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John Sweeney

John Sweeney, Director, Health Care Informed
'National Licensing in a Time of Austerity – A Unique Opportunity for Innovation'

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John Sweeney

  1. 1. National Licensing in a Time of Austerity A Unique Opportunity for Innovation John Sweeney Director, HCI
  2. 2. Building Control Authority Environmental Protection Agency Radiological ProtectionInstitute of Ireland Health & Safety Authority of Ireland Food Safety Authority of Ireland(EHOs)Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland Health Services Executive CORU - Health andSocial Care Professionals HIQA - Infection Control Mental Health Commission NationalDisability Authority Clinical Indemnity Scheme Irish Medical Council An Bord AltranaisOpticians Board Dental Council Irish Medicines Board Irish Blood Transfusion Service RoyalCollege of Physicians in Ireland Faculty of Occupational Medicine Faculty of PaediatricsFaculty of Public Health Medicine Institute of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Royal Collegeof Surgeons in Ireland Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Radiologists Irish College ofAnaesthetists Irish College of General Practitioners in Ireland Irish College of PsychiatristsIrish College of Ophthalmologists Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists NationalTreatment Private Health Insurance Purchase Fund Joint Assessment Group (GI )HIQA Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Fire Officers Excellence Ireland National StandardsAuthority of Ireland Joint Commission International CHKS Accreditation Centre for theDevelopment of Nursing Policy and Practice, University of Leeds Irish National AccreditationBoard Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK) Academy of Medical Laboratory ScienceNational Council for the Professional Development of Nursing and Midwifery NERA -National Employment Rights Authority
  3. 3. Overlap? 2006 – 64%
  4. 4. Quality Manager (or similar)Departmental Quality Manager (e.g.Labs) (or similar) Accreditation Manager (or similar)RiskManager (or similar)Health and Safety Officer (orsimilar)Infection Control Officer (or similar) Clinical AuditManager (or similar) Governance Manager (or similar)BestPractice Development Officer (or similar)Standards Development(or similar)Quality Co-ordinator (or similar)Risk AdministratorHealth Promotion Officer (or similar)Audit Administrator QualityAdministrator
  5. 5. Gaps? 2006 – 75%
  6. 6. Framework
  7. 7. Enforcement Education Research & Development
  8. 8. Enforcement 2012• Implementation – Hospital Prioritisation• Regulatory Co-ordination (PSC)• Incident Investigation• Incorporates HIQA• Costs
  9. 9. Enforcement Implementation• Prioritisation - Hospitals• Private - Public• Standards Comparable – ISQua - WHO
  10. 10. • Leadership, Governance and • Governance, Leadership, and Direction Management • Access to Care and Continuity of Care• Person-Centered Care • Patient Rights & Education• Promoting Better Health • Assessment and Care• Effective Care • Quality Improvement and Patient Safety• Use of Information • Communication and Information• Safe Care • Prevention and Control of Infections• Use of Resources • Facility Management and Safety• Workforce • Staff Qualifications and Education
  11. 11. Enforcement Implementation• Prioritisation - Hospitals• Private - Public• Standards Comparable – ISQua - WHO• Other Risk Areas - Immediate• Options?
  12. 12. Enforcement Outsourcing• USA - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) – CoP – Joint Commission - Random validation surveys• New Zealand - Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 - Designated Auditing Agency – ISO / ISQua• VHI – Hospitals – Imaging - VHI
  13. 13. Enforcement Potential Benefits• Rapid Implementation• Best Practice Standards – ISQua / WHO• International Expertise• PSA Control – Resource Utilisation• Cost
  14. 14. Enforcement Regulatory Burden• Primary Regulator• Regulatory Integration• Specific Requirements re SBC• Demonstrable need for additional• Reduced Workload - Cost
  15. 15. Quality and Risk• Framework for Provision of Care• Responsibility Lies…• Co-ordination/ Management• Integration (Committees) and Localisation• Reduction in Overlap• Staff Gap - Best Use of Resources
  16. 16. Outcomes• Quality and Risk Integration.• Rapid Implementation.• Regulatory Co-ordination.• Reduced Cost – (Regulation and Quality).• PSA – Changing Culture.• Innovation.• Improved Care.
  17. 17. Necessity, who is the mother of invention.PlatoLet’s make things better.Philips