a lot of difference between products!
  20. 20. Put the Relationship Back in Selling Insurance
  21. 21. Thank You Don’t forget to fill out your surveys! Kelly Grisham Training Director