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Thinking visually

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Thinking visually

  1. 1. Sprout Labs Thinking Visually
  2. 2. Sprout Labs VISUAL THINKING Why is visual thinking important? What is the purpose of each graphic you use? How can you make your learning content more visual?
  3. 3. Sprout Labs
  4. 4. Sprout Labs 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. The brain processes visual scenes around 60,000 x faster than text http://www.t-sciences.com/news/humans-process-visual-data-better
  5. 5. Sprout Labs ‘Aesthetic usability effect’ – good looking user interfaces are perceived as easier to use even if they are more problematic to navigate https://www.nngroup.com/articles/aesthetic-usability-effect/
  6. 6. Sprout Labs Visuals increases engagement with content - a graphic or image is easier to remember than a paragraph of text To recap, the four types of directly observable evidence of abstract learning are: what we do, what we say what we make and what we write. When you visit a colleague’s classroom or are observed yourself it is useful to remember the focus is: What is the teacher doing, saying, making and writing? What are the students doing, saying, making and writing? What is the nature of the task?
  7. 7. Sprout Labs The eye craves order & visual consistency - visual thinking is also about using information architecture to structure your content
  8. 8. Sprout Labs
  9. 9. Sprout Labs What problem are you trying to solve? Visuals must have a reason for being part of your content – if they’re added just for aesthetic reasons they will detract from your content and be distracting for the learner. Knowing the purpose of the graphic will help you decide what kind of graphic it needs to be.
  10. 10. Sprout Labs I need to demonstrate something or illustrate a point Illustration / motion graphics / animation Measure your learning and make data-driven decisions
  11. 11. Sprout Labs I want to engage my learner more in a section of content infographic
  12. 12. Sprout Labs I just need to provide more structure to this page or screen Page furniture / layout design
  13. 13. Sprout Labs I’d like the learner to empathise with what I’m talking about photography
  14. 14. Sprout Labs This is just too text heavy - I need to break up the visual field Flowchart / layout design
  15. 15. Sprout Labs
  16. 16. Sprout Labs Thinking visually means applying the basics of visual design to your individual learning context These basics can include any mixture of layout design, page structure, visual hierarchy, use of negative space, colour theory and psychology, typography, UI design, understanding visual impact and more. Which basic design tools you need depends on your context, your learners and your content.
  17. 17. Sprout Labs Use negative space around content - don’t crowd too much information in Keep a consistent content structure - e.g. 2 column layout, with image spanning both Use page furniture such as divider lines to anchor content and provide visual differentiation to sections
  18. 18. Sprout Labs Consider your target learners before deciding on colour - the psychology of colour is mostly subconscious Match your brand and LMS colour palette to visually connect them Use a feature colour (such as the yellow here) to draw attention to key areas
  19. 19. Sprout Labs Font choice matters. Using serif / sans serif / display fonts will give all your text either an informal or formal feel to it and subconsciously affect the learner If using coloured text, or white text on a coloured background, ensure your colours meet accessibility standards (high contrast is a good place to start) https://www.novoamedia.com/blog/2016/5/24/design-humor-101
  20. 20. Sprout Labs Use illustrations to tell a story or explain a process visually Use ‘journey lines’ to connect stages of a process - maintain visual flow and direct the eye Ensure the tone of your graphics matches your brand voice - is it formal, or friendly, instructional etc?
  21. 21. Sprout Labs Photography is visually intense - match photographs with secondary rather than primary colours, or transparencies / greyscale Balance the visual impact of your images - especially important if you are using stock photography
  22. 22. Sprout Labs Use colour sparingly for page furniture - that way you can draw attention to a call-to-action button easily with a feature colour How your User Interface (UI) is designed will dictate how the learner uses it Maintain consistent colour and position of recurring UI elements like navigation aids, buttons and menus
  23. 23. Sprout Labs www.sproutlabs.com.au/elearning-events/visual-design-for-learning-program iona@sproutlabs.com.a u Iona Dierich Lead visual designer - Sprout Labs
  24. 24. Sprout Labs Sprout Labs builds digital learning platforms that enable you and your team to author, deliver and measure high impact digital learning ecosystems.