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InsideOut Development 2013 Holiday Card

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InsideOut Development 2013 Holiday Card

  1. 1. 10 2013 T H I N G S T O TOP Celebrate in 10 #HASHTAG Take Over #everybodysdoingit #itsonlythepoundsign FIRST 9 PE RSON to SWIM From That’s 110 miles in jellyfish-infested water, thank you very much. Cuba to Florida THE 8 Harlem SHAKE 7 twin America likes to shake it (and then put it on the internet). PANDAS Born in Atlanta Literally, the cutest thing ever. 6 BAT KID Saves THE DAY San Francisco grants the wish of 5-year-old hero. 5 Bushy BEARDS of Boston Further proving the power of facial hair in baseball. 5 BIRTH OF TWO Royal Babies Welcome to the world Prince George and North West! 3 4 Knowing W H AT T H E FOX SAYS Ring-ding-ding- ding-dingeringeding RETURN O F THE Twinkie A nation of junk food lovers rejoice! 1 Over The number of people who InsideOut Development has freed up to do their best work (that's more than the population of Rhode Island!) Thank You FOR BEING OUR #1 REASON TO CELEBRATE IN 2013! Here's to another year of breakthrough moments and feats of everyday greatness. Happy Holidays, 2